Best Baby Toys

A baby is a joy to behold in any group or family, bringing endless love and happiness along with them. To celebrate the birth of a baby, or to spoil your little one, you will find yourself browsing around for the best baby toys.

With so many to choose from, and new toys being invented and released every day, narrowing it down to the best option is not an easy process. What’s more, there are specific toys that are better suited to newborns, and others for infants.

In this article, we skim it down to the very best in each category to help you decide which baby toy is best for your tot.

What This Article Covers:

Best Toys for Newborns

Stuffed Ladybug 

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Whether you are superstitious or not, you will be familiar with the tale that ladybugs bring joy and good luck. Pair that with the fact that they are beautiful little creatures, and you have an adorable, sentimental gift for a newborn with the organic baby dolls.

A stuffed ladybug toy is soft, squishy, and easy to touch and hold for any newborn baby. It can serve as entertainment, or add a pop of color to any nursery decor. 

Stuffed animals are also fantastic as their novelty does not wear off. Babies will enjoy it even as they grow, and when they are much older, it will make a neat addition to their stuffed animal collection/display. 

Teething Toy

Any new parent knows that teething is one of the most challenging stages for young babies when their teeth are about to develop. The sore, itchy sensation on their gums needs urgent relief, so why not go for a two-in-one that serves as a toy, and a teething object?

Teething toys come in many shapes, sizes, and designs that can keep the baby entertained for hours while also acting as a safe and gentle object for them to chew on when their gums are uncomfortable. 

Pick a fun option that you think the baby will enjoy, but just ensure that it is always well sterilized. This is a perfect toy for a newborn baby.

Baby Gym

A baby gym is a classic toy option that also serves as a learning experience for a newborn baby. 

Baby gyms are generally based on a floor mat, with an arch of sorts going over with little toys hanging down. This enables the baby to engage with the colors and shapes, practice their grabbing, and eventually learn how to turn over and crawl by themselves. 

Baby gyms are great newborn baby toys and come in different sizes, designs, and themes. You can pick one based on the nursery decor, what the baby enjoys, or what you think will be most stimulating for them.

Newborn Toys for Development

Knitted Rattle

 best infant toys

A baby rattle toy has always been a popular toy for babies, and for good reason. It is a very simple device, but it can provide hours of uninterrupted entertainment for the little one. 

Rattles also help with gripping and shaking skill development. 

While there are many designs and material options, one of the best types available would be a soft, knitted rattle. These come in different styles, like a cactus or a soft baseball toy rattle.

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It is gentle for a newborn baby to touch and hold without risk of hurting themselves, it has a lighter sound that is not too jarring for their sensitive ears, and it is a unique design that is trendy and stands out. 

Sensory Balls

Stimulation for babies’ development does not just come from sound or sight, but also from touch. With modern parenting techniques like food play and other sensory touch activities, sensory balls are a must-have in any toy chest. 

The sensory balls are light and soft, so there is no risk of the baby hurting themselves or causing any damage around them.

The sensory balls will each have different textures so that the baby can feel and get used to the differences. Apart from this, they can also practice throwing, and eventually catching. 

Toys for Infants

Octopus Lovey Blanket

Lovey blankets are all the rage at the moment, and this is because they have gained a reputation for being an object that babies become most attached to. 

best toys for infants

A blanket with a stuffed animal or toy sewn in, like an octopus lovey blanket, can give it a dual purpose: a soft and comfortable fabric to cover with, and a portable toy that can go everywhere with them. 

An organic cotton lovey blanket is gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin and it is warm to cozy up in when going out, or during the colder months. It can also be used to sleep in their crib, or as a decor item in the nursery.

As a gift, this can be given alone, or as part of an organic baby gift set.

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Play Mats

When babies are not cuddled up in their parents’ loving arms, they love to be on the floor so that they can look around and get around as they please. 

Often tiles or wooden floors can be too hard for a baby, and carpet fluff may be too much for their senses, so a comfortable play mat is a practical thing to have, and one of the best baby gifts for infants

Play mats will come in varying fabrics and designs, so it is up to you to decide what is best suited. Pick one that is well padded for a cushy foundation, and protects the baby from the hard ground. 

A fun and colorful design will be an excellent toy for newborn boys to engage their senses and amuse them while they are having their much-loved tummy time. 

Stuffed Owl

As a baby gets older, they benefit from wisdom coming from any source - so a stuffed owl makes the perfect addition to their animal collection. 

A stuffed owl is perfect for an infant, as they are fascinating animals with a commanding presence. They can be propped up on a shelf or chest in a nursery to keep a watchful eye over the little one, or they can be tossed into a playpen to entertain the baby. 

The shape of an owl is also quite rounded and small, making it easy to grab onto and hold, as the perfect nap buddy, and a cute gift for a newborn boy

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Best Infant Toys for Development


With some parents playing specific music to their babies while they are still in the womb, it is an important thing to incorporate into a baby’s routine from a young age. Not only is music enjoyable, but it stimulates the senses, too. 

A baby-focused instrument like a xylophone is an excellent way to begin honing musical skills from early on. It will be fun for the baby to tap the instrument to create different noises, and build the skills of rhythm and sound, making it a great gift for a newborn baby girl.

And for the parents, the sounds of a xylophone are a lot more muted than a loud tambourine or drum - this will be important when you are listening to it for hours every day. 

Flash Cards

As a baby grows, parents begin to hone in on identification and communication skills. There is no better toy to assist with this than flash cards. 

Flashcards generally have an image of something on one side, with writing on the other side that describes what the image is. 

Parents can use these to hold up and practice simple words with their babies, like animal names, colors, alphabets, numbers, and more. 

