Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Being invited to a baby shower is always exciting. But unless you know the mom-to-be very well, choosing a gift can be challenging. 

 That is unless you follow our guide below. We have included some useful tips for choosing a gift and our list of 15 practical baby shower gift ideas. 

Whether the challenge is a lack of a baby registry, a themed party, or just a shortage of inspiration, we’ve got you covered. It is possible to choose gifts that are functional, as well as unique and beautiful. So before you start shopping, read our guide below for the best gift ideas. 

What This Article Covers:

What Gifts Do You Take to a Baby Shower?

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When choosing gifts for a baby shower, there are several factors that you need to consider.

Registry Gifts

Does the mom-to-be have a baby registry? If so, consult the baby registry as soon as it is announced. This is the best way to get her something useful, as the list will include items that she has indicated as her needs. 

The main purpose of a baby registry is to ensure that expectant mothers don’t receive too many of one item but too few of another. But it can also provide you with gift ideas when you don’t know what to buy. A bay registry, when well planned, can be very useful. But there are also times when it is not. 

When Registries Are Useful

Most registries will include several options at different price points. You’re sure to find something that fits your taste and your budget. And many moms have more than one registry, at different stores. This offers more versatility for you as the gift giver.

As items are purchased, they will be ticked off the list. So you don’t need to worry that you will buy the same gift as everyone else. The more specific the registry list is though, the less room there is for your own input. But it’s not about your needs. It’s about the new baby’s needs. Remember that.

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When Registries Aren't Useful

Unfortunately, some moms don’t think about the gift-givers needs when compiling a baby registry. Either they choose only one store that is too far for you to get to Or they include mostly expensive items that you don’t feel are in your budget. 

What do you do when there is a registry, but you can’t get the items from that list or that store? There is nothing wrong with choosing a similar product at a more affordable price, or from another store that is more convenient for you. The best baby shower gift is practical for both the giver and the recipient.

No Registry? No Problem!

But what do you do if there is no baby registry? This can make the task of choosing the perfect gift even more daunting. Without guidance as to what the mom will need for her baby, you may worry that you’ll get the wrong thing.

How to Choose a Gift with No Baby Registry

You can ask the expectant mom, or her partner, what you should get. Or check in with friends and family for gift ideas. Alternatively, choose a gift that is guaranteed to be useful. And that means choosing essentials. This refers to must-have items that any first-time mom would need. 

You’ll find some of these in the gift idea list lower down in this guide. But practicality is only one issue to consider. There are other issues that you need to factor into your choice of gift. 

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Factors That Affect Your Choice of Gift

Firstly, you need to consider your budget. What are you able to afford? Secondly, do you have the time and means to go shopping? If you work long hours, online shopping will be the most practical choice for you

Other Factors to Consider

You also need to choose gifts that will suit this particular mom and baby. To determine your best choice, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your selection. 

The main determining factors are:

  • Single child vs Twins
  • Which season the baby will be born in
  • The baby’s gender
  • The parents’ wishes regarding traditional gender roles vs gender neutrality 

Once you know those 4 things,  you’re on your way to making a suitable choice. They will guide you in the amounts, fabrics, colors, and styles of gifts to choose from. This will ensure that our choice of baby shower gift is both practical and appreciated.

Once you have narrowed that down, we recommend 14 gift ideas that are always popular and practical. These are items that any first-time mom will need and want. Let’s take a look at those now.

The 15 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Soft Blankets

The best baby shower gifts are ones that are practical and natural. This is why our soft baby blankets are always popular as baby shower gifts. Made from the softest organic cotton, they will keep any newborn baby safe and warm.

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The season the baby will be born may dictate your choice of a blanket. Baby blankets, just like blankets for adults, are available in different thicknesses and weights. Choose lightweight ones for summer babies, or heavier ones for winter babies. Or give one of each for the other seasons, as the weather may vary.

A pretty blanket with a matching newborn onesie, hat, and booties, would make a lovely “coming home” gift as well. And these items could all be used at other times, separately or together. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, choose a neutral color.


If you have been chosen as the baby’s godmother, you'll want to give something extra special. And our lovey blankets for babies are the ideal choice for a baby shower gift from the godmother. They are ideal as baby soother blankets and are made from the softest cotton in a range of beautiful designs.

