Second Baby Registry

Is this normal or greedy, what is the etiquette?

Having a second baby is pretty common. In fact, statistics show that this has remained the average number for American families. 

But with a second baby comes a second baby registry. And, naturally, it is often thought that the second baby registry should be easier to put together than the first one. After all, by now you should know what works and what doesn’t. Even pre-natal experts agree that most experiences with second babies are slightly easier than the first.

But many second-time moms wonder whether a second registry is even appropriate. And if so, what it should contain. 

Well, the good news is, that second baby registries are entirely normal and an appropriate way to ask for some of the things you are going to need with the second baby.  And we have lined up the best tips and tricks for compiling the perfect second baby registry.

Read on to find out what the most popular baby registry items for a second registry are and other second baby registry essentials

We will also look at the etiquette surrounding a second registry, and a glimpse of what is appropriate for a third baby registry. 

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What to Put on a Registry for a Second Baby

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There are some things that absolutely need to appear on your second baby registry and other things that depend on the type of mom and baby.

Below is our list of the most common items, the must-haves, and things you may not have thought about adding to that second baby registry.

Common Items to Include on Your Second Baby Registry List

So, let’s dive right into the most common baby registry items to add to that second list. These items are a good starting point from which to expand later.


This one is a bit of a general category. Especially considering the vast array of toys to put on your baby registry.

So, it would be wise to do some research on the newest and most popular toys for kids. You can also consider what your firstborn enjoyed the most before deciding which specific toys to put on the registry.

Sometimes your best bet is a classic toy, such as a baby rattle or hanging mobile, which will never go out of style.

baby registry for second baby

So, if you have zero inspiration for the types of toys to list, those classics are going to be your best bet.

You can also never go wrong with stuffed animals for babies. 

Be sure to specify whether you want something organic, sustainable, or handmade if that is your preference. 


This is probably the most common item to list on any baby registry.

You don’t need to be specific about the size as a variety of sizes will mean that your baby will grow into some of the items as time passes. It is always better to list (and buy) bigger sizes, just to be on the safe side.

We think that the best clothing options to list include knitted newborn outfits or something like an organic baby bodysuit.

Of course, clothes could also be gender-neutral or gender-specific so it’s up to you to list what you prefer. If you want gender-specific clothing, keep this in mind for your baby registry. 

This will allow people to shop for certain gender-specific collections, such as our feminist baby clothing line here at Estella.

Alternatively, you can also opt for gender-specific items, such as these gorgeous newborn baby hats.

If you do not know the sex of the baby, or you do not want gender-specific clothing items, you can always opt for clothes that have a specific print or cute theme to them. 

Examples of this include this avocado baby onesie or this cactus newborn outfit.

registry for second baby

Pumping Essentials

If you are a mom who breastfeeds, you are probably going to need new pumping essentials. So feel free to add these accessories to your second baby registry.

They may include but are not limited to, nursing pads, a pumping bra, breast milk storage bags, or breast pump bags.

You can also opt to add some of the smaller items such as nipple cream and nipple shields.


If you are unable to breastfeed or choose not to do so, you are going to need to add formula to your baby registry. Some moms who breastfeed also choose to have some formula on hand. Formula can be very expensive, especially in the quantities that are required.

This makes it a perfect gift for a non-breastfeeding mom, regardless of whether it is your first, second, or third baby.


Swaddling is a way to make your baby feel safe and cozy using a blanket or a specific tailor made swaddle. A blanket generally works just fine, but a swaddle can make the process of folding the blanket over the baby much easier.

Not all new parents swaddle their babies and contrary to popular belief, swaddling is not essential. But, for those babies who like to be swaddled, swaddles are the perfect gift to add to the registry. 

Diaper Backpack or Handbag

2nd baby registry

By the time your second baby is on the way, diaper backpacks and handbags will have become bigger, better, and more practical. This means you can probably use a new one and dump the old one. Also, if you have two kids, you are probably going to need a bigger bag anyway.

Modern diaper bags have become a stylish, yet practical accessory, for all new moms. So feel free to go check out the latest and greatest diaper handbags and put your favorite on your registry.

This is also an ideal add-on to the registry, whether you have a winter baby or you are creating a summer baby registry

Second Baby Registry Must-Haves

Of course, there are also some items that are an absolute must for your second registry. These are the most needed baby registry items that your second registry cannot be without, so go ahead and add these right now.

These are also perfect if you want a more minimalist baby registry with only the most essential items on. 


A parent of a newborn can never have enough diapers. 

Mothers who are pregnant with their second babies will know that diapers can be pricey and that they are essential to baby care.

