Halloween Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Organizing a themed baby shower can be overwhelming and stressful for the parents, especially when there are most likely a million other things that need to be done.

So, when it comes to themed baby showers, don’t just think of gifts that you can give them to match the theme, but also think of how you can contribute to the actual shower.

This is a gift on its own, and it is sometimes the thing that parents need even more than physical baby gifts.  

We are going to give you some ideas on how you can contribute towards Halloween-themed baby showers, as well as some Halloween baby shower gift ideas, as that is still an important element too. 

Top 6 Halloween Baby Shower Gift Ideas

halloween baby shower gifts

Halloween-Themed Cake

Every baby shower needs a cake, especially if it is a themed shower. Offering to buy the cake is a lovely baby shower present, and is something you should go all out with. 

There are a lot of different ways that you can have it decorated. Some good ideas would be a ‘Night Before Christmas’ theme, a pumpkin-shaped cake, a Forbidden Forest theme, death by chocolate with tombstones on the top, or a baby bump cake with a skeleton baby inside the tummy.

The options for Halloween-themed cakes are endless. Try to choose one that you know will help people connect the idea of Halloween and a baby shower together.

Halloween-Themed Maternity Shoot

halloween baby shower gift

This is a very sentimental baby gift and something that would make a perfect baby shower gift from a Godmother, or any other close family member.

Gifting the parents with a Halloween-themed maternity shoot will forever remind them of this special time. It is memories that they will have forever, and the photos can even be used as decor at the baby shower if it gets done before the time.

Gender Reveal Pumpkin

Offering to plan the gender reveal is a baby shower gift that is often forgotten about. While it is not a physical gift, it is something that the parents don’t want to do themselves as they want to be surprised on the day.

It is something that they probably don’t want to have to ask someone to do, so offering to help with this would be a massive gift. 

A great idea for a Halloween baby shower would be to have pink or blue smoke come out of a carved pumpkin when you light it. 

Idea 4: Pumpkin Guest Book 

best halloween baby shower gifts

A guest book is a very underrated baby shower gift. They hold a wealth of memories and are something that the parents will hold very dear to their hearts. 

Start by getting a white ceramic pumpkin made. You don’t want to use a real pumpkin in this case, as it will eventually go bad. 

Bring a whole bunch of colored pens to the shower, and go around asking people to write little notes on the pumpkin guest book. You can gift it to the parents after the shower once everyone has written on it. 

They can use it as Halloween decor every year and it will remind them of this special day. 

Idea 5: Halloween-Themed Soaps

best halloween baby shower gift ideas

This is a gift that you can buy for both mom and baby. They will most likely have to be different kinds of soaps, as babies need sensitive, mild and non-toxic soap.

If it is too much of a hassle to get two different soaps, just make sure that the one you do get is baby-safe. The parents can use any type of soap, so put the baby first with this one. 

You can get the soap shaped like pumpkins, bats, ghosts, or anything that reminds you of Halloween. It will be a sweet reminder of the baby shower, and a cute little something for the baby while he or she bathes.

Idea 6: Knitted Socks and Booties With a Halloween Theme

This is such a great gift for two reasons. Firstly, the baby will be born close to winter time, so it will keep them warm and toasty. Secondly, if you make it Halloween-themed, it will always be a reminder of the baby shower and that lovely time of the year. 

A great way to make these knitted items Halloween-themed is to either use colors of orange yellow and white to resemble candy corn or use green and orange to resemble a pumpkin. 


Gifts don’t always have to be physical. Sometimes the gesture and gift of contributing to the shower will be more meaningful than a physical gift would be. 

With that being said, physical gifts are still an important part of baby showers, so don’t rule them out completely. 

best halloween baby shower gift

And while it is obviously important to stick to the theme of Halloween and purchase gifts revolving around this, you can still purchase traditional baby shower gifts like lovey baby blankets or baby knit onesies

But, if there is a theme for the baby shower, try to stick to it where you can, and remember to offer a helping hand to the parents as it can be quite overwhelming.

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