New Born Baby Toys

If there’s a newborn in your life that you would like to spoil with charming yet eco-friendly toys, Estella is the boutique for you.

Finding the perfect baby toy can be difficult because you want something creative yet safe for your little one.

That is why we created toys that are fun and stimulating but still eco-friendly and organic. We also emphasized ethical production because that is important to us.

With that said, let’s get into our top picks for newborn toys. We have ideas that will suit everyone!

New Born Kids’ Toys

Animal Road-Trip Gift Set 

This Animal Road-Trip Gift Set is the best newborn gift for a boy or girl. It will complement any thrilling adventure you want to share with your baby. 

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This set is handmade with organic cotton, and it includes five animal rattles and a cozy crib-sized blanket that your baby will cherish forever.

The five animal rattles are a lion, monkey, elephant, owl, and giraffe. They are boldly colored with non-toxic dye to give your baby an experience of the different types of animals in the wild. They have poly-fill so that they last through a lifetime of infant play.

The blanket is a work of art. It is embroidered and intarsia-knitted with incredible and brightly colored designs that are intriguing.

Just note that you should not leave the blanket unattended with your baby.

You cannot go wrong with the Animal Road-Trip Gift Set. It’s a delightful combination of thrill and adventure, perfect for giggles and playtime. 

Baby Shark Stuffed Animal 

Baby Shark is a staple that all babies today are growing up with. Not only are they asking you to sing the infamous tune, but you may find yourself humming it to yourself sometimes.

That is why our Stuffed Shark will be the highlight of your little one’s babyhood. 

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This Shark is one of our more charismatic toys for newborns and infants. That’s because he has an open mouth that may look like he wants to bite with those sharp teeth. But trust us, he won't. He’s too gentle and cuddly to do that.

Our Stuffed Shark is polyester filled so that it is soft and durable, and we use eco-friendly and non-toxic dye to achieve its grey color. 

Celebrate Diversity Gift Set

Meaningful baby toys for boys and girls are often hard to find, but we solve that problem with our Celebrate Diversity Gift Set

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This gift set includes materials that will influence your baby with positive messages about diversity. 

You can use our hand-knit, organic cotton finger puppets to make storytime more interactive between you and your baby. Or you can use them when reading the Love In The Wild board book, also included in this set.

Love In The Wild, written and illustrated by Katy Tanis, is a kid-friendly book that explores the types of love you can find in the animal kingdom. 

This book is an exceptional way to teach your baby that there is a place for everyone in this world, and they are loved, no matter what. 

It also teaches them about adoption, gender expression, same-sex couples, and many more. 

Another feature in this set is a baby onesie with a snap shoulder and crotch to make diaper changes an easy experience.

With this set, you’re encouraging the message that “love is love” and that there is no one way to love someone. 

Construction Rattle

Baby builders will love this Construction Rattle because it looks like a miniature version of the real deal.

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Baby builders will have the best time pretending that they’re building the next fancy hotel or the next landmark. Your baby’s imagination is free to run wild with this rattle. 

The details on this truck are carefully hand-knit to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. 

It is bright yellow, and we fill it with polyester and non-harmful rattles. The rattles create a gentle sound that is very pleasant to hear. 

This Construction Rattle can entertain your baby, or it can be displayed for everyone to enjoy. 

Dinosaur Baby Gift Set

A kid's toy collection wouldn’t be complete without the classic dinosaur. This cute and cuddly Dinosaur Baby Gift Set is perfect for your little explorer. 

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This set includes brachiosaurus and stegosaurus baby rattle toys. They may look fierce, but they are fantastic for fun, imaginative play as your baby grows up. 

With their soft yet beautiful color palettes and cotton spikes, they are visually appealing, and they provide tactile stimulation.

The light, melodic rattles inside the dinosaurs keep your little one entertained, and they are non-jarring and non-harmful. 

Easter Bunny Bear Soother

Our Easter Bunny Bear Soother is all dressed in a carrot sweater, ready to hunt some Easter eggs. 

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He will definitely make the Easter holidays a treat, and he makes the most precious hopping buddy for your little one. 

What makes this bear soother so soft is the 100% certified cotton we knit him with. Its head is also poly-filed to make it durable.

To achieve his brown color, we use non-toxic dye because your baby’s safety comes first.

Future MV- Girl Power Gift Set

Get your baby girl ready to be a future MVP star with this Future MVP- Girl Power Gift Set.

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This set is one of our top infant girl toys because of its “Girl Power” message and organic cotton onesie and accessories.

The Future MVP- Girl Power set, along with the onesie, includes a knitted lovey blanket, booties, and bonnet. It also has a tennis, basketball, baseball, and football rattle, which is plenty of fun for your baby girl to play with.

We have other adorable baseball baby toys, just like the one included in this set, waiting for you to grab them!

Hot Sauce Stuffed Toy

The Hot Sauce Stuffed Toy for babies may look hot, but it is perfectly safe for your baby to handle.

