Elephant Baby Gifts

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Elephant Baby Gift Set
Sustainable baby gift set for the elephant lover. The set includes elephant, giraffe & tiger rattles, a book, stuffed animal toy lion and a red heart blankey.
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    Our elephant baby gifts collection celebrates the gentle giant that I grew up loving and respecting. I consider it a privilege to have grown up in a part of Africa where I was periodically graced by the presence of these majestic animals and wanted to find a little way to share my love for them with kids who may live their entire lives never seeing one. Made with organic cotton, the line is anchored by the Toni Baby Elephant Toy, which has a heart detail on it to show love and support for these endangered animals.  The line also includes a knitted onesie outfit, a security blanket with finger puppets in its trunk so that care givers and eventually toddlers can use them as finger puppets and entertainment.  To make a complete baby gift set, there is a grey stripe matching hat and an animal road trip blanket. This blanket has a giraffe, elephant, lion dog and other animals touring the world in a truck showing that despite physical barriers children can let their imagination run wild. Discover Estella's animal gifts collection!