Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Boys

Choosing baby shower gifts isn't always as straightforward as it may seem. While most parents put together a registry of practical gifts that they need, this isn’t always the case. And if this happens, you need to get creative to ensure that the gift you choose is special and unique. 

If this is a scenario that you can relate to, or you just want some out-of-the-box ideas on what to purchase, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will be discussing baby shower gift ideas for boys, and we will give you 10 unique ideas for some great gifts to buy for the baby shower that you are attending. 

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts for a Boy 

Plush Toys

baby shower gift ideas for boy

This is often a baby shower gift that people forget about for boys. People tend to think that plush toys are too girly, and they buy boys things like cars and balls. But, they forget that in this early stage, boys need love and comfort too. 

This is something that plush toys can offer them. And, you can still make it boy-focused by buying soft baseball toys, for example. 

Plush toys can help keep newborn boys entertained, and can give them a sense of comfort and love when they cuddle with them. So it is a gift that shouldn’t be forgotten, even if it is for a boy. 

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a great gift for both mom and baby boy. A lot of babies struggle to fall asleep by themselves when they are lying still. This is especially true if the baby turns out to be high-energy and has a busy body. 

The constant motion and gentle rocking of the rocking chair give them the illusion that they are still on the move, and it acts as a calming mechanism to help put the baby to sleep.

With all the long nights that lie ahead, the parents will most certainly love you for a gift like this.

Personalized Bibs

Although the newborn baby boy won’t be able to use this gift straight away, it’ll definitely come in handy a little bit later down the line. 

And instead of just buying him any old bib, why not personalize it as well? You can personalize it by putting his name on it, or images of animals, cars, or spaceships, for example. 

Another great idea is to use it as a gift for a twins’ baby shower. You can personalize it in the same way as above, or make it quirky and print on a phrase like “Womb Mates”. 

Backpack Changing Station and Diaper Back 

baby shower gift idea for boy

This is quite a unique baby shower gift idea for a boy, but something that will most definitely come in handy. 

This is a 3-in-1 backpack that allows you to keep all of your diapers and changing equipment in one bag and makes for an easy changing station. 

It is great for parents on the go, as it is easy to carry and always gives a place to change their baby. It is a really cool gift for a baby shower and something that will be extremely useful. 

Personalized Keepsake Box

Creating a personalized keepsake box as your gift is such a special gesture and a baby shower gift that is really sentimental

A wooden keepsake box is a perfect way to store memories and hold onto mementos that represent important milestones in the baby’s life.

You could also include a memory book inside the box so that the parents can jot down memories and achievements that they’d like to look back on. 

This gift can be personalized with the baby’s name and date of birth and is the perfect baby shower gift from a Godmother or another family member. 

Newborn Photoshoot

male baby shower gifts

One of the best ways to capture memories is through photos. This is why gifting the parents with a newborn photo shoot is one of the best gifts they could receive. 

Sure they can take their own photos on their phone, but having a professional photoshoot done is so much more special, and they can use the photos to decorate their house. 

Newborn photoshoots are so much fun, too, because they can have themes and props. For example, if the baby is born near Halloween, pumpkins, and bats can be used to highlight this. 

It would make the perfect Halloween baby shower gift and the perfect reminder of what a special time of the year that will always now be for the family. 

Wooden Name Puzzle

There are so many benefits of getting a wooden name puzzle as a gift, as it actually doubles as multiple gifts. 

For example, it is a toy, a piece of decor for the baby’s nursery, and it helps to teach the baby how to spell its name from a very early age. 

It is also great for helping the baby develop his fine motor skills.

This personalized gift is very thoughtful, and it can be made to be more fun by incorporating one or two pictures of animals, spaceships, or sports equipment into the puzzle. 

baby shower gift ideas for boys

A Wagon

A wagon is a great gift for baby boys. It is more than likely that the baby boy is going to be pretty active and will be running around everywhere when he learns how to walk. 

Having a wagon will keep him entertained for hours as he pushes it around the house, which allows the parents can relax for a little bit. A wagon is also great to help the baby learn how to walk as he can use the wagon to steady himself. 

Additionally, the wagon can double as a storage unit for toys and stuffed animals, which will also help to make the parents’ lives a lot easier. 

A Box of “Tools”

This is a great gift if you know that the boy’s dad is very handy around the house. Young boys tend to like to copy what they see their parents do, especially their dads. They will very likely want to join in and help fix things.

This is why a toy toolbox is such a fantastic gift. The baby boy will have all of the same tools as his father does, so he will be able to “build” things too, but it will be completely safe. 

A toolbox like this can also be seen as an educational tool, which makes it even better and more appealing to parents. By attempting to use the tools correctly, the baby will learn gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and the skill of proprioception. 

In addition to all of this, it is just a great way for the baby boy and his dad to connect and do something together. 

male baby shower gift

A Toy Chest 

One thing parents will never have enough of is storage space. Babies tend to somehow accumulate things very quickly. Which can lead to a lot of clutter and the house always being messy.

Buying a beautiful wooden chest will be a saving grace for the parents, as there will never be enough space to store anything. 

You can also personalize the chest to match the nursery so it can double as a beautiful piece of decor. 


There are so many different gifts you could buy for a baby boy's baby shower, but we have tried to leave you with some really unique ideas that not everyone will think of. 

When it comes to baby shower gifts, you want to try and think out of the box as much as you can. A lot of people will be purchasing similar gifts, which is not great for the parents. 

So, try and use these out-of-the-box ideas when purchasing baby shower gifts for boys.

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