Non-Toxic Baby Registry

Are you wanting to create a non-toxic baby registry, but aren’t sure what to put on it? Or maybe you simply haven’t considered the benefits of a non-toxic baby registry yet? Either way, this article is for you. 

You may not be aware of it, but thousands of chemicals are used by the mainstream textile industry. Even some children's and babies’ clothes have been found to contain harmful toxins. 

Azo dyes, the most commonly used dyes in the textile industry, are known to have carcinogenic properties. And the presence of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in dyes can cause damage to the nervous system. 

Most consumers don’t know how many toxic elements are involved in the making of clothes. That is why we pride ourselves on being a responsible creator and supplier of high-quality, non-toxic baby items. So to help you find the best, non-toxic items for your little one, we’ve compiled the guide below.

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What to Put on a Non-Toxic Baby Registry

Baby Rompers

Even a minimalist baby registry checklist needs a few newborn rompers. Your baby will practically live in rompers at first. So you need to be 100% confident that they are made of materials that are safe to be against your newborn’s delicate skin.

Choose Natural Fibres Like Cotton

Synthetic materials may be cheaper, but they sometimes contain harmful elements. And they can be scratchy or uncomfortable too. Avoid this problem by choosing natural cotton rompers. 

Our organic, non-toxic baby rompers are made from only certified organic cotton.  And all the motifs and prints are also created with non-toxic ingredients. 

So you can include a few of these in your non-toxic baby registry list with confidence. The Rainbow Romper is one of our top sellers and is guaranteed to draw lots of smiles. 

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A Baby-Carrier

Most moms find a comfortable and practical baby carrier to be of great benefit when caring for a newborn. You can go about your daily tasks, and keep your baby close to you while keeping your hands free. 

But make sure that your carrier is also free of toxic elements. And the most likely culprit when it comes to textiles is the dye that was used to color the fabric.

Beware of Certain Dyes

If you are wondering what this means, remember that certain dyes can be toxic to your newborn. So don’t include a baby carrier on your list unless you are satisfied that Azo dyes were not used in its manufacture. Contact the manufacturer for information if it is not expressly stated in the marketing of the product.

Newborn Onesies

What could be more cuddly, soft, and adorable than a knitted baby onesie? A non-toxic, perfectly safe, and comfortable onesie knitted with organic cotton, that’s what. And those are the only kind that you’ll find here. 

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There is a wide range of designs to choose from, and all are guaranteed natural and organic, and therefore non-toxic too. So treat your baby to cute and safe onesies from our range. There are onesies to suit every occasion, and most are also unisex.

Choose Organic Knitwear

For your baby’s comfort, and your peace of mind, try our organic baby knitwear. We recommend our striped long-knit onesie as a gender-neutral choice for the winter. It will keep your baby warm in the cold weather, and feel soft against the skin.

For a gender-neutral knitted summer onesie that is extra special, we recommend the cheerful Lion Knitted Baby Onesie. The perfect little outfit for slightly warmer weather, it features crossed straps in the back. But best of all, it has 3 adjustable buttonholes, so that your baby can continue to wear it as he grows.

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Also perfect for a summer baby, you’ll love the Big Apple sleeveless knit. It’s bright and cheery, and as natural as the apple it depicts. And perfect for the warmer weather, as it's made of breathable natural cotton and also has crossed straps at the open back.

Baby Bottles and Teats

Baby bottles and teats can sometimes be made with plastics and other synthetic materials that are possibly toxic and even carcinogenic.

In the last few years, manufacturers have been more aware of these dangers. But when buying from unfamiliar sources, check that their products are BPA-free and safe from other harmful substances.

Chemicals Can Be Absorbed Into Milk

It is not just unsafe because the bottle teats go into your baby’s mouth. The real danger here is that these harmful chemicals could leach into the milk you put in the bottle. 

And that is why you should only add certified BPA-free bottles to your baby registry. If the product is not labeled as such, find out why. You are the first line of defense when it comes to your baby’s health.