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If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a soother or comfort blanket, let’s briefly explain what that is. It is usually smaller than a conventional baby blanket and is carried by babies (and toddlers) as a source of comfort. 

If you take your job as godmother seriously, you’ll be happy to know that this gift choice fits the bill. It shows you care about the baby’s emotional needs too. So meet your duties before your godchild is even born, by choosing the most thoughtful gift at the baby shower.

A Swaddle

If you are looking for an alternative to a baby blanket, consider buying a swaddle. A baby swaddle is also a practical gift choice. It offers the new mom the option to swaddle her baby which has the benefit of soothing him and aiding restful sleep.  

But choose one that is made from the softest material, because a swaddle hugs the baby very snugly.  Newborn babies have very sensitive skin, and the safest choice is to choose natural materials that are breathable, organic, and free from harsh dyes.

Even if the new mom chooses not to swaddle her baby, the swaddling cloth could be used as a soother blanket instead. So don’t worry that your gift will not be used.

A Diaper Bag 

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Sometimes the most forgotten baby shower gifts are also the most practical. A diaper bag is an ultimate accessory for moms on the move. They carry all diapering items when mom takes the baby out for the day.

For maximom versatility, get a washable diaper bag. It will be used often, and you don’t want to give a gift that can’t be easily cleaned. If the mom has a baby registry, this item will probably be on there. But if she doesn’t, check amongst the other gift-givers if anyone else has bought one. 

If your budget allows, pop a few diapering essentials into the bag. These could include baby wipes, diaper rash ointment, or scented diaper bags for odor-free diaper disposal. New moms will use a lot of these, so the extra thoughtfulness will be much appreciated. 

Diaper Changing Mat

A diaper changing mat is another useful item for new moms. Some diaper bags include these, but they can also be purchased separately. They are usually waterproof, for convenience and easy care. 

This can be purchased separately and packaged with some other diapering essentials as above. It’s not a glamorous gift, but it will be very much needed and appreciated. 

A Pack or Two of Diapers

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Speaking of diapering, diapers are the most practical baby shower gift there is. Babies go through so many of these. While perhaps not the most exciting gift from your perspective, an extra pack of diapers will always be appreciated. 

Babies grow quickly though, and soon the newborn will need bigger diapers. Most people concentrate on getting newborn-sized diapers. To be even more practical. Give a pack of newborns plus a pack of the next size.

Don’t worry about your gift being too practical. The costs of diapering add up quickly, and parents will be very grateful for the help. Diapers are also available at different price points. They don’t have to be fancy to be functional. Get a trusted brand, but don’t be so concerned with brand names that you ignore your budget. 

Traditional Baby Toys

If you’d prefer to give more sentimental baby gifts, then you’ll probably want to consider gifting some toys. Clothes, blankets, and diapers meet a baby’s physical needs, But toys are just as essential, as they meet a baby’s developmental and emotional needs.

Some toys have stood the test of time, and make perfect gift ideas for a baby shower. Examples of these are rattles and stuffed toys. Take care to avoid toys that are made from hard materials, or contain small fixtures that could be choking hazards.

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You can’t go wrong with a knitted baby rattle and 1 or 2 baby stuffed animals. What makes them so practical is that they are suitable for girl or boy babies. And ours are not only soft and non-toxic, but they are also handmade which makes them even more special.  

Sporty Onesies

Any expectant mom would love to receive a few knitted newborn onesies. Babies wear rompers and onesies all the time in the first few weeks. And they are available in so many colors and styles. You may want to get them in a few sizes though.

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Most people tend to focus on the newborn stage. But babies grow very quickly. So get a couple in the 0- 3 months category too, and perhaps 3 - 6 months as well. This will make your choice of gift even more practical. 

If you’re looking for unique baby shower gift ideas for boys you may want to try a sports-themed romper. Pair it with some soft baseball toys for a gift that is practical and fun. Sports-mad parents-to-be will love this gift.

Hats and Booties

Every baby needs a few soft beanies and booties. They are bay items that will never go out of style. And if you are working on a tight budget, this is an affordable and practical gift idea.

This gift idea can also be adapted to fit any theme. For example, you can choose them in orange for the ideal Halloween baby shower gift, Or go for red and green if the baby will be born during the festive season.  

Babies are sensitive to the cold, which makes hats and booties very practical and thoughtful gifts. We have a lovely range of soft baby hats for boys and girls, in a variety of styles and colors. Team them with soft booties for a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift. 

