Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

With so many baby clothing and toy items to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick what is best. It is best to select gifts that are of good quality so that you know they will last for longer. 

This is also key to ensure that it is good fabric, preferably organic, that will be gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the very best baby’s first Christmas gift ideas. In this article, we’ll list the perfect Christmas gifts for baby boys, girls, and some meaningful gift ideas that work for almost anyone.

What this article covers:

Best Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

baby's first christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts for Baby Girl's First Christmas

Cactus Clothes

Cacti have become a trendy design for home decor and clothing, so make the baby the trendiest around with a cute clothing item that features a cactus on the front.

Whether a onesie, shirt, or any other type of clothing, this unique and modern imagery will turn heads with its unconventional, but playful design. 

You can go traditional with a cotton item, or opt for a quirky knitted design for a truly standout look. 

Layer up the cactus look for warmth, and the little one can even wear this new cactus baby outfit around the tree on Christmas Day. 

baby first christmas gifts

Feminist Gifts

With constantly growing opportunities and the endless fight for equality for women, it is never too early to start your baby girl as a little feminist. 

From a girl power feminist onesie to an ‘Elect Women’ toy, or even a visuals-based book like ‘Little Feminist’ (this is probably better suited to a slightly older child, like a Christmas gift for a 15-month-old), there are so many empowering gifts to choose from. 

gifts for baby's first christmas

Have your little girl make a statement when at home or out and about. If you gift this to a baby, you can even gift mom a similar shirt for an adorable matching moment. 

With such a strong start, the baby girl will be destined for great things in her future. 

Organic Baby Bibs

A big part of a baby’s upbringing and development is their ability to get creative, have fun, and most importantly: make a mess. 

While this should be encouraged, it can be difficult for parents to keep the baby girl’s clothes clean and in good enough condition to be worn again. With a quality organic baby bib, this does not have to be a concern. 

 baby first christmas gift

You can go for a simple design, one with interesting images like animals, nature, or even a food theme for a Christmas gift for a 12-month-old girl.

An organic cotton bib will be comfortable on a baby’s skin, and durable enough to last a long time. Pick one that is adjustable so that it can be used well into toddler years so that their curious and creative spirit never has to disappear. 

Baby Boy's First Christmas Gift Ideas

Avocado Clothes 

Avocado might be a delicious addition to some toast or as chunky guacamole, but the food has also become a quirky design found in decor and clothing. 

A cotton bodysuit or a knitted avocado onesie for a baby, with a little avocado on the front, is a surefire way to elevate a baby boy’s wardrobe to be cute, modern, and unique. 

best gifts for baby's first christmas

You can go for a simple avocado design or a more playful option with a smiley face incorporated into the food. 

This is the perfect Christmas present for a baby boy whose parents love cooking, or are bonafide foodies, as this allows them to ignite the love and connection to all things gourmet from a very young age.

Baby Hats

If you are browsing for a cute gift for a baby boy, chances are (depending on where he lives) the weather has cooled down significantly. 

For a very young baby, the cold can be especially harsh. This means that a warm, snuggly accessory, like a knitted baby boy newborn hat, will come in handy for the little one. 

 baby's first christmas presents

You can go for a neutral, solid color that will go with most outfits. If you want to shake things up, opt for a print-patterned hat to add a splash to your clothing. This can be gifted alone, or added onto a toy or outfit. 

This practical item will make a perfect baby Christmas gift for grandparents.

Organic Bodysuit 

Newborn babies might need diapers to be changed a few times in the day, and the easiest form of clothing for parents to take off and put on is an organic baby bodysuit

It is easy to open using buttons at the bottom and is quick to fasten back up, especially when the baby boy is restless and needs to be picked up. 

You can gift a quality bodysuit that will come in handy for any parents - with the mess that regularly occurs with newborns, they can never have too many on hand. You can even present it as a Christmas gift for an unborn baby, as it is sure to be useful after the baby arrives. 

baby's first christmas gift

Pick a simple striped design or solid color, or go bold with a fun design like a dinosaur, or food items. 

Baby's First Christmas Toys

Organic Baby Toys

When it comes to a gift that will prompt the biggest smile on a baby’s face, you can never go wrong with a fun organic baby toy

 baby's first christmas toys

Babies usually cannot play with complicated toys with many small parts as it is a choking hazard. The perfect option is a soft toy, as these are safe, gentle, and can be easily carried and enjoyed by a baby. 

You can choose from many designs, such as a lion, elephant, pretzel, avocado, and many more. 

Select one that has a personal touch, such as basing it on the baby’s room decor or the parents’ interests.

Organic Gift Set

A baby’s first Christmas is a special occasion, and you may want to mark it with a lavish gift that keeps on giving well into the new year. 

You could curate a hamper of gifts yourself, but realistically, time can be an issue around the festive season. Avoid the work with an organic baby gift set that already has everything a baby could want, or need, in one hamper. 

 baby's 1st christmas gift

With items like clothing, blankets, books, stuffed toys, rattles, and many more included, all you have to do is pick a theme. You can go for a range of themes from feminism, whales, Paris, animals, etc. 

Stuffed Animals

Parents who are animal lovers will be keen to impart that knowledge and adoration to their kids from a young age, and organic baby stuffed animals are a classic way to do this. 

 baby's 1st christmas gifts

With designs like owls, ladybugs, alpacas, lions, and many more, the baby can have their little zoo going in their nursery. 

You can pick one that matches the baby’s nursery, or perhaps an animal that is a favorite of their parents. This works well as a Christmas gift for a baby under 1, as it can be enjoyed by younger babies. 

If you have a favorite animal, getting the baby a stuffed animal that matches is also a great way to add your personal touch to their toy collection, giving them something that reminds them of you.