So, why not get a head start with your baby shower?

As an added bonus, guests can opt to buy diapers in a variety of sizes which means you will have diaper stock to last you for at least a while after the second baby arrives. 


Apart from diapers, wet wipes are probably the second most important add-on to the baby registry and the baby diaper bag. No mom can ever be without wipes or have too many wipes on hand. 

Wipes also come in handy to clean sticky fingers and faces after eating, which means they will come in handy when you have two children to deal with.

So, feel free to add this one to the registry. Who knows, you might end up with a year's supply of this essential baby care item.

Baby Toiletries

As an almost mom to a second baby, you know that newborns require specific toiletries such as lotions, toothpaste, and shampoo. And you may not have the newborn-specific toiletries on hand after using them on your firstborn.

second baby registry list

Listing these items on your registry will mean that you have one less thing to worry about when your second baby arrives.

If you are looking for specific products, such as organic products, be sure to specify whether you have a nontoxic baby registry so that friends will know which products you prefer.  

Baby Detergent

Newborns' clothes get washed (and re-washed) a lot. And normal detergent may often be too harsh on their skins. To avoid this, you need a baby-specific detergent that is sensitive for newborns’ skins.

And after that firstborn’s messy phase, you will once again realize that this is one of those items you can’t have enough of. 


Babies often have a lot of blankets but will always have one favorite. That said, it is also good to have a variety of cotton baby blankets especially if your registry is a winter baby registry.

In addition, it is nice to have extra blankets for the car or for different areas of the house. So, add this item to your baby registry before you regret it. 


Bibs are essential for any newborn and you may want to welcome your second baby into the world with a new set of bibs. These days, some of the best bibs on the market are organic baby bibs, which are made of cotton.

what to put on registry for second baby

This also makes it a suitable option for those who want a more sustainable or environmentally friendly baby registry.

Car Seat

With a new baby on the way, you are going to have to make arrangements to ease their travel experience in the car. For this reason, a car seat is a must-have baby registry item. It is just one of those newborn essentials for your registry

Especially if your second baby is born not long after the first, in which case that first car seat will still be in use by the firstborn.

Some people are wary of adding more expensive items to their baby registry, but friends could always club together to buy you a car seat if you really need one.   

Other Nice-to-Have Items for a Second Baby

There are also some less important yet popular items that are popular with that you can add to your registry.

These are some of those overlooked baby registry items that can really help a new mom and make her life a bit easier. 

Here, you can use your own discretion as to which items you would prefer to list on your second registry. 

White Noise Machine

So you already have a white noise machine? So why bother buying an additional one? Well actually, these come highly recommended for the second, and even third, baby registries. This is because your younger child may not be completely weaned off the machine just yet. In fact, they may even start needing it even more with a newborn crying at all hours of the night.

For this reason, we recommend that you invest in an additional white noise machine.

Alternatively, you can opt for any other machine that makes soothing sounds to put your newborn, and your firstborn, to sleep. And, as far as possible, to keep them sleeping peacefully through the night.

Crib Mattress

If you are planning on using the same crib for your second baby, you may not need to add a crib to your second baby registry. But, it can be wise to replace the mattress. 

We all know baby mattresses take some wear and tear in their lifetimes, but it can also be hygienic to replace an older crib mattress with a new one.  

Nursery Decorations

second baby registry must haves

With a new baby comes the excitement of designing an entirely new nursery or sprucing up an old one.  

But, you may be so busy with your firstborn and the pregnancy that this may not be the first thing on your mind. So why not use the registry to your advantage and ask for some nursery decorations?  You can center these around a color, theme, or even a pattern that you want to decorate the new nursery with. 

In any event, it will save you some time from the shops and ensure that your new baby’s home is fully decorated for when you welcome them home.

Sibling Clothing

Now that your little one is going to welcome a brother or sister into the world, you are going to be tempted to get the two siblings some matching outfits. And we don’t blame you. There is nothing cuter than a pair of young siblings wearing matching outfits.

So, as a celebration of the sibling that will soon be welcomed into the world, why not ask for a matching pair of outfits for the two on your second baby registry? We guarantee that it will be a joy seeing the two newly paired siblings showing off in matching attire. 

Double Stroller

You may have considered using your old stroller for the new baby. But this is only an option if your first child does not entirely rely on the stroller anymore. 

Or if both the kiddos are roughly similar in age. 

But instead of buying a second stroller, why not buy a double stroller for both siblings to enjoy together?

This will bring them closer together, save time and ensure that only one parent is needed per stroller. The perfect way to manage two babies at once.

