Best Baby Gifts

When a new baby is born into a family or friend group, there is excitement and joy all around. 

To mark the occasion, you want to find a gift that is deserving of such a special time, but the endless options can be overwhelming to sift through and find the best baby gifts. 

The best approach is finding a gift with sentimental value and meaning attached that will leave a memorable impression on the parents, and the baby as they grow older. 

We look at some of the top baby gifts for you to choose from, that will be a hit with the little one and their parents. 

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Top Baby Gifts

Best Baby Gifts for Girls

Feminist Gift Set

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A baby girl will be born in a time with increasing opportunities for girls to grow into fierce, powerful women that will change the world one day. With a feminist gift set, you can kit out the baby to be a trailblazer from day one. 

A gift set is ideal as it incorporates several mist-have items for a baby girl, and makes it all that more special. Including items like a feminist baby onesie, a lovey blanket, stuffed animals, a book, and a pacifier holder, the little one will have all she needs to be a force of nature. 

Knitted Owl Toy

Owls are a symbol of wisdom and luck, so a knitted stuffed owl would be one of the best toys for a baby girl.

The knitted fabric gives it a unique look that stands out from other stuffed animals, and it is soft to the touch for young babies to enjoy. They are fun to play with, but can also be propped upright for a cute addition to any nursery room decor. 

Girl Power Onesie

A knitted girl power onesie is a soft, comfortable clothing item that also makes a bold statement, making it the ideal gift for a newborn girl.

The knitted baby onesie is gentle on the baby’s skin, and also warm for colder weather. It also has a cozy, vintage look to it that makes it a unique and stylish item to have, which will also last a long time without much wear and tear. 

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Best Baby Gifts for Boys

Avocado Romper

Food brings joy to everyone, and encouraging a baby foodie is easy with an adorable avocado baby outfit

They are knitted with organic cotton, so they will feel as soft as a warm embrace on a baby boy. The cute avocado with a smiley face on the front can get a smile out of anyone. 

These are made to last, and accommodate a growing baby from the newborn stage to around six months old, so it is useful and durable. 

Baseball Toy

Kickstart the love for sports with a soft, stuffed baby baseball toy as a newborn baby boy gift

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The knitted ball is gentle and round in the style of a baseball that is fun to play with and doubles as a rattle. The rattle sound is light and soothing, so you can rest assured it won’t unsettle the baby. 

The rounded ball makes it easy for the baby to hold on to it, and as they grow older, it can also be used to practice their catch skills. 

Newborn Hats

When you are oil and about with a newborn, even the slightest breeze can be uncomfortable for their sensitive senses. This makes a warm hat a must-have, which also makes it a popular gift, especially newborn baby boy hats

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There are many options to choose from, including knitted beanies, organic cotton hats, and more. Choosing one that is soft and cozy is key to keeping a baby boy’s head warm and snug at all times, especially during outings and in the colder months. 

This is a smaller gift, so it is perfect to add on to a toy, or another clothing item to make up an outfit. 

Best Unique Baby Gifts

Knitted Rattle

A rattle is one of the more common baby gifts that you can find, but to get one that is unlike the others, a knitted baby rattle toy is the way to go. 

best new baby gifts

With an array of quirky designs to choose from, such as pretzels, carrots, elephants, gnomes, and many more, there is something for every baby. 

Try to pick one that might remind them of you, or is perhaps something that can be linked to the baby’s parents' hobbies or interests. If they have a themed nursery, picking one that fits is also a good idea. 

A rattle is a popular cute baby toy for most parents, as it can keep a baby happy and entertained for hours on end.

Cactus Romper

Cacti are not just trendy in the plant and decor world - they have made their way into fashion, specifically with cactus baby clothes, too.

A cactus romper or bodysuit is a great way to keep the baby ahead of the trends, with clothing that has major personality and creativity. 

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Made of organic cotton, it is comfortable, adjustable, and easy to take on and off for diaper changes throughout the day. 

Lovey Blanket

Blankets can be a form of comfort for babies, so a beautiful baby lovey blanket will become a staple for them, as well as their parents, daily.

There are so many cute designs to choose from, such as an elephant- or whale-themed lovey, which will amuse the baby to no end while also keeping them snug. 

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Often babies grow so attached to the lovey blankets that they keep them around even when they grow older, so this is a nice way to leave a lasting impression with something that will remind them of you for years to come.

Trendy Baby Gifts

Knitted Onesie

Onesies are a popular choice for newborn outfits, as they are easy to remove for diaper changes, and they are comfortable for the baby throughout the day. Any newborn’s parent will say you can never have too many onesies, so consider adding to their much-used collection.

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Organic cotton onesies are light and easy for the summer, but a knitted onesie can be ideal for the winter. Pair it with a long-sleeved top underneath, and you have a chic little outfit. 

The knit allows room for growth, so this gift will keep on giving as the baby gets bigger. 

Striped Bodysuit

Stripes have been a consistent trend in the fashion world, and that has extended to children’s clothing too. With a chic striped organic baby bodysuit, the little one will be the most stylish tot in town. 

