How Many Items to Put on a Baby Registry

Are you in the process of making your baby registry? You may already have an idea of what items you want. And it can be a lot of fun choosing all those cute baby clothes. But what about how many items to put on a baby registry? 

When you’re unsure about how many items you need, it can be more confusing than fun. How many things will your baby truly need, and why? What if this is a second baby? And how about if you’re having twins? But don't worry, we've got you covered with the simple guide below.

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How Many Items Should You Add to Your Baby Registry?

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First-time-mom baby registries typically include between 100 and 120 items. This should be more than enough to cover everything you will need for your baby. Because with any type of baby registry, the aim is to only get things for your baby that you will actually need and use.

average number of items on baby registry

But this number can depend on several factors. To get an idea of what’s right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a first-time mom?
  2. Which season or climate will your baby be born in?
  3. Do you want all of the items for your baby to be new?  
  4. Would you be happy with used items? 
  5. Are you expecting twins?
  6. Do you have limited space?

Factors That Can Affect the Number of Items on Your Registry

Various factors can influence the number of items that you put on your baby registry. But the following four are the most relevant. 

First-Time Mom or Not?

A first-time mom would usually need more items on her baby registry than someone who has had one or more children before. You’ll need a crib, a stroller, a baby carrier as well as a variety of clothes and other baby items. The registry for a first baby will always have more items on it than for a subsequent child. 

Of course, you could receive pre-loved items from close friends or family. This will affect the number of items you need to add to your registry. But if you are starting from scratch, you will need quite a large number of items. Before compiling your list, consider the other factors below, too.

Climate or Season Your Baby Will Be Born in

Many moms forget this crucial factor. But there is a difference between a summer and a winter baby registry. And this relates to the type of clothes that you need to include. 

how many things to put on baby registry

Will your baby be born in the summertime? Or do you live in a typically warm climate? Warmer weather would require more sleeveless rompers and lightweight blankets, for example.  

Colder weather, on the other hand, will mean you’ll need more long-sleeved and legged rompers, warmer onesies, heavier blankets, cozy booties, and beanie-style hats. So include these in your registry if your baby is due to arrive in the winter, or if you live in a very cool climate.

Budget Constraints

Of course, one of the most relevant factors, if not the most relevant, is budget. But there are many ways to create a functional baby registry while working within the constraints of a budget. Used items that are still in good condition can save you a lot of money. 

These could be purchased from a thrift store. Or you could even get them for free when donated by friends and family who no longer need them. As the items on your registry will be purchased by your friends and family, you need to consider their budgets. Include items at various price points, to allow all to contribute.

Special Needs 

Has your doctor made you aware of any special needs? These are challenges that will need to be met with a carefully curated baby registry. Special needs infants may require certain things that others do not. Discuss this with your specialist. Some of these items may even be covered by your health insurance.

With a special needs infant, going back and forth for check-ups means you may not be able to follow a regular feeding schedule. This would require you to use formula milk or express milk. But before you add a breast pump to your registry, take note that breast pumps are often covered by health insurance. 

What About a Second Baby Registry?

If this is not your first child, you might still be wondering how many clothes you need to put on your baby registry. Between hand-me-downs from your first child or clothes that just never got worn by them, you won’t need the same amount as your first registry.

You will probably need no more than about 30 additional items. But if you have already given these items away, you will need to start from the beginning just like a first-time mom. 

how many items to add to baby registry

If you have items that can be repurposed for your second baby, adjust your baby registry checklist accordingly. Otherwise, gift-givers will buy things that you already have a surplus of. And you’ll end up with yet more items that will not be used. 

Repurposing items from your previous child will allow you to focus more on other items in your new registry. So that you can be sure to get everything that you need for your new arrival. And that is, at the end of the day, what the purpose of a baby registry is.

What About a Baby Registry for Twins?

Most moms of twins have found this to be their biggest challenge. If you are expecting twins, you are probably unsure of how many items to put on your baby registry. You may be worried that you’ll need two of every baby item but that is simply not the case.

Do you need more of all the baby items? Or perhaps only of certain items? Can some things be shared between your babies? To clear up the confusion, here are our tips for creating a baby registry if you’re expecting twins:

how many items to have on baby registry

You Won’t Need to Double up on Everything

Contrary to popular belief, you won’t need two of everything. When creating a baby registry for twins, remember that a lot of items can be shared between them. 

Naturally, there are some differences between a baby registry for a single baby and one for twins. You should get a stroller specially designed for twins. And each baby will need their own car seat. 

But you don’t need two baby bathtubs, diaper pails, diaper bags, or changing pads. These items are easily used for both babies. As with feeding, you’ll quickly establish a bathing and changing routine that works for the two.

Gender Neutral Clothes

Twins can share clothes between them, but if you’re expecting a boy and a girl you may find this more tricky. So choose gender-neutral rompers and onesies for your registry, as these will give you more versatility. 

And to be certain that you have enough rompers for your twins in the beginning, including some practical newborn romper gift sets.

how many gifts should be on a baby registry

And a Minimalist Baby Registry?

Of course, you are free to have as many or as few items on your baby registry as you wish. So if you lead a minimalist lifestyle,  you’ll find that a minimalist baby registry would suit your needs best. 

But what exactly is a minimalist baby registry? Simply put, it means that you will focus only on the essentials that you will need right after your baby’s birth. A minimalist baby registry usually includes approximately 35-50 items at the most. 