Dual Camera Baby Monitor

Having a camera baby monitor may not seem like an absolute necessity with your firstborn but it may come in handy when you have two youngsters in the house. It also means you can keep an eye on both children when you are busy with house chores or just being elsewhere in the house. 

This is especially important if your children are sharing a room as you would want to keep an eye on the older sibling in case he wants to wake the younger one from their afternoon nap. 

registry items for second baby

Luckily for us, dual-camera baby monitors are becoming increasingly popular. Many of them work with Bluetooth, which means you can keep an eye on the children on your phone from wherever you are. 

This will not only give you peace of mind but also an opportunity to rest every now and again without worrying about what the children are up to behind closed doors.

Postpartum Gifts

Let’s face it, baby registries are crafted to the needs of the baby, but what about the needs of the mom? After pregnancy, there are many things that a mom might need to ensure that she can also transition into a new phase of motherhood with ease. 

Think comfy clothes or warm and fuzzy pajamas. Or perhaps a good non-parenting-related book. Anything that can help a new mom relax and unwind after welcoming a newborn into the world. 

Pregnancy and parenting are hard, take some time for yourself and add something on that second baby 

registry just for you. After all, you probably forgot to do it the first time around, didn’t you?

Should You Have a Baby Registry for a Second Child?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, some people may find a second baby registry unnecessary. 

But, the needs of a mom with two children are vastly different from a first-time mom with one baby. So, a second baby registry is both necessary and also completely understandable.

How to Share Your Second Baby Registry

Okay, now that you have an idea of what should go on the registry, it is time to think of the format of the registry. What should your second baby registry look like? It can be daunting, at least for some people, to be upfront about asking for the things they need and want. 

So, when you go about creating your registry, try to be subtle. After all, this is your second baby and some people may think a baby registry is unnecessary. But, many moms will agree and completely understand that a registry is necessary, even after a first child.

The best way to approach this matter is to link the registry to your baby shower invite. If you are planning on having a small event after the birth of the baby, or a “sprinkle” (which is a more informal type of baby shower), you can go ahead and link the baby registry to that invite. 

baby registry second baby

Really, all that is required is to add a sentence or two to the invite where you direct people to the link for the baby registry. This will already let them know that you are expecting a gift from the registry. 

And if you are not having an event, you can absolutely still share your baby registry or the link to your registry, either virtually, in writing, or via word of mouth.

Second Baby Registry Etiquette

When creating a second baby registry, we recommend that you add a personalized message at the top of the list.  Use your baby’s name, surname, or bump nickname, (depending on where you’re at in the naming process, and encourage people to give something if they feel like it. This will also take the pressure off those who are unable to contribute something. Your message can read something like:

“We are so thrilled by welcoming baby James into the world soon. 

Please join in our excitement and come show your support. Gifts are not obligatory, but if you want to contribute something, please check out the baby registry at this link”.

Experts also recommend that the baby registry should only form a small part of the baby shower invite. The main focus should not be on the gifts as it is about welcoming the new baby after all. 

If you are not attaching the registry to an invite, just be sure to be subtle about the baby registry, and don’t be too blatant about asking for the things you need. 

Remember, not everyone is obliged to provide a gift and some people might also be unable to. 

Baby Registry for Third Baby

If you are planning on welcoming a third baby into the world, you may be wondering what your second baby registry will have that will not be included in your third registry.

A third baby registry will often be the least extensive of all the registries that precede it because you will already have many of the things you need. Your oldest child also may have outgrown things by that time that can now be used for your two younger children.

2nd baby registry must haves

The best way to approach this type of registry is to reflect back and look at things that really made your transition after pregnancy easier. This will ensure that you can cultivate a small registry with only your most-loved items. After all, you won’t want to ask for things that you don’t need or already have enough of. 

You can also look at how technology has evolved in terms of strollers, baby monitors, and other baby gadgets. Perhaps there is something new on the market that didn’t exist with your first two babies, which you can add to your third baby registry.


So, it is evident that a second baby registry is an absolute must.  This is mostly because a mom of two will have so much more on her plate and there are so many things you can list that will make your life a lot easier. 

These things vary from general items such as items on the baby registry clothing checklist to more specific must-have stuff to put on your baby registry such as diapers. There are even some overlooked unique baby registry items you can ask for such as a gift for yourself. 

Whatever you choose to list, just be sure to follow proper etiquette and not put pressure on others to supply you with gifts.  And keep an eye out for the things you loved most from your second registry because you might need to re-list them if there is a third baby registry in the future. 

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