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You can go for a simple striped bodysuit and add color and personality with accessories, or a fun take on the striped item with an added animal or food design on the chest of the suit. 

The snap shoulders and snap crotch allow easy removal throughout the day for outfit or diaper changes when necessary. 

Baby Bonnet

For a more traditional take on the hat or beanie, a baby bonnet is a beautiful and practical accessory to any outfit. 

This is a year-round gift, as the bonnet keeps the baby’s head warm from the cold, but can also protect their sensitive eyes from harsh sunlight. 

Apart from the practicality of the item, it looks adorable when paired with the right outfit. 

This works especially well if the baby is all dressed up for an event like a christening, or a wedding, as it suits formal wear. But it looks just as good with something more casual, too.

This is perfect to add to a gift, as an extra accessory to an outfit, or as an additional gift to a toy or device. 

Cutest Baby Gift Ideas

Elephant Gift Set

A precious baby deserves to be spoiled, and you can do just that with a gift set that features multiple themed products. There are many themes to choose from, but the beloved elephant baby gift set is always a hit. 

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It includes a romper, lovey blanket, toy, and bonnet hat, so it covers all bases and can be used simultaneously for a coordinated look. 

Every item in the organic baby gift set is of the highest quality, and you have a full hamper of goods at once without having to source individual items.

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Stuffed Animals

For a timeless gift that is ever popular, you can never go wrong with a good old stuffed animal as a newborn toy. But to have it stand apart from others, why not opt for a knitted one?

With options including lions, owls, sharks, and more, you are spoilt for choice. The stuffed animals are soft and squishy, with a gentle knitted exterior that is comfortable for the baby to grip. 

best gifts for infants

Stuffed animals are not easily outgrown, so they will be a source of enjoyment well into the toddler and pre-teen years. 


For a gift that is both entertaining and educational, a book is the best option and a classic gift choice. 

There are so many books to choose from, with different stories, illustration styles, and lessons. Pick one that you feel has a strong and/or relevant message that can have an impact on the baby from a young age.

There are the old classics, and also a new wave of progressive books about topics like feminism and inclusivity that are integral lessons for children to learn from a young age. 

Small Baby Gifts

Knitted Doll

Dolls are baby toy essentials but the small and removable parts make them unsafe for children under a certain age. For babies, a knitted doll is an organic cotton baby toy that is the perfect, safe solution. 

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The all-in-one, knitted exterior makes it similar to a stuffed animal, with unique designs like cavemen and mermaids to add a twist to the ordinary toy chest. This is a great toy for a newborn boy or a newborn girl.

Buy this as a baby-safe doll option, until they are old enough for the traditional types - but with the interesting designs and sturdy quality, they may want to stick with these for years to come. 

Baby Bib

An organic baby bib is a must-have item for a baby, and generally more than one is necessary. This makes it the perfect useful add-on to any gift.

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It is becoming increasingly common and favorable to let babies play with their food, and explore various textures for sensory experiences, so there is a need for something to absorb the mess that comes with this. 

A quality bib comes in handy and can be washed easily in a regular washing machine and dryer, so they can be used again and again. 

They can also stay in use for a while because they are adjustable, meaning you can put them on a baby even as they get bigger.

Organic Cotton Blanket

An organic cotton baby blanket is one of the most practical gifts for a baby, as it can be used for sleeping, as decor in a nursery, or to carry a baby around and out. 

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With so much use, it is best to find one that is made of high-quality material and is durable. It can also be washed easily to remove mess and stains, which are inevitable with a small baby. 

Organic cotton is a good fabric for a baby as it is gentle on their skin, and soft and comfortable. 


There are so many wonderful and simple baby gifts to choose from, but the priority when choosing should be the quality and originality of the gift. 

Soft organic baby clothes and fabrics, and unique designs, make a gift stand out and ensure that it can be used and kept for a long time without the need for disposal or replacement. Being able to wash and dry it easily is also important, whether clothes or newborn baby toys, as with a small baby, the mess cannot be avoided. 

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A quality gift means that the baby can keep it for many years, and always have a little piece of you around. 

Best Baby Gift Ideas (FAQs)

What is the most useful baby gift?

A blanket is a gift that can be most useful, as it is versatile and can be used for decorating, sleeping, or outings. 

Babies, especially newborns, often need blankets when they are carried around, and to keep them warm if they leave the house. Buying a good quality blanket for a baby means they can use it often without it deteriorating.

Opt for a larger size, so that the child can use it for years instead of outgrowing it. 

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What are the best infant gifts?

Books are a classic gift for an infant with which you can never go wrong. 

A book gift is perfect to entertain a baby, as well as educate them. Even at a young age, pictures and colors can stimulate their minds well. Books are also enjoyed for years after purchase, as infants continuously benefit from them as their skills develop. 

What are the best gifts for newborns?

Gift sets are ideal for newborn babies because parents are usually starting with their collection of necessities, so gifting a few things can be a huge help. 

A gift set with a clothing item, an accessory, a book, and a toy means that you have contributed to every category of what a baby will need in its first few months to a year.

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