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Baby Carrier/Papoose

This is an extremely practical baby shower gift and one that any expectant mom will love. It allows her to carry her baby with her while keeping her hands free. A baby carrier is a perfect gift for busy moms. But try to check first that no one else has already bought one. 

As useful as it is, more than one is not necessary. So check with the other gift-givers if possible, before buying this a baby shower gift. But, if the parents are expecting twins, 2 baby carriers would allow them each to carry a baby with them. 

Knitted Baby Clothes

Knitted baby clothes are traditional and beautiful. And they are a fantastic choice for winter babies. But ensure that the knitwear you choose is made with natural, breathable fibers, and free from harmful dyes. 

Some brands have dubious suppliers and cannot guarantee that the materials used are 100% natural and non-toxic. This is why you must choose clothes and accessories from reputable suppliers. The soon-to-be mom will be touched by your care and effort in choosing the best for her baby.

Choose one of the rompers from our selection of newborn knitwear. They are made from certified organic cotton, which is ideal for summer or winter. For winter babies, go for the long rompers for the newborn stage.

Adjustable Baby Bibs 

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A bib is yet another practical gift choice. Every baby needs a few of these. A bib keeps the baby’s clothes clean during feeding time. This is why quite a few bibs are necessary, as they get soiled quickly. Every mom needs a few spare clean ones as backup.

Choose a few of our organic cotton baby bibs for a fantastic yet extremely practical baby shower gift. They are machine-washable and designed to complement our range of baby clothes. But best of all, they can be adjusted to meet the baby’s growing needs right up to the toddler stage. 

And don’t worry that this is such a practical choice that it isn’t going to make an impact. They are available in such lovely colors and prints, they’re not just functional, but very stylish too.

Bath Time Essentials

Every new mom will appreciate a hamper of bathtime essentials. This can include baby wash or soap, baby shampoo, baby powder, etc. For a useful gift presentation idea, pop these bathtime goodies, along with a couple of baby washcloths, into a baby bathtub. 

Place a large ribbon around the tub and make a bow, and you’re all set. No extra wrapping is required. A baby bathtub will be of great use to parents who have a shower instead of a tub. This is yet another one of those gifts that don’t need to be doubled up. So check that no one else has bought one before you do. 

But you can safely buy a selection of bathtime products. They will always be needed, and are in fact very necessary. Ordinary bath products can be too harsh for a newborn baby’s sensitive skin. Choose products that are specifically designed for babies, and that have been dermatologically tested.

Baby Gift Sets

Whether you need baby shower gift ideas for girls or you’re looking for baby shower gift ideas for twin boys, don’t worry. There are gift sets that meet every need. Gift sets are practical because they contain a variety of clothes, toys, and/or blankets.

Our natural baby gifts are mostly gender-neutral and suitable for both genders. This is useful if you don’t know if the baby you’re buying for will be a boy or girl. And it is also suitable if the parents wish to raise their child in a gender-neutral environment.

Expectant moms of twin girls, however, may appreciate a couple of feminist onesies. Our girl-power-themed clothes and accessories are available insets and separately. So choose one of our gift sets, or make up your own with appropriate items.


Don’t be nervous about choosing a gift for a baby shower ever again. Any of the gift ideas above would make thoughtful yet practical gifts. 

Choose one of our range of eco-friendly, sustainably produced baby clothes, blankets, and toys for your baby shower gift, today. They’re guaranteed to be a real hit at the party.

Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts (FAQs)

What are the most common baby shower gifts?

The most common baby shower gifts are onesies, rompers, and soft toys. To set your gift apart from the rest, choose something unique like our fun avocado print baby clothes. They will inject a bit of fun into what is otherwise a practical gift.

creative baby shower gifts for a boy

Do baby shower gifts have to be expensive? 

Baby shower gifts don’t have to be expensive to be useful and appreciated. Choose essential items that fit your budget and you can't go wrong.  It’s not only about the price tag, it’s mainly your thoughtfulness that counts.

How do I know which colors to choose for baby clothes?

If you don’t know the baby’s gender, a safe bet is to go for gender-neutral colors. Traditionally, white, cream, or soft pastel shades of yellow or green are suitable in this situation. Or choose baby clothes in the new mom’s favorite colors, if you know what they are.

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