Organic and Eco-Friendly Fabric

Why Organic Cotton?

Certified Organic Cotton Baby Toy & Clothe - Picture of newborn with hot dog rattle & wearing knit romper.Estella's handmade baby toys and designer toddler clothes are all crafted using certified organic cotton. This means that whenever you purchase one of our luxury baby gifts, you can rest assured that it is safe for babies, the earth, and the people who created the fabric. The certifying body assures that the cotton yarn is grown using minimal pesticides and chemicals, ensuring that the end product is safe for the children wearing the clothes and playing with the toys, the farmers who handle the raw materials, and the environment that is affected by the production process. While practicing environmental stewardship is pricier than sourcing materials that are filled with harmful chemicals, we know that our customers believe that peace of mind is worth the extra money. From our organic cotton baby blankets to our eco-friendly baby toys, you can trust us to deliver the highest quality available.