Baby Registry Checklist

Are you creating your baby registry and worried about getting it right? With so many things to consider and remember, how can you be sure that you’ll get everything that you need for your newborn baby? This is a common concern, especially for first-time parents.  

But creating your baby registry is easy if you have a useful checklist to guide you. Most tasks are easier to perform when you make a to-do list. And it’s the same with a baby registry. A checklist simplifies the whole process.

This is why we compiled this baby registry checklist to help you get it done without any stress. Just follow the guidelines and you’ll create the perfect baby registry that’s just right for you.

What This Article Covers:

Guidelines to Help You When Drawing up a Registry

baby registry list

To create a practical baby registry checklist that works for you, you need to determine what your needs are, and how they differ from other moms. 

Ask yourself the following questions and considerations before getting started with your baby registry. 

First Time Mom?

Are you a first-time mom, or is this your second or third child? If you have had other children, do you still have any items that can be reused? If you do, make a list of what needs to be replaced or added to what you already have. You may find you don't need as much as you think.

What Is the Baby’s Gender?

Do you know the gender of the baby you are having? You may want different items for a boy or a girl. For example, People need to know if they are buying newborn hats for boys or girls. If you would prefer to receive gender-neutral toys or clothing, this needs to be clearly stated in your baby registry. 

baby registry essentials

Will You Be Breastfeeding Your Baby?

If the answer is yes, will you sometimes need to express milk for feedings? If not, what type of baby milk formula would you need? If you aren’t sure, find out. Speak to your doctor or a pediatrician for advice about feeding.

What Season Will Your Baby Be Born in?

This will determine whether you require a winter or a summer baby registry. Remember that in winter, a beanie and booties for the cold and a warmer blanket will be necessary. 

But don’t forget lightweight baby growers and a sunhat in summer. This is essential to keep your baby cool and comfortable, and also to protect their delicate skin. 

Comprehensive or Minimalist Registry?

Do you want a fully comprehensive, or minimalist baby registry? What do you prefer to purchase for yourself? Some items are best for you to buy yourself, but there are still many things you could include on your list for others to buy. 

Safety Precautions in Your Home Space

baby shower registry list

Do you live in an apartment or house with stairs and other features that may be a danger for a crawling infant? Are there several electrical outlet points that a crawling baby’s fingers could find? These issues will have to be addressed with the appropriate safety items.

Eco-Friendly Baby

Do you have a passion for environmental issues? Protect your baby, and the environment, by opting for an eco-friendly baby registry list. Our organic cotton and non-toxic baby toys make the perfect additions to your environmentally-friendly baby register checklist.

Special Needs Baby

Have you been made aware that your child will be born with special needs? You may need to include items that other moms would not. Find out what they are, where to buy them, and what the costs are.

How to Create a Baby Registry

Once you have answered the questions above, you will have a better idea of what you need to include in your baby registry. Next comes the research. This will lay the groundwork for your baby registry.

Put in the Foundational Work

Make a list of your answers, and the items that you will need to address these issues. For example: Find out all the stockists, brand names, and costs involved. Contact these suppliers, and ask them if they offer a personalized baby registry service. 

Make detailed notes about everything. Offer alternative products if a particular product is out of stock. This will help people to make another choice quickly, should your first choice become unavailable.  

And look no further if you desire a natural baby registry checklist. We offer the very highest quality organic cotton baby bibs, clothes, and blankets. And our non-toxic toys and sustainably produced gifts are must-haves for you to include in your list.

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Find out Where to Buy Your Registry Items

Where can these items be found? Is it possible to purchase everything on your list in one place? That is rarely the case. Who are the people who will be purchasing these items for you? Are these items stocked at stores that are accessible for them? 

Divide Your Registry List into Categories

When drawing up your registry, it helps to break down the list into categories. This makes it easy to follow. 

You may use your own headings for these categories. It’s your baby registry, and you need to be happy with it. Below we’ve included a basic example of how to categorize your baby registry checklist.

Include Some Practical Essentials

Have you included items at various price points, to make it easier for people to contribute according to their budgets? Include some more unique baby registry items, but be sure to also include the more practical and essential ones.

Ironically, it is the essentials that are often the most overlooked baby registry items. So focus on the essentials first. 

