Baby Girl Gifts

A new baby girl in the family or friend group is a happy occasion for everyone, and you will want to celebrate it with the perfect baby girl gifts for the little bundle of joy. 

Picking out the right gift can be challenging. You want to get an item that is unique, useful, and something that the baby will find comfort and enjoyment in for as long as possible. 

We look at the cutest, most unique baby girl gift ideas for newborns, and for the festive season, to make your gift shopping much easier to navigate.  

What This Article Covers:

Newborn Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Stuffed Animals

gifts for baby girl

If you are looking for one of the best newborn gifts that will always be a hit, you cannot go wrong with a stuffed animal for the new baby girl.

This is a gift that keeps on giving because even as the baby grows, it will still enjoy playing with stuffed animals. Even when they are a much older child, they will have an enviable collection of stuffed animals on display. 

There are so many styles and types of these toys to select from, that you are spoilt for choice. 

Pick something that has some sort of significance to it, like an animal that is featured in their nursery decor, or a favorite animal of the baby’s parents. 

You can go for the regular stitched stuffed animal, but for it to truly stand out, a hand-knitted toy will be a durable, quality gift that lasts through the years, making it one of the best toys for newborns

A Blanket

Any new parent knows that a blanket always comes in handy with a baby, making it one of the best gifts for a newborn

A blanket is versatile and can be used as decor, a sleeping item, or for the baby’s exciting trips out. Purchase a high-quality, organic blanket that looks good, but also keeps the newborn baby comfortable and warm at all times. 

Blankets may come in many fabrics, but organic cotton is one of the best options. It is soft to the touch and friendly on the baby’s sensitive skin. 

A Knitted Onesie

baby gifts for girls

Newborn babies generally live in onesies, as they are ultra comfortable and easy to remove for those regular diaper changes. So why not contribute to their onesie collection with this newborn baby gift?

There are an array of chic baby onesies that will have the newborn as snug as a bug. Pick out a cute, trendy design that will stand out, like a nautical-themed onesie, an avocado baby onesie, or one styled like an animal. 

To get one that is extra special, a knitted baby onesie is an excellent choice. This not only feels great on the baby but also has a very cozy look to it. 

Adjustable straps are a plus so that they can still be worn even as the baby grows bigger. 

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A Baby Bonnet

For the perfect little accessory to any adorable newborn baby outfit, a quaint baby bonnet is a great touch. 

Opt for an organic knitted bonnet, which will be soft and comfortable on the newborn’s head. It is fantastic for the colder months to keep the baby warm and snug. 

A neutral color, like brown or gray, works best for the parents as it goes with most outfit color schemes. As this is a smaller gift, it makes a great addition to another item, like a onesie or romper. For a baby boy gift, hats for baby boys are an alternative that is also warm and comfortable. 

unique baby gifts for girl

Unique Baby Gifts for a Girl

A Knitted Rattle

Keeping a baby girl entertained all day can be hard work, but the right gift can help a parent out. A baby rattle toy is an excellent toy to fascinate a baby for hours on end. 

unique baby girl gifts

While a rattle is one of the most common toys for a baby, you can make it unique by opting for an organic knitted rattle. This is trendy, and much softer which can provide ease of mind for the baby’s safety. 

You certainly do not have to go for a traditional shape of rattle here. Many fun, quirky options will bring a smile to the face of any baby or parent alike. With shapes and designs including cacti, hot sauce bottles, and avocados, your gift will turn heads.

This is the perfect gift, and a suitable toy for baby boys and baby girls. 

A Hand Knit Doll

A doll is a staple for any baby girl, but often traditional dolls are a hazard to younger babies as they are made up of smaller parts. With a unique hand-knitted doll, this is no longer a concern. 

There are many interesting, engaging doll designs to choose from for the new baby. Dogs, cats, mermaids, and cavemen are just a few options that will liven up any play area and make a perfect toy for baby girls

With knitted dolls being all connected, there are no fears of a doll's leg or arm going missing behind the couch. 

A Knitted Sports Toy

Encouraging sports for your baby girl can start at a very young age, with soft and entertaining knitted sports toys for babies

This can be anything from a tennis ball, basketball, or baseball baby toy, and the rounder shapes will allow the baby to gain grasping skills, with throwing and catching coming in when they are older. 

newborn baby girl gifts

The soft cotton used for the knitting is gentle enough for the baby to play with at all ages. If the baby’s parents enjoy a particular sport, a toy following that sport would be appreciated. 

A Book

When it comes to a baby gift, just like newborn baby toys, a book is a timeless choice. It is entertaining, educational, and can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

There are endless baby books with bright colors, simple prose, and interesting illustrations that will stimulate the mind of a baby and contribute to its growth. 

