Baby Girl Toys

Do you want the best organic toys for baby girls? Or are you a little stumped on what to get your little girl?

Well, we can solve that issue. Here at Estella, we have the best eco-friendly toys that your newborn or toddler will have for years. 

Whether you are looking for a cute rattle or a unique stuffed doll, we have many options to choose from.

We have you covered if you are looking for baby toy essentials or if you want ideas for newborn girl gifts

Estella is no ordinary children’s boutique. We specialize in providing eco-friendly and organic cotton clothes and toys. You will easily find high-end baby girl toys here.

Keep reading for awesome toy ideas to get that baby girl in your life. We guarantee you will find something!

What This Article Covers:

Newborn Toys for Girls

Cactus Rattle 

baby toys for girls

If you’re a nature lover and want to pass that appreciation onto your baby girl, the Cactus Rattle is the toy you need. 

Despite the name, it is not prickly at all. In fact, it is satisfyingly soft because it is handmade with organic cotton.  

Our cactus rattle will bring happiness to your little angel because of its smiling face. It is a green and brown, polyester-filled rattle with the cutest pink flower resting on its head. 

The dye we use to achieve the realistic color of the rattle is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The rattles are also non-jarring, so it is safe for your baby. 

Pear Rattle

Our Pear Rattle is practically the next best alternative to the fruit. Except instead of eating it, your baby can play with it!

toys for baby girl

Its smile is just as sweet as the fruit, and the bright yellow and green instantly intrigues your little one. 

The pear rattle is an adored hand-made, 100% certified organic cotton knitted baby rattle. We use non-toxic dye and non-harmful rattles to safeguard your curious angel when they are playing with it.

We know this rattle and your baby will make the perfect “pear.” 

Elephant Stuffed Animal

Handmade stuffed animals are always fantastic newborn baby toys, and the Elephant Stuffed Animal is no exception.

toys for baby girls

The elephant stuffed animal forms part of our homage to the mighty elephant. It’s the ideal size for newborn fingers to grab at 9.5 inches wide and five inches tall. It can also sit and look pretty in the nursery. 

Our elephant stuffed animal is a lovely companion because of how endearing it looks with the heart on its leg. 

It is hand-knit in Peru with organic cotton, which gives it its soft exterior. The grey color and the white tusks make it look just like the real deal, and we dye it with safe, eco-friendly dye.

Owl Stuffed Animal

Give your baby girl a wise buddy with our Owl stuffed animal

newborn baby girl toys

We cherish this toy just as much as your baby will once they get their hands on it. 

The resting image on this owl resonates with peace, so if that is something you want in a toy, this is the toy for you. 

It fits anywhere in your home because of its neutral colors, making it a great gender-neutral gift. 

The owl has a soft, cotton exterior, and we stuff it with polyester to make it durable. 

Toys for Infant Girls

Baseball Rattle

Start raising the next female baseball star with this Baseball Rattle! Their MLB career can never start too early. 

 baby girls toys

Any active baby will love this toy because of the pleasant sounds from the non-harmful rattles. It is also easy to hold and play with while still having a soft texture.

It is hand-made in Peru with certified organic cotton, and we use non-toxic dye to color the rattle. 

This baseball rattle replicates the real one by having stitches similar to an actual baseball. 

The baseball Rattle is a proud winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and the National Parenting Seal of Approval. 

We have many more sports-themed toys just like this infant baseball toy, so be sure to collect them all! 

toys for newborn baby girl

Best Friends Organic Baby Gift Set 

The Best Organic Baby Gift Set is a must-have for the Easter holidays. 

It includes a baby bear soother and a carrot rattle. The baby bear soother also sports the most darling hat and carrot top. 

We guarantee this set will keep your baby girl occupied for hours because the bright colors lock their attention.

gifts for baby girls toys

The bear soother and the carrot rattle are hand-made from organic cotton, making them soft for cuddles. 

We dye the toys with non-harmful dye and fill them with polyester so that it outlasts ruthless infant play. 

Grandpa and Grandma Teddy Bear Toy

The Grandpa And Grandma Teddy Bear Toy is the only toy grandparents would ever need to get their grandchild.

This toy reflects the love only a grandparent could give, which your baby will carry with them forever. That is why we think it is one of the best baby presents ever.

baby toys girl

You can choose between two styles, Grandma and Granpa, which we hand-embroider onto the bear’s top with a red heart. Because it is hand-embroidered, please note that the writing will vary. 

This teddy bear is the best cuddling and soothing buddy because we hand-knit it with the softest cotton. We also fill its head with polyester to make it durable and lightweight.

All the dyes used to achieve its colors are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Popsicle Rattle 

Get your baby ready for warm summer days with the Popsicle rattle.

toys for infant girls

This little guy is just as delightful as he looks. The vivid red and blue color stand out against the white, making him noticeable everywhere.