Share Your Registry with Loved Ones

If you are planning a registry list for a baby shower, will you be doing a gender reveal at the shower? Or have you made it clear what your preferences are on the subject? 

Is there a particular theme that you’d like your guest at the shower to adhere to with their gifts? Perhaps a jungle animal theme, or a sporty or botanical theme? This will influence the clothes, blankets, and toys that they decide to buy.

If everyone knows you are having a baby boy, you may need some baby boy registry ideas. And there are some fantastic newborn baby boy gift sets that you can include in your baby shower registry list. And vice versa, for a baby girl.  baby registry list ideas

Of course, you could have a separate baby registry list for your baby shower, a gender reveals party, as well as a universal baby registry list. But this can become very complicated and confusing. If you must do this, make sure that you update your universal list after each event has taken place.

Baby Registry Checklist: Items for Your List

You think you know what items to put on a baby registry, but you’re still worried you’ll forget something? We understand your concerns. But there is something just as problematic as getting too little of what you need. And that is getting too much of what you don't.  

With a functional and well-planned baby registry checklist, you can be sure to get the right amount of everything.  But whether you are creating a first-time or second-time mom baby registry, you could do with a bit of guidance. 

Be sure to include as many details about the items you want as are necessary. Vague descriptions will be counterproductive, so be specific about what you need.

Let’s go through what you need to include in your baby registry checklist. 

Nursery Items

The bassinet/crib, mattress, and pillow fall into this category, along with linen items for the crib. These are items you may already have or would prefer to buy yourself. But extra crib linen is always a plus.  

And when your newborn is a little older, a soft toy that doubles as a pillow may be just the thing to keep them happy to go to bed. 

baby registry check list

Baby Transporting Items

A comfortable baby carrier, a stroller, a diaper bag, and a baby car seat are examples of what would fall into this category. As always, match the right items to your lifestyle needs.

Baby Feeding Items

Some of the items that you include in this category are largely dependent on your choices around breastfeeding. But most of them are necessary for all baby feeding situations.  

Examples of what to include in this category are breast pumps, baby bottles and accessories, formulas, bibs, and a feeding chair.

Baby Bath Time Products

A baby bath, baby towels, and toiletry items specially made for infants are included in this category.


A detailed baby registry clothing checklist that lists all items of clothing such as onesies, bodysuits, booties, socks, mittens, beanies, and sunhats. 

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Our baby clothes are not only soft, comfortable, and colorful. They are also machine-washable and of the highest-quality organic cotton. And with hats to match every outfit, your baby will always be protected from the elements while looking as cute as can be. 


Don’t be reluctant to put diapers on the list. While not the most exciting gift to receive, you will need so many of them you can’t afford not to include this. Also, add diaper-change-related products such as a diaper changing mat and diaper cream.


This is the most fun section. Every baby needs a few toys to play with, for both mental and physical stimulation. Include a soft baby rattle too. 

baby registry necessities


This is where you can add in those items that don’t fit into any other category. Remember the question about special needs? If you need anything like that, add it here. Also, safety items for preventing your baby from getting hurt such as stair baby gates and outlet covers can be included here.

Our Top Baby Registry Recommendations

These are our top recommendations for a baby registry full of beautiful items that both you and your baby will treasure.

Fresh and Fruity Fun

The best thing about our delightful avocado baby items is that they are made from materials as natural as the fruit itself. 

Super Soft  and Silky Blankets

A newborn baby needs several soft baby blankets. We have a variety of them, decorated with colorful themes that your infant will adore. 

And don’t forget our lovely baby blanket, a 14” comfort blanket available in different styles, some with interactive knitted details. It will soothe even the fussiest baby, helping you to relax a little more too.

Adorable Jungle Animals

Everyone loves stuffed animal toys, especially babies. And we’ve taken it a step further with our gorgeous elephant-themed baby gifts. We’ve included jungle animal toys, coordinating clothes, animal-themed books, and even animal finger puppets to keep your infant amused. 

baby shower registry checklist

Cute Cactuses

Are you looking for something different for your baby registry, but still all-natural and fun too? A cactus baby outfit is an answer. But don’t stop there. Add this knitted cactus toy so your baby girl will have a plaything that coordinates with her outfit. 

