Baby Boy Gifts

Are you tired of the same old onesies with racing car prints? We understand that when you shop at mainstream stores, it can be a challenge to find more unique gifts. But baby boy gifts can be fun to shop for when you know what to look for. 

The top gifts for baby boys are usually a mix of the traditional with the trendy. We’re here to help you make the best baby gift choice, every time. So below you will find our top selection of gifts for baby boys, for all occasions.

Take a look at our baby boy gift guide for some inspiration. We have included gift ideas for both newborn and infant boys. Their moms are sure to love these delightful gifts just as much as they do. 

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Top Gifts for Baby Boys

Popular Baby Gifts for Boys

Baby Ball Rattle Toys

baby gifts for boys

Ball play encourages the development of hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and motor skills. This makes ball toys ideal for all babies, not just boys. But for ball toys that are especially suitable for baby boys, baseball toys are a fantastic option. 

While baby gift trends come and go, our baby baseball toys will always be popular. The reason that these are such good toys for infants to play with is that they are super soft, and therefore comfortable for little hands. 

You don’t need to worry about any toxic elements either, as all our toys are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our ball toys are even more practical as baby gifts, as they are also rattle toys. And all our newborn baby toys from our rattles to our knitted dolls are made from certified organic cotton. 

Stuffed Animal Toys

Another popular gift choice for baby boys is a stuffed animal, especially one of the jungle animals like a lion, elephant, tiger, or monkey. Jungle animals have been bringing joy to babies and young children for many years.  This is evidenced by the wealth of cartoons, books, and toys dedicated to the jungle theme.

Children naturally have curiosity about the world around them. So foster a love for the animal kingdom with a larger, knitted animal toy, or a collection of smaller ones for a newborn. Browse through our organic stuffed animal collection and you are sure to find the perfect animal toy for a baby boy.

 unique baby gifts for boy

Cool Gifts for Baby Boys

Superhero-Inspired Clothes and Toys

Are you looking for a cool gift for your very own little superhero? This type of gift will simply never go out of style. The superheroes that are trending at any given moment may change though, which will affect availability in stores. But you are sure to always be able to find something with a superhero print on it. 

It can be a little harder to find this theme in newborn clothes, but superhero-inspired soft toys or blankets are often available in most stores. Superhero prints are usually brightly colored though, so always check that the time in question is free of harmful dyes. 

Space-Themed Baby Clothing 

For some of the coolest gifts for babies, look to the stars. Baby boys and toddlers have always loved rocketships, stars, and other space themes. These are usually not too difficult to find and make great baby boy gifts for any occasion.

A fun combo would be to include a star-covered blanket with a romper that features a spaceship design. But the same idea can just as easily be applied to toys, bibs, hats, and soothers. This is a theme that will be popular as the baby boy grows, even until past the toddler stage. 

Another unique way to present a space-themed gift is to include a nightlight that projects little twinkling stars onto the baby nursery ceiling. This will not only entertain the baby but will also calm him down at bedtime. And if it includes soft, soothing music, that will be even better.

Cute Baby Boy Gifts

Baby Rompers with Fruity Prints 

baby boy gift

What could be cuter than some fresh and funky fruit prints? Go bananas with banana prints, or pair some pear motifs with apple designs. Fruity prints are colorful and fun. But if you’d prefer something a little different, we have the best fruity theme of all. Avocados. (Yes. An avocado is, indeed, a fruit!)

Fruity prints are always cute and will be relevant no matter the occasion or season. Our top-selling avocado print baby clothes are all made of sustainably produced organic cotton, and suit both boys and girls. 

Our avocado baby boy clothes are as cute as can be, and look good enough to eat.  But any romper or onesie with a fruit or vegetable design would be a cute baby boy gift. And a bright apple motif would be even more appropriate for a native New Yorker baby boy. 

Nautical Themes on Baby Clothes and Blankets  

Baby clothes and blankets with a nautical theme will always look super cute on a baby boy. Ideas for nautical theme prints are anchors, lifesavers, colorful boats, and waves. Baby clothes with these themes are usually found in fun colors too.

Mix things up and get nautical-inspired clothing and accessories that coordinate weather than match. For example, a bodysuit covered with anchors, paired with a bib featuring an adorable tugboat. Or a romper adorned with little sailboats, teamed with a sunhat decorated with a wave design. 