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It is the sweetest addition to foodie families, and the vibrant red and green on this toy captures your baby’s interest as soon as they see it.

This plump stuffed hot sauce bottle can double as a stuffed toy and even a fun little pillow for your angel.

The Hot Sauce Stuffed Toy is poly-filled and hand-made in Peru with certified organic cotton.

We also use safe and eco-friendly dye to achieve rich reds and greens. 

Mermaid Knit Doll

Cute baby girl presents like the Mermaid Knit Dol for girls is perfect for any parent and baby who loves the mystical wonders of the deep blue seas. 

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The Mermaid Knit Doll forms part of our organic stuffed toys collection, which is hand-made from 100% certified cotton.

We love this doll because of her long blonde locks and the embroidered flower headband. 

Unlike real mermaids, she’s not always in the water, and that is why she can always give snuggles.

This doll will always be a special feature in your little girl’s life because we made her for dreamers. 

New York Baby Gift Set

Natural baby gifts at the top of our list are the New York Baby Gift Set. This set is unique because it features iconic elements New York has to offer. 

new born baby toy set

It includes a popular baby toy, the taxi rattle, and a hotdog and pretzel rattle. It also includes a baby onesie and a matching baby bib, featuring prints of New York staples like the Brooklyn Bridge, a taxi, and coffee. 

The onesie has a snap shoulder and crotch for easy access when making diaper changes. The bib is also adjustable.

We made everything in this set from organic cotton to ensure that it is cozy and soft. The rattles are also filled with polyester and non-jarring rattles to ensure durability and your baby’s safety.

Peanut Stuffed Toy

The Peanut Stuffed Toy is a well-rounded toy that has so many purposes. 

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If your baby needs a cuddle, he’s right there. If your baby is fussy and needs some playtime, Li’l Peanut has that task covered.

The Peanut Stuffed Toy is stuffed with polyester to ensure durability, and we use organic cotton to achieve its soft exterior. He also has “Li’l Peanut” embroidered across his chest, which we think is a lovely touch.

Pig Rattle

Introduce your baby to one of the cutest farm animals ever with our Pig Rattle

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It is the newest yet most endearing addition to our eco-friendly baby toys collection. Everyone falls for this little pig’s pink snout and its small tail. 

This rattle is hand-knit with certified cotton, and we fill it with polyester and non-harmful rattles.   

We made this rattle small enough at 3.5 inches wide so that your little one will have no trouble gripping him.

Race Car Rattle

If you want motor-related gifts for a newborn, then the Race Car Rattle is loaded and ready to be added to your baby's collection. 

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Vehicle-loving families love this rattle because it's a simple way to introduce your passion.

This toy is hand-crafted with organic cotton, and we achieve its deep blue with non-toxic dye.

The only source of power needed to drive this car is imagination. The rattles inside create a gentle, melodic sound, which keeps your baby occupied for as long as you need it to.

This rattle is the winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Seal of Approval, which tells you it's beloved by parents. 

Santa Rattle

The Santa Rattle is one of the best gifts for an infant this Christmas. 

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It brings Christmas joy whether your baby is shaking it around, listening to the light rattle sounds or if it’s a display. 

The Santa Rattle looks precious with its knitted features and fluffy beard. We achieve his pearly white and deep red color by using safe dyes.

Babies love the Santa Rattle because their little fingers can grasp it easily and shake him around.

He is also another winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Seal of Approval, and we can see why. He spreads Christmas cheer every holiday.

Striped Baby Bear Soother

The Striped Baby Bear Soother is a simple and elegant friend for your baby. He’s adorable, just like your little one. 

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He’s a brown bear, and he wears a striped top that’s available in several colors. We also ensure that he remains durable by stuffing his head with polyester.

The Striped Baby Bear Soother is a special little guy who comforts your baby through struggling diaper changes, bumpy rides, and awful teething. 

He’s made from 100% organic cotton and is 7.5 inches tall. 

Surfboard Rattle 

Surf’s up with this Surfboard Rattle! This toy is a must-have when you take your baby for its first day at the beach. 

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It is also a first-choice rattle toy for parents who love surfing the seas, and little fingers have no problem shaking it around.

The Surfboard Rattle is colorful and amusing because of its surfboard shape. We achieve the red, blue, orange, and yellow base with non-toxic dye.

The pleasant rattle sound is just as attention-grabbing as the bright colors on this rattle. 

With the Surfboard Rattle, your baby is one step closer to enjoying the pleasures of the sea. 


At Estella, we pride ourselves on creating organic and engaging toys for your baby.

Our toys are interactive and colorful, which is what attracts your baby’s attention. They also provide tactile and auditory stimulation for your baby.

We believe in making toys your baby can keep forever, which is why we ensure our products are high-quality and non-toxic.

Many of our toys even have powerful messages like “Girl Power” and “love is love” because positive influence starts from birth. 

Estella cares about your baby’s development, which is why we create the toys we do.

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