Meaningful Gifts For Baby's First Christmas

Sports Toys

Often a baby will be born into a family that has strong ties to a particular sport. Whether it’s passed down through generations, born from a school or university passion, or simply a fun pastime, it is a sport that will be prevalent in their lives as they grow older. 

Gift the little one a special knitted sports toy that is soft and easy to hold. The round shape of a soft baseball toy will make it easy to grasp in tiny hands and can be enjoyed as they grow, aiding in skills like throwing and catching. 

baby's first christmas present ideas

An organic cotton knit will also be gentle on their soft hands, making it comfortable to grab onto. 

Knitted Onesies

Knitted onesies have become all the rage in baby fashion, with a traditional twist on a classic clothing item. 

presents for baby's first christmas

An organic knit is as soft as can be on the baby’s sensitive skin and is both breathable and snug for them to wear all day. The fabric is also tactile, so it accommodates a growing baby and stays in use for a longer period. 

Keep it cuddly with an animal design, or go bold with a feminist visual. If you want to keep it simple, you can opt for a solid color or striped pattern. 

Baby Lovey

The world over, the baby lovey has become a must-have for all new parents. It might be a simple, blanket-like design, but it also serves to soothe an upset or tired baby. 

baby first christmas present idea

You can choose from various designs, like a simple animal, a heart, and more. A knitted lovey is generally best, as the soft texture is ideal for a baby.

The lovey can be used as an organic baby blanket, a decor item, or simply a soothing companion for the baby at home or out and about. You will want to invest in a good quality option, as this is sure to become an item that is used all day, every day. 

best first christmas gifts for baby

Cute Gifts For Baby's First Christmas

Organic Baby Rattles 

A knitted baby rattle may sound like a very traditional baby gift, but it has held on to its classic status for a reason. Not much else works as well to keep a baby happy and entertained for prolonged periods, as a rattle does. 

gifts for baby girl 1st christmas

Take the rattle to a new level with a soft, knitted version as the perfect Christmas gift. You can pick from many quirky designs like a carrot, animals, hot sauce, an avocado, and more. 

A rattle made of organic cotton will be soft and light for a baby to carry, without concern for them hurting themselves when left with it. Opt for the gentler jingle, as this is not jarring on the baby’s sensitive ears. 

This gift is best suited for younger babies, like a 7-month-old baby Christmas gift (or younger). 

Elephant Baby Gifts

For a baby’s first Christmas, you are naturally going to want to spoil the little one with a variety of adorable, enjoyable gifts. 

Elephants are known to be a symbol of luck and prosperity, so an elephant baby gift set is not just cute, but also conveys a positive message. 

baby's first xmas gifts

You can choose from several set variations, which include items like rompers, stuffed toys, blankets, hats, etc. 

These are the best baby gift sets and are perfect for a hamper that feels personalized, without the stress of having to curate it yourself. 

Baby Clothes

There are few gifts more useful for new parents than durable, soft organic baby clothes that can stand the test of time - and spit-ups. 

Clothing items that are made of pure organic cotton are generally the best option, as these will remain in excellent condition for months, and even years for valuable hand-downs to younger siblings or other family members.

A quality romper or bodysuit with a cute design will add a touch of style to any baby closet. It should also have an easy-to-use button or strap function, to allow for quick diaper changes throughout the day. 

gift for baby first christmas


There may be many baby gifts to choose from when browsing around, but opting for those of pristine quality can narrow it down significantly, making the process far easier. 

When it comes to fabric, organic cotton is generally unmatched for a baby’s skin. It is soft, gentle, and most comfortable, ensuring your baby is snug all day long. This also means you are playing your part in keeping the environment safe and starting your little one off as a tiny environmentalist from the get-go. 

To put together the perfect gift package you can pick two or three items that follow a similar theme to create a hamper, or if you want something easier, there are fantastic gift sets to choose from. 

Whatever you choose to buy, try to keep it personal. Pick a stuffed animal that either you or the parents like, or get an NYC-themed gift set if the baby is raised to be a little New Yorker. 

Personalizing the gift will make it an unforgettable one, and it will be cherished by the little one for years to come, whether it is a Christmas gift for a 5-month-old or a newborn. 

Best Gifts For Baby's First Christmas (FAQs)

christmas gifts for baby's first

How many gifts for a baby's first Christmas?

While a baby’s first Christmas is an exciting time for everyone and you may want to spoil the new addition, how many gifts will depend on your budget, and the type of gifts you are looking to buy. 

If you are getting clothing items, you may want to add on a few accessories like hats and/or shoes, and perhaps a small toy to accompany it. You can also go for a pre-packed gift set which will usually incorporate these items. 

What presents are good for a 1-year-old?

A one-year-old is in the crucial stages of development, so you cannot go wrong with a toy that doubles up as an educational tool. 

This can be anything from a baby instrument to a drawing apparatus, or even a puzzle. Books are also wonderful gifts, as they can be enjoyed for the pictures, and aid in developing reading skills as the baby gets older. 

Do you give a gift when a baby is born? 

best toys for baby's first christmas

It is generally good practice to give new parents a gift for their baby when it is born if you can. 

This is a symbol of luck and well wishes for their new journey as parents and celebrates their new life. It also contributes to a collection of clothes, toys, or equipment that the parents need, but can often be difficult to build by themselves. 

Will 0-3 months fit a newborn?

This will depend on the size and weight of your newborn. 

Generally, this size will fit a newborn, but if it is too big, you can fold up the legs and sleeves until the baby grows into it. When shopping for a baby, it is often wise to buy clothes slightly bigger so that they grow into it and can be used for longer before becoming too small.

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