Unique Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Baby Clothes and Toys in Fun Botanical Designs 

Some motifs and shapes are unique and will make more of an impact. Like our baby boy cactus clothes, for example. This range also includes some unique newborn baby girl gifts, and they are appropriate from the newborn stage up to 6 months. 

 gifts for baby boy

Best of all, you can pair them with cactus rattle toys for even more fun. Our unique cactus print range of clothes and matching toys is fun and unusual and will get compliments from all who see them. They are the perfect combination of traditional high-quality baby goods, with a sense of humor.

Special Baby Boy Gifts

Traditional Knitted Teddy Bears

Whether you’re the parent, grandparent, godparent, uncle, or aunt, we know that you want to find something special for that little boy. So choose a traditional gift that they will treasure for a long time, like a gorgeous soft teddy. 

This iconic children’s plaything has been around since the early 20th century. And it seems that it will never lose its appeal. Teddy bears have delighted children of all ages since their first appearance, and they probably always will. 

But if you think that teddy bears are not good gifts for boys, think again. Teddy bears are unisex, and therefore suitable toys for baby boys., but they are also cute baby girl toys

Soft Cartoon Character Toys

Cartoon character toys are also cute and appropriate gifts for baby boys. Depending on which cartoon is trendy at the time, you will usually be able to find something like this in most baby stores.

best baby boy gifts

We offer a range of knitted dolls that, like cartoon dolls, will delight any baby boy (or girl). All are hand-made, from the softest and purest organic cotton. Our knitted doll collection features animals, superheroes, and holiday-themed toys.

Cuddly Cotton Soother Blankets

If, however, you want to give more useful gifts for a newborn baby that are also special, you may want to consider a soother blanket. What makes this so special is that it can calm down even the niggliest of newborns and fussiest of infants. 

So if you want to give a gift that soothes an anxious baby boy, our baby lovey blankets are the way to go. They will comfort and soothe any baby from the newborn stage right up to the tempestuous toddler stage. And their lovely prints in soft colors are suitable for both boys and girls.

unique baby boy gifts

Some soother blankets include a soft toy in the design or come with a coordinating toy. These are the best kind, as both will be very comforting to any baby. Or just add one of the teddies suggested above to a soft blanket for a sentimental gift that will always be cherished.

Multi-Purpose (Clothing & Toy) Organic Gift Sets for Boys

The most special gifts are the ones that incorporate something that both mom and baby will love. And this is easiest to achieve with a gift set, that contains clothing and/or a blanket with a coordinating toy  Gift sets are the most versatile gifts you can give, as they contain both practical and fun items.

Our organic baby gift sets are the ideal choice. They include the highest quality baby items as well as the coolest designs and prints. And everything in our range mixes and matches, beautifully. Some sets even include a book, so that mom can read a story to her precious little boy at bedtime.

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Christmas Gifts for Baby Boys

Baby Boy “Christmas Elf” Outfit

Christ, as is a holiday that has many well-known motifs and themes. At Christmas time, you may want to find some Santa, reindeer, or elf baby clothes and toys for that baby boy. But it is best to avoid this trend, as it limits the number of times they can be used. 

Rather go for baby clothes in Christmas colors like red and green. It is far easier to find baby rompers, leggings, and booties in these colors, and mix and match them to create your very own “Christmas elf” outfit. Red and white striped baby pants, if you can find them, would be the ultimate elfin touch.

Beanies for Boys in Christmas Colors

Our newborn baby boy hats make ideal Christmas gifts, as they will keep his little head protected in the cold. But they are also soft and comfortable, and perfect for babies' sensitive skin. These hats and beanies are available in various colors but don’t contain harmful AZO dyes and other toxic elements. 

For extra Xmas vibes. pair a red or green beanie with a toy in similar colors and you’ll have the ideal Christmas gift. Remember that the safest toys for newborns are those that are soft and cuddly, with no hard bits on them that can hurt little fingers or curious mouths.

unusual newborn baby boy gifts


It’s not difficult to pick a great gift for a baby boy when you have a little help. With this guide to the best baby boy gifts, you can rest assured that you will always pick a suitable gift. Take a look at our wide range of baby clothes, blankets, and toys to find the perfect gift that both baby and his mom will love.

Baby Boy Gifts Ideas (FAQs)

What is the best gift for a newborn baby boy?

Moms of newborns always appreciate cute but useful items for the newborn stage. This means that essentials like baby clothes and blankets, or even bibs and beanies, are ideal gifts. The best gift for a newborn baby boy is a sport-themed romper, onesie, or bodysuit, and/or a blanket with a sporty motif on it.

What is the best gift for an infant boy?

Infant boys love playing with ball toys, and you should encourage this, as it is beneficial for an infant’s development.  The best choice for an infant boy is a set of ball toys that is soft, non-toxic, and safe to play with. 

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