How to Choose Items That Will Be the Best Baby Registry Gifts 2022

The clothes and toys that your baby receives should be suited to your tastes. Because newborn infants aren’t able to dress themselves and thus do not have a preference for any particular clothing style. Their preferences will only come to the fore when they are older.

Your partner, a close friend, or a family member may be in the best position to present you with the ideal gift because they know you so well. They will consider your lifestyle and interests, and take note of your favorite colors. 

Your loved ones’ knowledge of your tastes will be their guide. But in the case of co-workers or acquaintances who do not know you as well, guidance is essential. Be specific about the clothes, blankets, and toys you would prefer. And be clear about your stance on gender-specific vs gender-neutral clothing. 

If you are not fussy about styles and colors, don’t be afraid to explore the latest trends. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best gift ideas for 2022, for you to include in your baby registry list.

Eco-friendly & Natural Baby Clothes

Natural materials that are breathable and soft against a baby’s delicate skin. Cotton is the best example of this.  

And soft, organic cotton is preferable when it comes to choosing clothing for a newborn. Our organic cotton baby onesies are a perfect choice. 

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Fun, Themed Baby Gift Sets

Keep it colorful and fun with fruit and veg-themed gift sets. Or jungle animals. These are gender-neutral themes that are loved by all infants. 

Babies respond to bright colors, so anything cute and colorful is always a good choice. And a set that includes a toy that matches an outfit will always be popular.

Empowering Baby Gifts

Are you a feminist and about to become the mom of a baby girl? Our feminist baby gifts are an ideal addition to your baby registry. 

We have several options to choose from, including feminist baby gift sets which include a romper, comfort blanket, book, and toys.

Handmade, Sustainably Produced Stuffed Toys

Infants all over the world love playing with stuffed toys, especially baby animals. And both you and your baby will love to receive one of our beautiful handmade stuffed animals. 

Traditional, Soft Knitted Baby Clothes and Blankets

Knitted baby clothes and blankets have never gone out of style.  A knitted newborn onesie or knitted toy is naturally soft and cuddly and always looks adorable. 

So if you appreciate a more natural and traditional style, newborn knitwear is the perfect gift to add to your baby registry checklist.

Sport-Themed Infants’ Toys 

Are you or your partner baseball fans? Some infant baseball toys are sure to warm your hearts, and delight your baby, too. 

 first baby baby registry checklist

And if you enjoy superhero movies, our Batman-inspired hat would make the perfect gift for your little superhero. 

What to Expect: Registry Dos and Don'ts

As with most things, even a baby registry has some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. So let’s look at what these are, to be certain that your baby registry is a success. 


  • Take advantage of baby registry consultants at baby products stores.
  • Look out for baby registry services.
  • Make use of complimentary vouchers or hampers offered by baby supplies stores.
  • Make detailed lists, and be specific.
  • Identify what the needs of your baby are, as opposed to your wants.
  • Allow enough time before your baby shower, for people to buy these items.
  • Enquire if the retailer offers a registry completion discount.
  • Do enquire if a group-buying option is available for more expensive items.


  • Don’t create your baby registry checklist too close to your due date.
  • Don’t include only high-end and expensive items that will be a financial burden on others.
  • Don’t include only online shopping sites. Many people prefer to buy things in a physical store.
  • Don’t feel silly including smaller items, or more practical items, to your list.
  • Don’t list the same item across multiple sites, especially items like strollers.
  • Don’t worry about it being perfect. If you follow our guidelines, you’ll do fine.

Extra Considerations for New Parents

New parents’ needs are more extensive than the needs of parents with other children. This is because you don’t have anything that was used by a previous child that you can reuse. 

You may have friends or family members who offer you things used by their infants, that they no longer require. This is a thoughtful gesture, and part of living more sustainably. 

checklist for baby registry

But, first-time parents will still need many items to prepare for their newborn baby. Without proper guidance, many of these things tend to be overlooked.  

If you are a first-time mom, include all the items in our above section entitled: What to put on a baby registry checklist.


Curating a collection of things your baby needs and that you will love is an important step on your path to becoming a parent. And you can now confidently prepare your baby registry checklist. With the guidelines above, you can’t go wrong. 

But remember that these are guidelines, and you need to consider your individual lifestyle needs as well as your baby’s needs. This will go a long way to ensure that your baby registry works for you. 

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