Gifts for a 6-Month-Old

Are you looking for the best gifts for a 6-month-old baby? Infants of this age have different needs than a newborn, and your choice of gifts should reflect this. But what do you do if you need some gift idea inspiration?

Read our article, of course. We’ve taken the stress out of gift shopping in this guide to gifts for a 6-month-old. If you are left bewildered after looking through aisles of baby goods at your local baby store, read on. We put together a list of excellent gifts for 6-month-old baby girls and boys.

From practical essentials to traditional-style toys, we’ve got it all here. We even included some extra tips for baby gift shopping. The best gifts are those that are chosen with thought and consideration. So read our guide, below, and you’ll know what the best gifts are for 6-month-olds, and why.

What this article covers:

Best Gifts for a 6-Month-Old Baby Girl

These are our top 5 picks for the best gifts for a 6-month-old baby girl:

Girl Power Themed Gifts

best gift for 6 month old

Celebrate your 6-month-old girl’s girl power with one of our empowering feminist baby gifts. Our range of stunning feminist baby clothes, toys, and gift sets will delight any little girl and her mom. 

By 6 months of age, baby girls are more responsive to colors and shapes. They will now be better able to appreciate all the colors, prints, shapes, and textures of our wide range of feminist baby gifts. Our feminist range of clothes and toys is, however, suitable for newborns up to 6 months.

Even in this modern age, much needs to be done to empower girls and women. So encourage confidence, self-esteem, and pride in being a girl from a young age. These qualities will serve your little girl well, all through childhood, until she is a grown woman herself.

Long Organic Cotton Romper

By the age of 6 months, most babies start crawling. Interestingly, many parents report that their baby girls started crawling earlier than their boys. This means that long-legged rompers or onesies should be made of durable material. 

Organic cotton rompers fit the bill, as cotton is a very strong and durable natural material. Our organic cotton rompers are soft and comfortable and available in a variety of colors and prints that little girls will love. 

gifts for 6 months old baby boy

Even when you transition your baby out of rompers into other styles of baby clothes, rompers make ideal sleepwear. They are cool in summer, warm in winter, and breathable for nighttime comfort. One or two of these beautiful rompers will make useful and practical gifts for a 6-month-old girl. 

Teething Ring Toy 

At around 6 months, most babies have started, or will start, teething. Baby girls will often start teething before baby boys of the same age group. Therefore, a set of colorful teething ring toys may be the ideal gift for a 6-month-old baby girl. 

The most important consideration when buying such items is that they should be BPA-free. Bisphenol-A (or BPA) is a well-known harmful chemical found in some plastic items. Although reputable baby goods manufacturers will avoid using such toxic plastics, it is always wise to check before purchasing.

Some baby girls start teething well before the age of 4 months, so these also make great toys for 4-month-olds. If you’re stumped as to what to pair with a teething toy for a more well-rounded gift, some of our organic baby bibs are the ideal choice.

best toys for babies 6 to 12 months

Unique Hand-Knitted Doll

One of the best gifts for a 6-month-old girl is a knitted doll. Like teddy bears, dolls will always fascinate little girls. They offer comfort and emotional support, as well as fun to play with. Many baby girls treasure these toys as soothers, and therefore they are always popular gifts for any age.

The most suitable dolls for 6-month-old girls are soft, knitted ones. That is why we offer knitted dolls made from the softest, purest organic cotton. Each doll is hand-knitted in Peru and is sure to become a little girl’s best friend.

best gifts 6 month old

This is a stage characterized by rapid growth and development. Crawling and teething are just two examples of the changes a 6-month-old may be experiencing. The presence of such an adorable character can be very comforting and soothing to 6-month-old baby girls. 

A Baby Swimsuit

Because all babies were surrounded by the warm, watery environment of the amniotic fluid in the womb, they have a natural affinity for floating.  This means that they can be taught to swim from a very young age. 

At around 6 months, many parents have started, or will start, to get their baby used to floating in water. This is an ideal time to start learning to swim and will ensure water safety for when she grows older. So to get a baby girl used to wearing a swimsuit, buy her a pretty baby swimsuit. 

