Christmas Gifts For Babies 6-12 Months

The festive season is here, and Christmas shopping is in full swing. As parents, we want to get our children the best toys. The baby toys we choose for Christmas need to be cute and fun, but they also need to help with childhood development.

At 6 to 12 months, babies absorb sights and sound like never before. They’re also developing their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and learning about cooperation. 

To help them on their way, we’ve gathered all the best Christmas gifts for babies 6-12 months old! All these toys will keep your infant endlessly entertained while supporting their journey of discovery.  

23 Best Gifts for Babies 6-12 Months Old

Unique Baby Clothes

christmas gift for 5 month old girl

Start Christmas celebrations with unique baby clothes. Babies are always growing, and we know the struggle of trying to keep up with that growth. So, don’t hesitate to get some baby clothes and enjoy dressing up your little one while you still can. 

If you’re a little lost on where to start, try organic baby clothes. Our cotton baby bodysuits and organic avocado baby clothes are fan favorites with good reason. They’re safe for sensitive baby skin, look adorable, and make for amazing keepsakes. 

Teething Toys

Teething is an overwhelming experience for babies. As their first set push through their gums, it can cause irritation and pain. It’s what makes teething toys important for babies and why they’re a staple Christmas gift idea for unborn babies

And if you think teething toys are too boring for Christmas, think again. There are many fun, quirky teething toys on the market, including ones that light up or double as baby rattles. It’s a fun, affordable Christmas gift that will keep your infant entertained and pain-free. 

Adorable Baby Blanket 

At 6 to 12 months old, babies have more of a handle on temperature regulation than they did when they were younger, but not enough to forego a comfortable blanket. Celebrate Christmas by getting them a Lovey blanket and helping them stay warm and healthy all year round. 

best gifts for babies 6-12 months

Not only are blankets necessary tools for helping babies stay healthy, but they’re also important in babies staying happy. 

Blankets are soothing devices, and many children hold on to their blankets for years. So make sure you get your little one an adorable baby blanket this Christmas. 

Baby Gift Set

A baby gift set is a perfect answer to Christmas shopping woes. If you’re not sure what to get or don’t want to buy a bunch of toys, you can enjoy an age-appropriate baby gift set from almost any retailer. 

But none of them beat our baby gift sets. Whether you want sets focused on education, clothing, fun, or all three, we’ve got one for you. They’re fun, educational, organic, and, best of all, gorgeous!

gift ideas for babies 6-12 months

Standing Activity Walker

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your baby’s first Christmas, then a standing activity walker is your best bet. Baby walkers are the perfect meld of function and fun, and are a must-have for any 6 to 12-month-old babies. 

Activity walkers are little walkers babies can use to practice their crawling and walking skills. It’s a little more advanced, but we’re confident your baby will enjoy it for years to come. 

The stands are sturdy and provide the perfect leverage for babies to take their first tentative steps. As a bonus, the activity center is full of fun games that will encourage them to try again and again. 

Stuffed Toy

Could any Christmas list be complete without a stuffed toy? We don’t think so. We’d even recommend stuffed toys as New Year’s baby gifts, and we do so for good reason. 

Stuffed toys will always be fun. But more than that, they’re a soothing presence in an ever-changing world. Babies are learning so much so quickly. Offering reassurance and consistency on this journey is essential.

Stuffed toys are calming and comforting and most children carry them well into adulthood. You can go one step further and get a handmade stuffed toy. They’re safe for all skin types and their organic nature means they’ll last for years. 

christmas gift ideas for 5 month old

Tummy Time Mirror

Tummy time is essential for childhood development. It helps babies build the necessary muscle groups that will help them stand, hold their balance, and support their heads. 

Unfortunately, most babies don’t like being on their bellies with nothing to do. A tummy time mirror helps make the process a little smoother, and it’s one of our most recommended Christmas gifts for 7-month-old babies

The mirror is safely wrapped in bright material and made of plexiglass or acrylic. It also features bright displays and games to keep them entertained. 

Crawling Mirror

Similar to the tummy time mirror, the crawling mirror uses babies’ reflections to get them up and moving. Crawling mirrors are mounted on big, bright wheels that curious infants can push around.

It’s a fun and safe way to practice crawling and moving around on their own and one of the best Christmas gifts for 10-month-old babies and older. 

Baby Rattle

Baby rattles are a great introduction to sound. Auditory stimuli can be a little overwhelming during the developmental phase. Fortunately, baby rattlers allow babies to control the sound instead of being overwhelmed by it from an external source. 

Besides the sound, rattles are fun. They’re light and easy to grasp, giving babies their first taste of cause and effect. All the while, they can comfortably work on their fine motor skills. 

Make sure you purchase a safe baby rattle, like our soft, knitted baby rattles. It’s important to make sure the rattle has no toxic chemicals or beads that could get in your infant’s mouth. 

 gifts for baby under 6 months

Sensory Toys

With so much happening around them, babies are bombarded with new sensory experiences almost constantly. We don’t want to limit this introduction, but we can make it a little more manageable with sensory toys. 

Sensory toys allow babies agency over the auditory and visual stimuli they absorb throughout the day. Some of our favorite sensory toys are sensory dolls and sensory balls.

Sensory balls are soft, squeezy, and covered in different textures and shapes. Sensory dolls are even more fun and feature a plethora of colors, textures, and beads your little one can explore at their own pace. 

Activity Center 

An activity center will always be a Christmas winner and one of our favorite Christmas gifts for 9-month-old babies. These little wheeled platforms hold many fun onboard games and a comfortable and supportive seat. 

