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Hand knit doll
Organic cotton stuffed animal dog doll with yellow taxi. Perfect for babies & toddlers.
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    Babies and toddlers alike love snuggling and playing with our collection of soft, knit dolls and plush handmade baby toys made from luxurious and high quality organic cotton. With their friendly faces, eye-catching colors, and beautiful craftsmanship, our luxury knit dolls are designed to delight and enthrall your little one and give them hours and hours of fun play time. 

    We at Estella pride ourselves in creating eco-friendly, organic baby toys that are good for the environment, gentle on your little one’s skin, and are incredibly durable— perfect for creating memories for years to come. Our Estella knit doll collection features superheroes, animals, holiday-themed toys, and creative characters that encourage and inspire imaginative play and self-expression.  

    If you are looking for luxury baby gifts that demonstrate a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Estella’s soft dolls and handmade baby toys are the ideal choice for you! Check out our other luxury baby toy collections here, and help your little one’s imagination take flight.