What baby registry doesn't have a few of these on the list? They can be a source of great comfort for a baby, and we understand that you may want to include these in your registry. But as with baby bottles and teething toys, always check the fine print. 

Many plastics and rubberized baby items on the market may not be as harmless as they first appear. Traces of lead, cadmium, and chromium have been detected in some pacifier brands.

Check What Those Pacifiers Are Made of

As pacifiers are constantly in your little one’s mouth, you need to be sure that they are free from toxic substances. If you have any doubts, check with the manufacturers before including the product on your baby registry list. 

Once you have found the right product for you, be specific about it in your registry list. Do not leave it to chance that your friends and family will know which is the safest product to buy. 

Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are other baby registry must-haves that you may be concerned about. You should be including at least a few of these on your checklist.  

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With them situated so close to your baby’s face, they may be tempted to put a corner of the bib in their mouth. And some bibs have prints on them that are also brightly colored. As we’ve mentioned before, you need to be careful of certain fabrics and prints.

Choose a Non-Toxic Bib Kerchief 

You don’t have to worry about this when using our baby bib kerchiefs. These organic cotton kerchief bibs are great for keeping your baby’s clothes mess-free while keeping them away from harmful chemicals.

You can make a fashion statement, while keeping your baby clean and safe, with our stunning kerchief bibs. They are designed to coordinate beautifully with our range of baby clothing and soft toys.

Teething Toys

Teething is an inevitable part of raising a baby. And a teething toy makes the process a lot more bearable for baby and mom alike. This is why every baby registry is sure to include at least one or two teething toys. 

You may have included a teething toy on your registry list. This is well-known baby care essential after all. 

But have you given enough thought to what that teething toy is made of?  

Check the Fine Print 

When deciding what to put on your baby registry, don’t compromise on your baby’s safety. Always check that it is free from possibly harmful chemicals and dyes, Just like with any other item that is made from plastic or other synthetic materials.  

Anything that your baby will be putting into their mouth must be scrutinized for this possibility. There are teething toys available that are certified safe, so don’t settle for anything less.


Babies love rattles, and this traditional toy often finds its way into the mouth as well. Do not be alarmed. If it is made of completely natural and non-toxic materials, it will be okay. 

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This is also one of the most popular items for a baby registry. But don’t just assume that the buyer will know what to look for. Always be specific about the brand that you want. It is safest to get all or most of your baby’s clothing and toys from reputable manufacturers of non-toxic baby goods. 

Shop for Rattles from a Non-Toxic Store

Like all of our toys, our organic handmade baby rattles are perfectly safe for your baby to play with. And not only that, they are available in a wide range of cute and colorful designs. 

Unlike hard plastic rattle toys, they will not hurt your baby’s face if he/she bumps it against his head. And they are free of anything that could irritate his sensitive skin. 

Swaddle Cloths

Swaddling a newborn can make him/her feel safe and protected, and many moms include swaddle cloths on their baby registries. 

Whether or not you choose to swaddle your newborn is a matter of personal choice. But if you do, you want to be certain that any fabric so closely hugging your newborn’s skin is both soft and safe. And the best way to ensure that is with a swaddle cloth made of all-natural ingredients.

Shop for Eco-Friendly and Organic Materials

A good example of this is our NYC-themed baby swaddle. Made from bamboo and organic cotton mix, it is completely natural and safe for your baby. 

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Because it is sustainably produced, it is not only ideal for a non-toxic registry but an environmentally friendly baby registry as well. 

And it also caters to busy moms as it’s machine washable and can be tumble-dried as well. What more could you want from a baby swaddle? 

Lovey Blankets/Soothers

Even the happiest of babies can be a bit fussy sometimes. This is why every baby (and mom) appreciates the comforting presence of a soft soother blanket. 