The games will keep your little one happily entertained for hours on end, and the platform allows them to practice walking and staying balanced.

We also love activity centers because they’re a safe way for babies to explore. It’s still important to keep an eye on your baby, but an activity center will give you time to work or rest without too much fear. 

Mega Blocks

While we love mega blocks as a Christmas gift for baby boys, we also suggest gifting them to your little girls. Mega blocks are fun and bright, and their big frame makes them easier to grasp than Legos and other building toys. 

Another benefit of mega blocks is how easy they are to assemble. They give babies creative freedom and encourage critical thinking from a very young age. 

While your baby won’t be building anything complex at this age, working on their muscles and creative thinking from such a young age will pay off in the future. 

Bath Toys Collection

christmas gift ideas for 5 month old girl

Bath time can be the best or the worst time of the day. The deciding factor is whether the bath has some toys in it.

A bath toy collection is a great Christmas gift for both babies and parents. While you scrub the day's grime away, they’ll be absorbed by the squeaky toys that float and splash around them. 

Bath toys are also great positive reinforcement. Water, a foreign substance, can be a little scary. But if they’re having fun in the bath, they’ll likely take that attitude joy toward water and swimming in the future. 

Musical Table 

Babies love music. From a young age, music lights up babies' prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for cognitive thinking and memory. It has a ton of benefits, and it’s why we always suggest a musical table for Christmas. 

Musical tables are raised platforms with a variety of musical activities for babies to enjoy. While they absorb new auditory stimuli, they can also use the table to stabilize their bodies and work on taking their first independent steps. 

Foam Crawling Playset

If your baby is getting comfortable with crawling, a foam crawling playset will make for the perfect gift. These playsets are extremely valuable as it improves the quality of their crawling. 

Instead of crawling on a flat surface, foam crawling playsets challenges them and develop minor muscle groups that will help with their balance and future stability. And because the edges are made from foam, you won’t have to worry about sharp edges or dangerous falls. 

Story Books

christmas gift for a 5 month old baby

Our most recommended Christmas gifts for 15-month-old babies are storybooks. From 6 months old, it’s a good idea to create a time slot dedicated to reading. 

First, it will help relax them and makes for a great nighttime ritual. Secondly, while they might not be able to follow along with the story, reading books help babies develop communication skills and the natural rhythms of their home language. 

Crawl Tunnel

Another favorite for older babies is crawl tunnels! Crawl tunnels are super fun and come in many cool, colorful designs. Besides being super fun, crawl tunnels encourage more movement and develop gross motor skills that normal crawling won’t. 

Instead of moving in a straight line, crawl tunnels can be placed in ways that have babies crawling, scooting, and climbing their way to a healthy body. 

Baby Photo Album

christmas gifts for a 7 month old boy

As we mentioned by stuffed toys, babies need consistency and familiarity. A great way to do this is by gifting your little one with a baby photo album, which is a virtually instructible photo book. 

Add photos of the whole family. If you have pets, add them in too. And for an extra dose of cuteness, add a photo of your infant. It’s the type of toy they can hold onto as they get older, and it’s one we guarantee they'll appreciate as adults. 

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys make it onto all Christmas gift lits and with good reason. These budget-friendly toys are simple but effective for cognitive development and fine motor skills. 

They help babies develop their hands, wrists, and the muscles that will help them complete small, detailed tasks like writing. 

Stacking toys also come in many shapes and sizes. You can opt for smaller, elegant wooden stacking toys and big, bright, stacking rings. Or choose cloth stacking toys, which make better Christmas gifts for 2-month-old babies

Baby Bouncer/Swing

Baby swings or bouncers are a must-have for older infants. Bolt the swing to your ceiling or hook it in a doorway, put your little one in the secure seat, and watch as they have the time of their lives. 

The swing is fun, but its real strength is how the swinging and jumping develop their stabilizer muscles. It’s the type of exercise that helps infants stay steady when they first learn to crawl, walk, and run.  

Baby Push-Along Scooter

christmas gifts for a 7 month old boys

Baby push-along scooters might sound like a scary gift for a 6 to 12-month-old. Granted, we’d suggest this gift for older babies. But they’re fun toys that help infants experience the joys of moving around and exploring on their own. 

Baby scooters, unlike older scooters, are lower to the ground and have bigger wheels. They’re lightweight, and the big seats allow babies to sit or rest their tummies while they push the scooter around with their legs. 

You can see the benefits of having what’s essentially a baby elliptical. It’ll make them more comfortable with the movement and work on both fine and gross motor skills. Before you know it, your infant will zoom around on their own two legs. 

Activity Cube

Activity cubes are a brain development paradise. These big blocks, usually made of wood, feature tons of educational games your infant will enjoy. 

The toggles, spinners, and bead mazes on these toys might seem confusing, but we guarantee it’s the type of toy your little one will be enthralled with until they’re much older. 

Personalized Christmas Ornament

good christmas gifts for 7 month old

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a sentimental present, and no gift fits the bill better than a personalized Christmas ornament. Buy an ornament mold kit online and make a print of your baby’s hand. Add the date, bake the clay, and add it to your Christmas tree. 

Or have a baby photo framed and engraved with their name and the date. It’s a lovely gift you can share with the rest of the family or as a gift from your baby to your grandparents


There’s no reason to dread Christmas shopping, not when you have this Christmas guide to gifts for babies 6 to 12 months old! Choose toys from the above list, entertain your little one, and encourage their development without overwhelming them. 

Celebrate the festive season with great food, family love, and amazing Christmas gifts. And remember, no matter what toy you choose, encourage your baby’s growth with joy and enthusiasm.

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