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Are you the partner, relative, coworker, or friend of someone who has just had a baby? If you are new to the world of baby items, you may be stuck for ideas as to what to give her for her newborn. Should you give clothing, toys, or something else? How do you know what’s appropriate? 

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what you should choose. We’re here to help, with this guide to the best new baby gifts. By following our suggestions below, you can be assured that your gift will be well received and put to good use.

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What Present to Buy for a New Baby

Organic Cotton Onesies

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Most babies wear exclusively onesies during their first few weeks, so a couple of onesies is is the ideal gift for newborn babies. Consider the climate, season, and baby’s gender before choosing the style and color of the onesie. 

Or choose one of our newborn knit outfits and perhaps 1 or 2 of our organic cotton baby onesies. Cotton is the best material for onesies as it is both cool in summer and warm in winter. This natural material is also breathable, and gentle enough for a newborn baby’s sensitive skin.

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Babies grow fast, so don’t only buy the “newborn size” if you are gifting more than one. Select some onesies in size 0-3 months, too. 

Swaddle Cloth

A swaddle is a great gift for a newborn baby. A baby swaddle is a large, lightweight blanket that is designed to warp tightly around a newborn baby to mimic the security of the womb. It helps a baby feel snug and safe.

Swaddle cloths come in a variety of designs and colors. It is a wonderful gift for any newborn baby and is usually used from birth up to the age of 3 months. If you are unsure whether or not the newborn’s mom would want to swaddle her baby, opt for a baby carrier as an alternative gift.  

Comfortable Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a great gift for new parents, as it allows them to move about freely while still keeping their baby safe and close. 

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But while most baby gifts are chosen with the baby’s needs or gender in mind, this gift is different. To get the best baby carrier, you need to consider the lifestyle of the new baby’s parents.

Choose the Best Style for the Mom

This practical baby-care item comes in different styles, including pouch, backpack, and wrap styles. Consider the mom’s lifestyle when selecting a style, as more active moms may prefer a more structured backpack style. 

Crib Mobile Toy

This is one of those ever-popular newborn kids' toys that all babies love. Most baby supply stores stock this item. It is usually suspended above a crib and will entertain the baby when he is in his crib, and keep him calm and happy.

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Beware of Choking Hazards

There is something very important to remember when purchasing this as a new baby gift. If any of the little hanging toys in the mobile gets detached, the baby may be hurt. Only choose well-designed mobiles with soft toys that cannot harm the baby should they fall.

Photo Frames

Parents of newborn babies tend to take a lot of photos, especially during the first few months. While we usually store photos in digital format on our mobile devices, most new parents like to print out a few baby photos. 

A set of nice photo frames in different sizes will allow them to either display these in the nursery or gift them to grandparents or godparents. Many gift stores stock photo frames specially designed for baby photographs. 

Alternatively, present the new parents with a voucher for some professional studio photographs. It is a thoughtful and unique new baby gift. It will make a big impression on the newborn’s parents.

Rattle Toys

What toys should you buy a newborn? When in doubt, choose the traditional baby toy that has been loved by countless generations of babies. 

Babies love rattles, and this is why it is one of the most popular baby toys. But babies like putting things up to their faces and in their mouths, so a hard rattle can be a bad idea. So make sure that the rattle you buy is soft and safe to play with. 

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Modern rattles double up as soft toys, and for a great selection of rattle toys that are safe for newborns, look no further than our range of knitted newborn rattle toys. Handmade in Peru from the softest organic cotton, they are safe for delicate newborn hands and will keep a baby entertained for hours.

Soft Baby Blanket

Soft baby blankets are always appreciated as a new baby gift. Babies feel the cold easily, and they also crave the comfort that a snug blanket provides. There are many different baby blanket styles on the market. You won’t have any trouble finding a pretty blanket to present as a new baby gift.

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But blankets come in different weights, and this determines their use as everyday blankets, crib blankets, etc. If the baby is born into a colder climate or season, thicker blankets will be more useful than lightweight ones.

A soother blanket is another option for a new baby gift. Soother blankets are more about comfort than warmth. They are smaller than ordinary baby blankets and offer comfort to newborn babies and even older infants and toddlers. 

Stuffed Animal Toys

Whether you’re looking for toys for infant girls or you need a toy for a newborn boy, you can’t go wrong with this classic. Stuffed animal toys are always popular as they are gender neutral, and teach infants about the world around them.

Our organic stuffed animals are a best-selling favorite for babies and toddlers.  Available individually and in several themed sets, they are the perfect choice for a new baby gift.

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Newborn Gift Set

When you’re undecided as to whether you should buy clothes or toys or a blanket, get a gift set. Our organic baby gift sets come in a wide variety of styles. Newborn gift sets are ideal as they combine several newborn essentials in one, and save you the effort of selecting complementary items.

You can select a particular theme, or make your choice based on gender, But there are gender-neutral options too. If you are buying a new baby gift for someone, and are unsure of the baby’s gender, or the parents’ approach to gender issues, rather opt for gender-neutral styles and colors.

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You can also create your own gift set if you wish. Chose the combination of clothing with toys, nooks, or blankets that best meet your requirements. The best gift set is one that includes items from at least 3 categories, for example, a romper, a soother blanket, and a rattle toy.