Go for books that tell a story, teach a lesson, or even specialize in certain topics or places, like Salvatore Rubbino’s ‘A Walk In New York'. 

Cutest Baby Girl Gifts 

A BodySuit

An adorable bodysuit is an exciting gift for a baby girl, and something her parents will find great use in. 

You can opt for a simple stripy piece, or go bold with multiple colors and/or designs and patterns, like a cactus baby outfit. Choosing a bodysuit made from organic cotton is a great option for a sustainable fabric that is gentle on the baby. 

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It will also accommodate the little ones for a good few months as they grow bigger. 

A Feminist Onesie

Thanks to strong feminist movements the world over, circumstances and opportunities for women are continuously going from strength to strength. For any baby girl, the future is bright and hopeful, so why not start her off with a trendy feminist onesie?

Onesies like these are a great way for any little one to make a bold statement with subtle designs from a young age. Empowering young girls is an important step, and with this gift, you are laying the foundation well. 

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A Baby Bib

Babies should be encouraged to make a mess - whether it’s with food, toys, or nature, it is considered an educational experience. You can let the baby have the time of their life without worrying about messing up their clothes with a cute baby bib. 

Look for a design that will amuse the baby, such as a cartoon illustration, or embrace New York pride with a bib that showcases all the key elements of the big city like pizza, pretzels, bridges, and so on.

They can be easy to clean by just tossing them into the washing machine. Adjustable straps allow room for growth, so they can be used for many months to come. 

A Security Blanket

Leaving a baby girl to sleep alone in a cot can be daunting for most parents, but with a cute security blanket, the process is made easier for everyone. 

This is the perfect gift for the baby to use while sleeping or traveling around, or for nursery decor. Go for something fun, like an Octopus design that can double up as a toy to serve as entertainment when the baby is awake. 

Christmas Gifts for Baby Girls

A Feminist Book

While the feminist onesie makes a statement, a feminist book is a great addition to a Christmas gift to start teaching baby girls about girl power and key female figures from a young age. 

There are an increasing number of feminist children’s books available, such as "Little Feminist" by Yelena Moroz Alpert, which tells stories through writing and illustration about strong women like Malala Yousafzai, Frida Kahlo, and Katherine Johnson among others.

This is a good gift to set the tone for a lifetime of inspiration and empowerment about the limitless possibilities for what girls can achieve with a little determination and a big dream. 

A Trendy Romper

best baby girl gifts

For a simple yet adorable look, a knitted newborn outfit makes a great Christmas gift for a baby girl. 

A knitted romper is the way to go, with an old-timey, almost vintage look that brings class into baby fashion while still keeping it light and fun. 

A sleeveless knit romper will be a hit with a baby, as it is comfortable, airy, and allows free movement of their arms. Pair it with matching socks and a baby bonnet, and you have yourself a fashionable tot. 

A Mixed Gift Set

To spoil a baby girl for Christmas, you may not want to stop at just one gift. So why not go for a mixed gift set, instead?

Putting together a hamper for a baby means having to go out and source multiple items that complement each other. With the busy festive period, many do not have the time, so an already curated set is a lifesaver. 

There are many types of gift sets, with differing themes (like an elephant baby gift set), and some with more or fewer items than others. You can choose what suits you. 

gifts for baby girls

An ‘I Love NY’ gift set is the perfect gift for any proudly New-York-based families, or as a souvenir for families living out of state. With several stuffed toys for the newborn, a onesie, a book, and a pacifier clip, this luxurious set is the whole package. 

A Baby Lovey Blanket

There is a reason that children grow up with a strong attachment to their childhood blankets, and with the right baby lovey as a gift, it will remain a key part of their lives well into their teenage years and beyond. 

Pick a design that is special to you and/or the baby girl and her family, so that it reminds her of you when she uses it. This is a wonderful way to always have a piece of you around, especially if it is for a baby that you do not get to see as often as you would like. 

gift for newborn baby girl


There are plenty of gift options for baby girls, so all you will need to do is pick one that is special for a memorable gift that will be treasured for years to come. 

From clothes to various accessory types, a good quality item will be durable and a staple in any nursery closet. Books and toys are also classic gifts, as they can be enjoyed for years. 

No matter the gift, the sentiment will be most important, so choose wisely and give it with love. 

Gifts for Baby Girls (FAQs)

What is the best gift for a newborn baby girl?

Often clothes for a newborn can be short-lived as they grow out of them rather quickly, so for a gift that a baby will enjoy even once they grow older, a stuffed animal is the best choice.

Choose a timeless and durable design that will stay intact for a long time, and provide endless entertainment to the little one.

What do you get a baby girl for her birthday?

You will want to spoil a baby girl on her birthday, and a gift set is a perfect way to do that. 

Gifting a curated hamper of goods will be exciting for her to open, and it means she can have a little bit of everything on her big day. 

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