But although they make your baby feel more at ease, you may worry about your baby sucking on the end of the soother blanket. This is a perfectly natural behavior that you don’t want to discourage, but is it safe? Yes, it is, if it’s one of our Loveys blankets for babies

Choose Our Organic Cotton Soother Blankets

Hand-knit in Peru from organic cotton, these 14” x 14” squares are soft and natural. They are also available in a range of designs to melt your heart.

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Your baby is sure to love our Loveys. So be sure to include a few of these in your non-toxic baby registry shopping list. A popular favorite is the Heart Lovey, with the heart motif available in chocolate, red, grey, pink, and blue. 

Soft Toys

Of course, no baby registry is complete without the addition of a few soft toys. And we want your baby’s playtime to be safe as well as fun. That is why we create the best baby registry toys that are beautifully made, and free from hazardous elements and harmful dyes. 

Things to Look out For in Baby Toys 

All baby toys may look cute, but are they safe to play with? 

Apart from the materials and dyes, some toys include plastic parts that come off easily and may be harmful and toxic if swallowed. And if synthetic or rough materials are used, these can irritate your baby’s skin.

Soft Enough for The Most Sensitive Little Hands

Our baby toys are hand-knitted from organic cotton that has been colored without the use of dangerous chemicals. They do not contain parts that are harmful or could constitute obvious choking hazards. And they are also ultra-soft and comfortable for delicate little hands to play with.

Non-Toxic Baby Registry for the first time moms

So for hours of safe and natural fun, we recommend including some of our soft toys in your non-toxic baby registry. They are environmentally safe, non-toxic, sustainably produced, and gorgeous as well.

For a unisex toy that your baby will adore, choose the Frank Dog knitted doll. This dog is sure to be your baby’s best friend. Or if you're a feminist expecting a little girl, you may want to include the Elect Women Soother Bear in your registry. Like all our toys, they are non-toxic and safe for everyday play.

best organic baby registry for the first time moms

Baby Caps and Beanies 

you’ll want to keep your newborn’s head cozy in a well-fitting and cute beanie, especially when you go for a walk outside. 

Are you expecting your baby in the colder months?  You’ll certainly be including a few beanies in your winter baby registry checklist. But you don’t want to stress about what may be lurking in the fibers of that cap. 

Cotton Is Soft and Comfortable 

And we have the perfect soft and safe beanies for your newborn baby. Handmade in Peru from certified organic cotton, they are colorful, cozy and even machine washable. They are available in two sizes for newborns up to 6 months of age and in a variety of lovely colors.

eco friendly baby registry for the first time moms

Cotton Is Natural and Breathable

Another benefit is that cotton will keep your baby’s noggin cool in the heat but warm in the cold. And cotton is a breathable fabric, so your baby’s head won’t get all sweaty when wearing our beanies.

But we also have more traditional styled bonnets for newborns too. And like our beanies, they are made from organic, breathable cotton. 

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In this age of mass production and the sacrifice of quality in the name of quantity, isn’t it good to know you have other options? 

With this guide to the safest and non-toxic options for your baby registry essentials, you will have total peace of mind. So get started on your non-toxic baby registry today, and your baby will start life with only the best.

Non-Toxic Baby Registry FAQs

I still have items from my first baby that I want to reuse. How can I know if they are safe from harmful elements?

It is quite common for moms to reuse some items from their first child. But if you are uncertain about their safety, check with the manufacturer about the materials and dyes used in making them. 

If they have nothing to hide, they will gladly provide you with this information. And if they refuse, you know not to support them.

Are all dyes in brightly-colored baby clothes and toys harmful?

Not all dyes are harmful. Many are natural and safe for babies. But many manufacturers cut costs in mass production by using synthetic dyes that may contain toxic elements. 

Rather choose baby clothes and toys produced with natural and non-toxic materials and dyes. These are just as bright and cheerful, without the risk. 

If a baby item is labeled natural, does that mean it is non-toxic?

While it often does, it is not always the case. The problem is that mass producers of goods are not always aware of the chemicals used in some of the products they import to use in their goods.

This is why it is best to stick with tried-and-trusted brands that can verify what they are producing is made with non-harmful materials.

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