Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts

Do you want to bring a baby shower gift that is going to elicit some tears and hugs but find yourself stumped about what to get? Has racking your brain for a sentimental gift left you with a headache?

Then look no further than our top sentimental baby shower gifts. With this list, you are sure to find something that feels appropriate, personal, and genuine. 

Top 11 Most Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts

sentimental baby gift

Birthplace Coordinates Cuff

A birthplace coordinate cuff is a must for any sentimental baby shower gift list. It’s a great way to commemorate their place of birth and remind them that they always have a place to call home. 

You can opt to have the cuff made larger. This way it can be worn by the mother or father, who eventually passes it on to their child. 

Growth Chart

Many stores or even marketplaces like Etsy let you make a custom growth chart. It’s a perfect way to remember the baby’s growth and makes for a fantastic baby shower gift for twins.

To make it even more sentimental and fun, do DIY the growth chart and add your own touch. 

Memory Album

One of the more traditional baby shower gifts, a memory album will always be a winner on sentimental baby shower gift lists. There is nothing quite as sentimental as looking back on all the first milestones.

Add your own personal touch by adding a dedication and the name of the baby to the front of the album.

Handmade Toy

sentimental baby shower gifts for best friend

Every child should have a toy they hold onto even into adulthood. That’s what makes custom-made toys and homemade knitted baby rattles such amazing keepsakes to give as a baby shower gift. They are safe for newborns and make a great baby shower gift from a godmother.

Add a personal touch by making it based on a hope or dream the parents expressed for their child. Now the little one will always have something to remind them of you. 

Name Decoration

Decorations with the baby’s name meaning are one of the more underrated baby shower gifts. They really shouldn’t be. Names carry a lot of weight and can have a big impact on who we become when we grow up. 

Have the baby’s name with the meaning and history printed on a canvas, a blanket, or a wall decal and use it to decorate the nursery.

Heartbeat Jewelry

Gifts for the mother are some of the most easily forgotten baby shower gifts but make a great addition to any baby shower. But with heartbeat jewelry, you can engrave the baby’s first recorded heartbeat on a piece of jewelry for the mother to hold on to forever. 

It’s a beautiful gift that is sure to bring a tear to any parent’s eyes. 

Unique Baby Clothes

sentimental gifts for baby shower

Besides the everyday practical baby clothes that will ultimately pass on to siblings or other children, get the soon-to-be parents some eclectic baby clothes that can later be kept as a keepsake. 

A perfect example is a knitted baby onesie which can be used and then kept to remember how small your little one used to be. 

Baby Keepsake Box

With a baby keepsake box, you can put the first tuft of hair, first baby tooth, and other sentimental keepsakes in a safe space, so that those first milestones don’t get forgotten. 

With this gift, your friend or family member won’t have to lose any part of their baby’s journey. 

Pregnancy Journal

This one is more for mom and can be a great way to jot down her thoughts while pregnant. She can write daily entries about her life while pregnant or write letters to the baby that they can read in the future. 


If you grew up close to the soon-to-be parents or know some stories they loved when they were little, you can have them compiled in a custom storybook. What better way for a parent to bond with their baby than by reading sentimental stories to them every night? 

Family Photo Shoot

sentimental baby boy gifts

Time flies by and memories aren’t always as reliable as a photo. Immortalize those first months and get them a family photoshoot appointment or voucher.

Put the baby in cute clothes, like our avocado baby onesie or cactus themed baby clothes, for some unique photos. 


With these sentimental gifts, you are sure to be a baby shower hit. But remember, the most sentimental gift will be the one you put a lot of thought into. So whichever gift you choose to give, be sure to add your own genuine touch to it.

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