Toys for Baby Boys

When it comes to buying toys for baby boys, the options are endless. This can make it an overwhelming process. With a constant flow of new and innovative toys, along with the old classics, choosing the best one can be tricky. 

If you are buying a toy for a young baby, it is crucial to be aware of the age specifications, structure, and design of the toy, all relating to the baby’s needs. 

To find the best option, a lot of research and sifting are required. But we have made life easier for you by compiling a succinct list of the top toys for baby boys, to help you along. 

Top 5 Toys for Baby Boys

Knitted Rattle

toys for infant boy

A baby rattle toy is a classic toy for young babies and has stayed just as popular over the years. 

It is a small, simple toy concept that remains a favorite because it is so effective. It is easy to hold and shakes, and the sounds it emits can keep the baby amused for hours on end, making it one of the best gifts for a new baby

Rattles come in all shapes and styles, but why not take them to the next level with a knitted rattle? These are soft and light for the baby to grasp onto, and come in a variety of designs that make them more interesting and double up as stuffed toys. 

Stuffed Sports Toy

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Start your little MVP’s love for sports with a soft stuffed sports toy as a special gift for a baby boy

You can pick out a sports toy that aligns with your sporting interests, like a baseball baby toy, so that you can harbor a love for the sport in the baby from a young age.

These are round and knitted organic cotton baby toys, so it is ideal for a young baby. They can grasp it easily, throw it, and eventually learn to catch it, too. 

As they get older and replace it with the real thing, the toy can still be used as a cute decor item in their room. 

toy for newborn boy

Baby Lovey Blanket

A baby lovey blanket is all the craze with babies at the moment, and this is because it is versatile, can stay on them at all times, and become something they form an attachment to. 

Baby lovey blankets often have a stuffed toy attached to the end of them, so it doubles up as a plaything and a blanket. This is a perfect gift for a newborn to keep the baby company in a stroller, crib, or during playtime. 

Organic cotton is the ideal material, as it is warm and snug, while also remaining gentle on the baby’s skin. This is a good standalone gift, but can also form part of an organic baby gift set.

toys for baby boy

Stuffed Animal

An organic stuffed animal is a classic toy option, and for very good reason. 

Stuffed animals come in many different styles, sizes, and materials. You can go for any animal such as an elephant, lion, rhinoceros, whale, and so on. A knitted stuffed animal is the best option, as it is durable and unique. 

If you are looking for an option that is one of the top baby toys for a newborn and will stand the test of time, a stuffed animal is the go-to. It is appropriate for very young babies but remains just as entertaining well into their toddler years.

gifts for baby boys toys 

Even when they outgrow playing with the stuffed animals, it can still be a special collection that they keep and display with pride. This is a versatile choice, and works just as well as a newborn baby girl toy.


For a toy that is equal parts entertaining and educational, a puzzle is the way to go. 

Puzzles are a key part of a baby’s development, as it challenges them to use visual and comprehension skills in a fun way. This is one of the best toys for an infant.

For a young baby, you want to start with big puzzle pieces that come in 6-8 per box. As they get older, you can look to increase this amount.


There are so many options of new born baby toys to choose from, so you are spoilt for choice when browsing. 

To pick the very best, choose something that is of good quality, durable, entertaining, educational, and appropriate for the baby’s age and development. It is also key to choose fabrics and materials that are gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin, and soft to touch and hold. 

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