Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Girls

Choosing a baby shower gift for that little girl on the way can be an overwhelming task, regardless of whether the mom-to-be has created a gift registry or not.

Whether you are at a complete loss of what to buy, or you just feel that you would like to get her something a little more unique and sentimental, we are here to help.

So, whatever your situation may be, we have put together a list of 8 baby shower gift ideas for girls to help you. This list is sure to give you some inspiration and help you figure out what good baby shower gifts are for girls. 

Top 8 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Girls

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Personalized Monthly Milestone Blanket 

A personalized monthly milestone blanket is a super cute gift for a girl, and her parents, actually. Monthly milestone blankets are basically blankets with numbers on them. They are used to track your baby’s growth each month and lock in those memories.

Since this is a gift that can be classified as a male baby shower gift too, you can personalize it to make it more specific to girls. 

This can include getting their name printed on it, or getting things like floral pictures, pink shapes, or girl-specific patterns printed on it. 

Wooden Baby Brush 

Wooden baby brushes are a great gift for little girls. They are often one of the baby shower gifts that are most forgotten, as it is not something the baby will use straight away, but will definitely come in handy later.

Wooden brushes are amazing for babies as they help to stimulate hair growth, increases their circulation, help with cradle cap, and can help relax fussy babies.

Stuffed Animals or Soft Toys

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Although this might not be the most unique baby shower gift for girls, it is something that little girls absolutely love. 

Things like baby rattle soft toys are s a source of comfort, entertainment, and joy. They can even help put your baby to sleep.

Luckily, animals are quite gender-neutral, so you can buy any type of animal for a baby girl. 


Headbands are a great accessory for newborn girls. Putting a headband on a baby helps to let people know the baby’s gender, especially when they are just born.

Pink, neutral-colored, or floral headbands are a great accessory to make the little girl as cute as can be. 

Headbands with different patterns or materials could also be a great baby shower gift idea for twin girls. It is an easy way to help friends tell them apart and will help the parents not have to keep reminding people which baby is which. 

Pacifier Clips

Pacifier clips are a great way to add some accessories to a baby’s outfit and make sure that they don’t lose their pacifier. 

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Parents will go through hundreds of pacifiers while their baby is little. So they will definitely appreciate these clips to help keep track of them all. 

You can also personalize these pacifier clips with bows, ribbons, beads, and all things pink, to make them perfect for a little girl.

Charm Bracelets  

Charm bracelets are great sentimental baby shower gifts. A lovely idea would be to buy the charm bracelet when the baby is born, and buy an additional charm for it on every birthday until she turns 21. 

This is really special, and something that a girl would absolutely love. Since it is quite a commitment, it would make for a perfect baby shower gift from the baby’s Godmother or aunt.

Educational Books 

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You can never go wrong with educational books for babies. And while the baby will obviously have to wait a few years before she can read it herself, her parents can read it to her before bedtime in the interim. 

Since it is a girl baby, feminist baby books would make for a lovely gift. It will teach her how amazing it is to be a woman. It will teach her to be strong, despite her gender, and to believe in herself, as women can achieve unbelievable things. 

It is something that will hopefully help with her confidence from a very young age.  

Tip 8: Subscription to a Photo Album App

In today’s era, everything is so digitalized. This makes gifting parents with a subscription to a digital photo album app one of the best things that you could gift them. 

Even though they will most probably take hundreds of photos and keep them on their phones, sometimes phones break, run out of storage, or you upgrade to a new phone. This could cause a lot of precious baby photos to be lost.

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In addition to this, having baby photos kept on a safe, organized platform, will allow the parents to access them quickly and easily, no matter where they are. 

It is a really special gift and one that any parent, and the baby when she is a bit older, will appreciate immensely. 


There is an endless amount of gifts that you could get for a baby girl’s baby shower. But, when you buy a gift, you want to try and make it meaningful, and something that the baby girl, and mom, can really use. 

There will be a lot of people purchasing the “usual” baby shower gifts such as blankets, diapers, and clothes. Try and make your gift a little bit unique, and something that will really stand out and be appreciated.

Hopefully, you have a few more ideas now and will be able to purchase the perfect baby shower gift for a special little girl.

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