But even the most streamlined and minimalist baby registry will include 4 - 5 newborn knitted onesies and at least one baby rattle toy. These are must-haves that you will need to include in your baby registry, no matter the size.

how many gifts on baby registry

How Many Expensive Items Can You Add to Your Baby Registry?

One of the main rules of a baby registry is to avoid adding too many expensive items to the list. But it's alright to add a few on there, as long as there are options of cheaper items too. In this way, they all have enough choices when it comes to selecting gifts.

These are the top tips for handling this issue: 

Registry Etiquette Is Relative

If you have a large circle of family and friends, you’ll probably need more options on your list. But is it rude to put expensive items on a baby registry? Of course, your family and friends’ budgets and your interpersonal dynamics are very relevant here. 

What would be considered a baby registry no-no for some people may be perfectly acceptable for others. This is relative to your situation but resist the urge to go overboard.

Stick to the Absolute Essentials

Rather than focusing on registry etiquette and what not to put on a baby registry, focus on your must-haves. The important thing to remember, especially with more expensive items, is to only include absolute essentials. 

And while more expensive, a crib, stroller, and car seat qualify as essentials, fancy nursery furniture does not though and is best purchased yourself. Parents usually choose to purchase these larger items themselves anyway. But if you need some help with the purchase of these items, this next tip is for you. 

how many items you can put on baby registry

Group Purchasing & Contributions

One way to approach this dilemma is to allow the option of a group purchase of larger and more expensive items. This takes the financial burden of larger expenses away from individuals. Many baby stores allow this for their registry service.

Alternatively, suggest that loved ones make a financial contribution that they can afford, towards your larger purchases. And then buy these items yourself, with their assistance. But don’t get too caught up in having everything new and shiny, as some family and friends may have items they can donate.

Consider Used Items Within Reason

A novel way to handle the issue of more expensive items for your baby is to accept these as used items. But this does not apply to everything.

While a used crib is perfectly fine, a second-hand baby car seat might not be a good idea. Unless you can verify that there has been no incident that could have affected its functionality, rather get one new. 

How Much Is Too Much?

If you’re not confined by limited space, you may want a more extensive baby registry. But is there a specific number of registry items that is just too much? 

Most people agree that having more than 150 items on your baby registry is too much. Even if you are a first-time mom of twins, you shouldn’t need so many things. And if you have limited space in a small apartment, you may want only a very few essentials to begin with.

Yet some moms find themselves with a very high number of items on their baby registries. There are two main reasons. Uncertainty about what the essentials are. And the time factor. 

how many gifts on a baby registry

Establish What Your Must-Have Essentials Are

Rather than focusing on the brand names or status, keep the focus on the essentials first. And then you can add in a few special items.

If you need some more clarity on what essentials are, these are the must-have items that you and your baby cannot do without. The following are examples of these items, but it is largely dependent on your unique situation:

  • Blankets, and maybe a couple of swaddling cloths
  • Diaper changing pad and diaper bag 
  • Diapers & baby wipes
  • Bibs
  • BPA-free baby bottles & a bottle brush
  • And of course, newborn baby clothes. At least a few rompers and onesies aged 0-3 months. 

how many gifts should be on baby registry

Don’t Leave It to the Last Moment

One of the reasons why a registry might end up with too many unnecessary items on it is the time factor. If you leave things to the last moment, you’ll be in a rush. And while most of your last-minute baby registry items may be useful, you’ll probably add in gimmicks and things you don’t actually need. 

Early preparation leads to more significant baby registry benefits. Start to work on your baby registry shortly after having your pregnancy confirmed. In this way, you will avoid a stressful last-minute rush. You’ll have time to find out if anyone amongst your friends and relatives has baby items that you can use. 

This can affect the number of items you will put on your baby registry. So you need to find out as soon as possible. Also, remember that babies sometimes arrive earlier than expected. An early start to your baby registry is just a good idea, all around. 

Create a Checklist 

One of the best baby registry hacks is to create a preliminary checklist before finalizing your baby registry. If the number of items on your checklist is higher than this, you have been caught up in the excitement of it all. Calmly go through the list and focus on the more essential items. Pare the list down, before making it official. 

A checklist simplifies the process of creating a baby registry. And both the initial checklist and resulting baby registry can be simplified by categorizing items. Typical categories on a baby registry are:

  • Nursery and bedding - crib, blankets, and linens 
  • Newborn baby clothes - onesies, rompers, bonnets, booties, etc.
  • Diapering - diapers and diaper-change supplies
  • Baby transporting gear - stroller, baby carrier, baby car seat (if applicable)
  • Bathtime - baby bathtub, baby shampoos, and wash products
  • Feeding - formulas, bottles, or breastfeeding aids 
  • Toys - soft toys, mobiles for the stroller or crib, teddy bears,  and rattles 
  • Other - Everything else that you need, that doesn't fit in the other categories

how many items to add to a baby registry


There is a general rule when it comes to the number of items you will need for your baby registry. And also some basic do’s and don’ts when compiling your registry list. But rules are made to be broken. So if your unique situation calls for a different number than the norm, that is perfectly fine.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating a baby registry. Only you know what is right for you and your baby. This is why we pride ourselves on creating the very finest baby clothes, toys, and gift sets, ideal for any baby registry.

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