Babies love him because they can easily latch onto him, and he keeps them entertained with his gentle rattle sound.

The Popsicle Rattle is another winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Seal of Approval. That means your baby will have one of the top baby toys for newborns. 

The rattle is hand-made in Peru, and we use safe dyes that are environmentally friendly. We also fill the rattle with polyester, so it’s strong and lightweight, and the rattles are non-jarring. 

Cute Toys for Baby Girls 

Cold Brew Coffee Rattle

We know how important coffee is in mom and dad’s daily parenting routine.

With this Cold Brew Coffee Rattle, your baby will be just like you, enjoying the perks of coffee without the caffeine. 

newborn girl toys

The rattles will keep your baby active and occupied because of their melodic sound. They are also non-jarring rattles.

We hand-knit the rattle with certified organic cotton and stuff it with polyester. It is only four inches tall, so little fingers will have no trouble playing with it. 

Franny Flamingo Knit Doll

Our Franny Flamingo Knit Doll is one of the new baby toys that we made for glamorous babies.

cool toys for baby girls

He is 12 inches tall and sports a light pink shrug, so she is always ready for any event. That is why one of our most stylish, eco-friendly baby toys to date. 

She’s fluffy and pretty and loves to be noticed by anyone and everyone. 

We use only the finest organic cotton to knit Franny because that’s what she deserves.

We also use polyester stuffing to make the doll durable and non-toxic dye to ensure the safety of your baby girl.

Moon Rattle

Your baby girl is encouraged to reach for the stars with our Moon Rattle.

The Moon rattle is always a classic choice for moms and dads everywhere. It is also a winning recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Seal of Approval. 

cute toys for baby girl

The rattle features a sleeping moon and stars on one side and embroidered Zs on the other to represent sleep sounds. 

The rattles create a soothing sound, so your baby can fall fast asleep. The rattles are non-harmful and stuffed with polyester. 

We use eco-friendly dyes and 100% certified organic cotton to knit the rattle. 

New York Subway Train Stuffed Toy

The subway is something everyone in New York will experience at least once in their life, so let that journey begin with our New York Subway Train Toy.

Your little one will always treasure this piece of New York.

toys for a baby girl

This subway train is a grey, medium-sized, poly-stuffed toy. It has the cutest details embroidered on it, such as the subway doors.

It is much bigger than our subway train rattle because it is made for splendid cuddles. Your little one can use it as a pillow to get a restful night’s sleep. It also works as a great accent in your nursery.

It is nine inches long, and we hand-knit it with organic cotton, which makes it soft and comfortable.

Cool Toys for Baby Girls 

Animal Finger Puppets

If you’re looking for interactive organic cotton baby gifts, you don’t have to look any further.

toys for infants girls

Our Animal Finger Puppets are the gift you need. The finger puppets are our top pick for interactive baby toys for boys and girls. 

toys for infants girl

The Animal Finger Puppet set includes four crotched, boldly-colored puppets. The animals are an elephant, giraffe, lion, and monkey that slide onto your fingers. 

You can pair it with one of our story books to create interactive storytime. Your little ones can even occupy themselves with it when they’re a little older.

You can imagine their excited giggles and the adventures they will have once you get your hands on these. 

These are hand-crotched in Peru by local artisans, and the puppets are four inches tall. We also make sure to use eco-friendly and non-toxic dye. 

“Elect Women” Bear Soother

The "Elect Women" Bear Soother is the best gift for a newborn girl

cute baby girl toys

It instills the message that women are powerful from their first day on earth. It also encourages them to dream big and never give up on themselves.

This baby bear soother is made from sweater knit organic cotton. It is 7.5 inches tall, and it has a poly-fill in its head. 

The “Elect Women” Bear Soother is a must-have for raising a cuddly baby. Not only does it have an important message embroidered on it, but it also soothes a fussy and headstrong baby girl.

Farm Animals Baby Gift Set

The Farm Animals Baby Gift Set is one of the best gifts for newborn boys and girls. 

newborn toys for girls

It is the most precious set that includes our organic cotton pig, chicken and duck rattles, and the Animal Families: Farm book. 

Your baby will be educated and entertained at the same time with this set. It is all the fun of a farm but none of the fuss. 

The rattles are poly-stuffed and filled with non-jarring rattles. The book also introduces your little one to many farm animals and teaches them the correct names for mommy, daddy, and baby animals. 


As you can see, we have a variety of toys that will entertain and accompany your baby girl.

From finger puppets to “Elect Women” baby soothers, we have a wide range of interactive toys to cuddling ones.

Every toy is hand-made, with an emphasis on being ethical. We also dye our toys with non-toxic dye because we do not believe in using harsh chemicals in our products. 

We create fun and meaningful toys and stuffed animals that are made to last a long-time. They are safe for all ages because we want your little one to keep these toys forever. 

If you want high-quality and environmentally friendly toys for your baby, Estella is the boutique to find them.

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