Baby Bathtime and Diaper- Change Products

They may not seem very exciting, but baby bathtime products are essential items that all new parents need. Ordinary bathtime products can be too harsh for a newborn’s delicate skin. That is why specialized baby toiletry products exist. 

The most useful baby bath products are things like baby wash and baby shampoo. For diaper changes,  baby powder, diaper cream, and wet wipes are essentials that no new mom should be without. These products are usually quite affordable, and easy to find. 

Just pop a few baby bathtime essentials and a squeaky duck toy in a basket and put a ribbon around it. And you’ll have created your very own baby bathtime gift hamper. Or place a few diaper-changing products in a diaper bucket and place a bow on the lid. 

Cute Knitted Toys

Toys are always amazing baby gifts. But there are so many different types of toys on the market. How do you know which one is the right one to buy? When choosing toys for a newborn, ensure they are soft and comfortable for sensitive little hands to grasp. 

Also check that they do not contain any harmful dyes or toxic elements, and have no hard fixtures that can become dislodged and harm the baby. But it’s not always easy to verify that toys do not contain harmful substances.

Only buy from reputable baby toy manufacturers to have total peace of mind. We can verify that all our knitted dolls and toys are made from organic cotton, and contain nothing that will pose a risk to newborn babies.

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Newborn Hats

Because newborn babies’ heads are so sensitive, and they also feel the cold easily, newborn hats are another great new baby gift choice. Be sure to select only natural, breathable fabrics that are soft and will not scratch or irritate a newborn’s skin.

If you need the best gift for a newborn boy, our newborn baby boy hats collection includes several attractive knitted beanie-style hats. They are designed to meet a newborn’s needs and are crafted from organic cotton. 

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And if you are stuck for gift ideas for a newborn baby girl, this fun beanie style is in our selection of newborn baby girl hats, too.

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With so many styles to choose from, take your cue from the season that the baby is being born. For summer babies, a cool, soft cotton cap would be ideal. Knitted beanies are the perfect choice for winter babies. And for other seasons or a climate where the weather is erratic, choose 1 or 2 of both. 

Knitted Mittens & Booties

Baby clothing trends are constantly evolving, but some traditional styles remain firm favorites. An example of this is knitted booties. Every newborn baby should have at least 1 or 2 pairs of knitted booties. Pair these with some matching knitted mittens and you have the makings of a great new baby gift.

These are generally only worn in the newborn stage, and for the first few weeks. Babies do not need shoes. They will usually only start walking after the age of 9 months, and sometimes only at the age of a year.

Booties are designed more for comfort and warmth, as are mittens. They are practical new baby gifts for when the baby’s mom takes them outdoors for some fresh air. The most important thing to consider when purchasing booties and mittens is that they should be super soft and comfortable.

Baby Bibs

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Babies start to eat porridges and more solid foods, within a few months. Time goes by so quickly, and before you know it, that newborn will be gulping down spoonfuls of food. But all babies have one thing in common: they are messy eaters.

This is not their fault, but it means that their lovely baby clothes will get messed on pretty often. For that matter, bottle-fed babies can also have messy mishaps with their clothes. The solution to this problem is the baby bib. 

But baby bibs are not created equal, and to give the most practical and versatile new baby gift, you’ll want the best bib there is. So take a look at our range of cute and comfortable kerchief-style organic cotton baby bibs. They are easily adjustable and can be used right up to the toddler stage. 

White Noise Machine

Newborn babies need a lot of sleep. A newborn baby will sleep for 8–9 hours during the day, only to nod off for another 8 hours again at night. But some babies sleep less easily and soundly than others, and many a weary-looking parent of a newborn can testify to this fact. 

A white noise machine is an electromechanical device that contains a motor that spins a small fan. This creates a constant but gentle airflow that moves through the vents. This produces a soft sound or “white noise”. 

A white noise machine could be the answer to a newborn’s erratic sleep habits, and may even calm the down in a crying fit. The gentle sounds it produces mimic the sounds of nature, and can be very soothing. 

Research supports the claim that newborn babies fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer when white noise is present. But when purchasing such a device, make sure that it emits lower decibel noise that is safe for babies' ears.


With these top suggestions for new baby gifts, you can rest assured that you will give a gift that both baby and mommy will love. 

We included items at different price points, so no matter how tight your budget, you’ll find something suitable. And remember that no matter how small the gift, if it’s thoughtfully chosen and of high quality, it will bring happiness to the parent of a new baby. 

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New Baby Gifts (FAQs)

What is the best gift for a newborn baby? 

The best gift for a newborn baby is one of the categories of baby items called “essentials”. These include baby items that no baby can be without. While it is perfectly okay to give toys as a new baby gift, first check that the mom has all the essentials her baby will need.

What is the best gift for a first-time mom? 

First-time moms are starting from scratch and will need more items than someone who has had a baby before. If you want to give her a gift that takes care of her needs as well as her new baby, a stroller, baby carrier or car seat is ideal. They keep the baby safe and protected, while his mom gets on with her busy day. 

Is it okay to give diapers as a new baby gift?

Diapers are baby care essential, and they are perfectly okay to give as a new baby gift. Newborn babies go through as many as 8-10 of these per day. Any parent of a newborn will appreciate an extra pack of diapers as a gift.

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