This is a fun game that babies can play with their parents that not only educates the little one but also creates bonding through quality time and communication. 

Building Blocks 

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Another classic toy that has lasted through the ages, building blocks have kept their place in the playpen for good reason. 

Building blocks are fun and stimulating. They usually come in various shapes and sizes, and the baby can use them to construct their designs. 

This is a key developmental skill that is honed, and the endless possibilities of designs mean that it never tires. 

Be sure to start younger babies off with bigger blocks - it is easier for them to build, and it does not pose a choking hazard. To keep it environmentally friendly and more durable, go for wood instead of plastic. 

Interactive Books 

Arguably one of the most important developmental toys that you can get for a baby is a book, and an interactive book is the best kind. 

To harbor and grow reading from a young age, interactive books are a must. These could be pop-up books, books with built-in sounds, books with textured images, or even books with smells. 

The added sensory element is fun and engaging, and is more likely to pique the interest of a baby enough for them to also absorb the images and words alongside, and eventually learn to read. 

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are timeless toys for any age but work especially well for babies. 

Igniting an interest in animals from a young age is important to teach babies about the various species, and foster their care for them as they grow. Stuffed animals are a great way for babies to learn how to identify the various types, practice their calls, and grow an attachment to them. 

While stuffed animals come in many different fabrics, handmade stuffed animals are the modern take that is increasingly popular. It is organic, knitted, and durable so that the toys can become part of a lifelong collection.

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Baby Ball Pit Playpen

You find one in every children’s play area - ball pits are everywhere, and they are always a hit with kids. But they are generally made for the older child and can pose safety and hygiene concerns. With a mini, personal ball pit playpen for babies, you do not have to worry. 

A baby ball pit playpen allows the baby to enjoy swimming in a pit of the little balls, with practice in throwing them around and catching them. The structure is fairly small so that there are no safety risks, and it is easy enough for them to climb in and out if they can crawl. 

Security Blanket

Security blankets serve the purpose outlined in the name: they give a baby a sense of comfort and security with their coziness and warmth. 

A security blanket with a little stuffed toy or animal on the end of it makes it easy for the baby to carry around and cuddle up at night. It is versatile, as it is easy to travel with for long trips and naps on the go, but it is also a warm blanket to use in a crib. 

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Must-Have Baby Toys

Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are akin to the classic Russian doll design, with a doll within a doll within a doll, and so on. These are amazing to the average adult person, so you can only imagine the sense of wonderment in babies when they get their hands on one. 

Nesting dolls are a cute baby girl gift idea and are designed specifically for babies, so the material and style are safe and easy to use. It is entertaining but also works as a puzzle of sorts for the baby to unpack and then put back together afterward. 


Walkers are an excellent toy for babies to learn how to stand, and eventually walk around on their own. 

They are generally designed for a baby to fit into a supported standing position that keeps them upright on their feet, and they can then move about in a walking movement. They have a circular structure around them, and a harness structure around their waist. 

The circular structure often has little toys or activities attached to it, as well as spaces for food and drinks to be put in, in case they need a little snack while exploring. 

Coolest Baby Toys

Baby Pool

During the summer, get the baby involved in water activities with a small baby pool that will get them used to water, and ignite a love for swimming. 

A mini inflatable baby pool is small and shallow for safety, just big enough to fit the little one along with a few toys. The size also means it is quick and easy to fill up without wasting too much water. 

The baby can splash around and keep cool, and it is a good supplement to swimming lessons to get them used to being in a body of water. 

Knitted Dolls

Dolls are always a popular toy with children, but often the common doll designs with their small removable parts are catered to older kids. For young babies, why not go for a simple and safe knitted doll? 

Knitted dolls come in a host of quirky designs, like mermaids and cavemen, and these organic newborn toys are very easy for babies to play with due to their soft exterior and interior.

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Play Tunnel

When a baby starts to crawl, there is little that is more enjoyable than a play tunnel. 

A play tunnel is a round, pipe-shaped retractable fabric that forms a tunnel for a baby to crawl through. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to set up when in use, and minimize and pack up when done, making it a real space saver. 

This is a great way for a baby to practice and master their crawling. If they are still learning, you can wait for them on the other side of the tunnel and cheer them on to make it to you from their side. 

Best Activity Toys For Babies

Reading Books 

Books provide endless enjoyment and education to babies and children of any age, making them a great investment. 

For babies, you can opt for books heavy on illustrations, and featuring text that is short and simple. 

Modern books today incorporate important messages and lessons about every part of life. From books about animals to feminism, and everything in between, your baby is covered. 

Books can be enjoyed by babies for their colors and pictures at a young age, and as they grow they can use them to perfect their reading skills, making it a long-term practical purchase. 

best infant toys for development

Coloring Books

Coloring is so entertaining and therapeutic that even adult coloring books are popular today. But first and foremost, they are still a real crowd-pleaser with babies. 

Coloring books allow infants to express their creativity with colors and drawing, whether they can stay within the lines, or choose to step out of them. 

A jumbo coloring book with fun pictures and a big box of crayons is a combination that you can seldom go wrong with and is even a fun activity for parents to do with their babies. 


Puzzles are a developmental activity toy that is the perfect way for babies to exercise their minds and put something together on their own. 

For the younger ones, a puzzle of 6-8 pieces is ideal. As their skills develop, you can go for more pieces to challenge them. They can always break it apart and start over again. 

Pick puzzles with fun, colorful designs that will make them excited to complete them. 

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There are so many to choose from, but finding the best baby toys depends on entertainment and educational qualities, as well as durability. 

Babies benefit from toys that can keep them amused while also honing certain skills at the same time. Many toys allow for both and are treasured possessions that will be enjoyed for months and years to come. 

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