Baby Shower Gift from Godmother

It’s always exciting to be invited to a baby shower. But when you’re the godmother of the new baby, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. The baby shower gift from the godmother has to stand out from the rest, right? 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We are sure that the mum-to-be will love your gift no matter what it is. But if you’d like some inspiration, read our list of the top 7 godmother gifts. The most thoughtful gifts are always the best. And these gift ideas will prove that you truly care.

Top 7 Godmother Gifts for a Baby Shower

Unique & Fun Motifs 

It can be hard enough to come up with creative baby shower gift ideas. But when you’re the godmother, you know it has to be something extra special. Gifts that include fun, unique motifs will stand out from the rest. 

baby shower gifts from godmother

The easiest way to do this is with rompers or onesies. Babies spend all their time in rompers, bodysuits, and onesies for the first weeks and months of their lives. So why not liven things up a little with a set of rompers or onesies with unique prints? 

Sporty Toys for Boys 

If you’re struggling to think of cute baby shower gift ideas for boys, ball toys are always popular. But as the godmother, you want it to stand out from the rest. 

Make up a collection of “sports’-themed gifts by pairing a few onesies or rompers featuring sporty prints with matching soother blankets or ball toys. We have a selection of sports-themed baby clothes and soft rattle toys to choose from, for your budding little sportsman.  

Multiple Items for a Multiple Birth

Have you found out that will be a godmother to twins?  Don’t worry, gift ideas for a twin baby shower are not that much more difficult. 

This is where our organic newborn baby gift sets are particularly useful. As the gift sets can contain a mix of clothes, toys, and sometimes blankets they are great for twins. You’ll be giving more than one gift, in one go.

baby shower gift ideas for godmother

A Soothing Soother and Comforting Teddy

A godmother normally chooses to give a more sentimental baby gift.  And the most sentimental gifts are the ones that are emotionally supportive to your godchild. A soother blanket and knitted teddy will be loved and appreciated by a fussy baby and her anxious mommy alike.

Our Lovey blankets make excellent soothers and are made of the softest organic cotton. Your godchild will love to play and possibly even sleep with these miniature blankets featuring adorable characters.

Likewise, all our toys and knitted dolls are soft and natural. They will probably be loved and treasured until well past the toddler stage. Give gifts that are kind to the environment, safe for newborns, and comforting to any little infant.

baby shower gift idea for godmother

Feeding Time

Some of the easily forgotten baby shower gifts happen to also be the most useful. A gift basket of smaller items can be just as impactful as a larger, high-ticket item. Be sure to include some baby bibs, baby feeding spoons, etc. 

Bibs are absolute essentials for feeding time. And yet many people forget about this useful gift. The transition from a milk-only diet to other foods is a special milestone for your godchild.  Be a part of the experience with a few of our adjustable baby bibs that grow with your godchild.

Diapers in Different Sizes

The most underrated baby shower gifts are usually the most appreciated. New mums will go through tons of diapers and they can never really have too much. You will show your understanding if you choose this as your baby shower gift. 

But don’t just get the newborn size. To show just how thoughtful a godmother you are, get a couple of packs of different sizes. Your godchild’s mum will be very grateful that you understand her needs so well. 

A Baby Monitor 

baby shower gift from your godmother

For a gift that’s outside of the usual clothes and toys category, a baby monitor is an excellent choice. This is a gift idea that doesn’t usually occur to people. But it will show that your godchild’s safety is important to you.

New parents can be very nervous about leaving their baby alone in his room. With a baby monitor, you’ll be Giving a gift that allays their fears and shows that you care. 


We know that with a little imagination, you will select the best baby shower gift that any baby could wish for from their godmother. 

But you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect gift. In our range of beautiful clothes, adorable toys, and luxurious blankets, you’re sure to find the best gift for your godchild. 

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