Gift for Twins’ Baby Shower

If you find it hard choosing baby shower gifts in general, a baby shower for twins almost intensifies that. But not to worry, it is not as daunting of a task as it may seem. 

The goal when choosing a gift for twins’ baby shower is to focus on practicality and sentimentalism more than anything. Having one newborn baby is difficult enough, but two are quite literally a handful.

So try and focus on things that will make life easier for the parents, and that will help capture memories. The parents will be so busy running around after their two children, that milestones will pass by in a flash.

If you are still rattling your brain for ideas, don’t worry, because we have compiled a list of the top 10 best baby shower gift ideas for twins that will definitely make life a bit easier for you when trying to choose a gift.

Top 11 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins

Matching Onesies

twin girl baby shower gift ideas

This is a cute baby shower gift idea for boys and girls. There are two ways to go about this. You could either buy them identical pieces of clothing like organic cotton baby clothes, which is definitely an adorable option, or you can make it a bit more fun. 

For example, you can get onesies that say “Womb Mate”, you could get onesies where one says “Salt”, and the other says “Pepper”, or you could get ID onesies. 

With ID onesies, both onesies will have both names printed on them, with a check box in front of it. One onesie will have one checked and the other onesie will have the other name ticked. 

A Jungle Jumper

A jungle jumper is one of the best baby shower gift ideas for twins. This is because parents can put one child in the Jungle Jumper while they are busy with the other. Like if only one twin needs their diaper changed, for example. 

It is also a great baby shower gift idea for boys. While girls can also have their moments where they are filled with energy, it is usually definitely worse with boys. 

A Jungle Jumper will help to take some of the energy away and give the parents a bit of a break. Twins are a handful, to say the least, so they will most definitely appreciate the help in that regard. 

A Double Carriage Stroller

baby shower gifts for twins ideas

This gift is a must for parents who have twins. One single carriage stroller definitely won’t work, and neither will two single carriage strollers. 

It needs to be remembered that sometimes only one parent will need to take both twins out for the day. It will be impossible for one parent to steer two strollers. So, a double carriage stroller is pretty much a non-negotiable with twins. 

This gift is a bit more pricey though, so it makes for the ideal baby shower gift from a Godmother

A Wider Rocking Chair

The gift of an extra wide rocking chair will make late-night feedings so much more comfortable for the mom and dad, and for the twins too. 

Having a rocking chair in itself is a great gift, as it will help soothe the babies to sleep. But, unfortunately, a normal-sized rocking chair would just be a bit too cramped. 

But instead of getting two different rocking chairs, rather just get an extra wide one. That way only one parent has to feed at a time, and it will make the late-night feeds much more enjoyable. 

A Twin Nursing Pillow 

While we are on the topic of making feeds more comfortable, a twin nursing pillow is a must for this and would make the most fantastic gift. 

This pillow comes with four different functions. The first is to help the mother support both babies whilst breastfeeding. It flips into a backrest for the mom and gives both babies the support they need to feed properly. 

Additionally, this pillow is perfect for when the babies start to bottle feed by themselves, as it buckles them in and keeps them nicely supported for their feed. It can also be used for tummy time, and to assist with sitting when they get strong enough for that. 

This pillow is super versatile and can be used way past the breastfeeding stage too, which gives it a lot more value. It makes for an extremely helpful and useful gift. 

A Twin Carrier

gift ideas for twins baby shower

A lot of babies don’t like to sleep alone in their beds, and much prefer to sleep while attached to their mom or dad. Unfortunately, this tends to limit how much a parent can get done during this time. Which is why a carrier is so fantastic. The parents can strap their baby to them, and still get work done while the baby sleeps.

Since it is twins on the way, the parents will need a twin carrier in case one of them has to look after the twins alone. This will most probably be one of the gifts that they use the most, so you can’t go wrong with it.

There are two main types of twin carriers that you can buy. One allows you to carry one baby on the front, and the other on the back. While the other twin carrier allows both babies to be carried in the front. 

Both work equally as well, but there are two things to consider with either one. With the twin carrier that carries one baby on the front and one on the back, the parent won't be able to sit down and lean back if there is a baby on their back. 

With the twin carrier that carries both on the front, it might make it hard to do housework as two babies attached to your chest takes up quite a bit of space. 

So think of what would be more practical or useful for the parents and go for that one. 

Baby Hand and Foot Casting Kit

baby shower gifts ideas for twins

A baby hand and feet casting kit is a very sentimental gift for a baby shower and something that will allow the parents to capture these beautiful moments. 

Babies grow up so fast, and for parents, it is so important to capture these precious moments while they are so small. 

Another great thing about this gift is that it will show the twins that even though they may be identical (if that is the case), they are still unique and their own person. Which will be an important reminder as they get older.

Remember to buy two of these kits for both babies. 

Twin Milestone Discs

This is a very thoughtful baby shower gift, as it will help the parents to document different milestones in the babies’ lives. 

Even though they are twins, they will most likely achieve things at different times. It is really special for parents to be able to capture this and record the different events. They will be very grateful when they look back in a few years' time and have these memories on hand. 

Ideas of milestones that you could include are things like a disc for every month that they age until they are one year old. You could also include discs for their first tooth, steps, and their first time eating solid food. 

Additionally, things like their first word, the first time they stand, or a “Hello World” disc for the first day they are born are also lovely ideas to include.

A Maternity or Newborn Photo Shoot

twin baby shower gifts ideas

Gifting the parents a maternity or newborn photo shoot is a fantastic gift. They can choose which one they would prefer, and when they would like to do it, which also helps. 

Pictures can capture a thousand memories, and a photo shoot will do just that. The great thing about it is also that it can be customized by the parents. They can either have a normal photo shoot or depending on what time of the year they have it, it can also be themed. 

A themed photo shoot would make for a lovely Christmas or Halloween baby shower gift.

Personalized Knitted Bracelets

Even though the mom and dad will definitely be able to differentiate between the two children, it might take friends and family a while to do the same. 

Being constantly asked who is who will get quite annoying for parents, which is why these personalized bracelets will be a lifesaver. 

The bracelets can have the twins’ names on them, or they can just be different colors. This will help people to recognize who is who and will save the parents from having to explain each time. 

baby shower gift ideas for twins


A Gift for Mom

This is by far one of the most forgotten baby shower gifts. Even though this is a baby shower, it is equally as important to spoil the mom, and even the dad, too. 

Giving birth and dealing with one newborn baby is a mission in itself, but two newborn babies just take it to the next level. So giving the parents something that will spoil them a little bit and congratulate them for bringing two souls into the world is a really great idea.

This doesn’t have to be a huge gift, it can be something like meal delivery vouchers, a basket of their favorite things, a peri bottle for mom, a book, or a journal.

Find out what the parents love, and what is going to help them most in their transition into parenthood. It will be such an appreciated gift, and they will really love that someone thought of them too. 


Luckily for you, buying things for twins isn’t as complex and daunting as it seems. 

baby shower gift ideas for twin girls

As we mentioned, try to remember to go for things that are practical, sentimental, or will help capture memories. 

Another tip is to make sure things like clothes and organic newborn toys are bought in twos. That way you can prevent any fighting or jealousy, which would definitely occur if there was only one to share between the two of them.

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