Pair this gift with some swim diapers, just to be safe. This will prevent unnecessary “accidents” in the pool.  There are adorable swimsuit styles for 6-month-old girls, and many are available online, too. Choose one with a popular cartoon character print, or in vibrant color for the summer. 

Top Gifts for a 6-Month-Old Baby Boy

These are our top 5 picks for gift ideas for a 6-month-old baby boy:

Sports-Themed Toys or Clothes

best gifts for a 6 month old

These will always be among the top-rated baby toys for 3-6 month-olds. Boys love sports-themed toys, and 6-month-old boys are no different. So support his sporty, active nature with some age-appropriate sports-themed toys. For bedtime, get him our soft, knitted ball toys that he can play with in his crib.

best toys for infants 6-12 months

Ball toys are lots of fun, but they also fulfill another important purpose. They are ideal for teaching babies good hand-eye coordination and strengthening motor skills. Babies are naturally attracted to things that roll, so meet their curiosity about the world around them with sport-themed ball toys. 

Pair these with onesies that feature sports-themed prints, for the ideal 6-month-old baby boy gift. Choose from our selection of beanie-style baby hats for boys for coordinating accessories. This would be especially suitable for a gift in the wintertime, or in a colder climate.

 gift ideas for 6 month old girl

Jungle Animal-Themed Clothes or Toys

Little boys are also crazy about jungle animals. Delight them with rompers featuring jungle animal prints, and team these with one or two stuffed animals. Choose animal toys that are free from choking hazards. As 6-month-olds are naturally curious, they tend to put toys (and everything else) in their mouths. 

This is further complicated by the natural stage of teething, which occurs at roughly the same age. Rest assured, our toys contain no harmful fixtures that will cause harm to sensitive gums. Nor do they present a choking hazard. Made from soft, pure ingredients, they are kind to little hands and faces.

Teach your intrepid explorer about the wonder of the animal kingdom with our handmade stuffed animals. Match these to baby clothes with fun jungle animal prints. Or buy a ready-made animal-themed set. Your baby boy is sure to love them, no matter which animal you choose.

christmas present for 6 month old boy

Beach Toys

If your gift-giving coincides with the summer, and trips to the beach are on the cards, some beach toys are an ideal choice. Baby boys love playing with beach balls, and these are usually very easy to find in toy stores.

When selecting beach toys for a 6-month-old, check that any plastic balls or other toys are still soft and above all, non-toxic. Many plastics contain harmful elements such as AZO dyes, which can cause allergic reactions and severe health defects.

Make the responsible choice, and only buy plastic baby toys from reputable manufacturers and retailers. If you are unsure about their contents, make the relevant inquiries. You have the right to know what goes into the baby goods you buy.

Stacking Cups or Blocks

All baby boys love to build things. So this is an excellent gift for a 6-month-old baby boy but is also one of our recommended toys for 5-month-old babies. From around this age, the way that babies play with such toys starts to differ. 

Whereas newborns up to 3 or 4 months are mostly attracted to the bright colors, slightly older infants will stack and then swipe down their block toys. This is all part of their development through play and will delight all babies for hours on end.

As playing with stackable blocks and similar toys teaches the identification of colors, shapes, and numbers, this is also a fantastic gift for 6-month-olds. Your 6-month-old baby boy is becoming more active and curious by the day, and these toys are both fun and educational.

Baby Books 

best gifts for 6 month old baby girl

By 6 months of age, babies can see in all three dimensions and also in color. Therefore, t will derive a lot of benefits from baby books at this stage. Board books, cloth books, or waterproof plastic bathtime books, are all ideal gift choices for this age. They are all widely available in children’s bookstores. 

Match the book to the occasion. If it’s a birthday gift, choose a story about someone’s birthday. For Christmas, select a book featuring Santa Claus, reindeer, or elves. Christmas-themed picture books would also make suitable 5-month-old baby Christmas gifts.

Why are baby books ideal for boys in particular? Well, research has shown that males tend to read less than females. This is something we need to address from a young age to rectify the problem. Reading to and with your baby boy from a young age will foster a love of reading. It also facilitates bonding. 

5 Handy Tips for Choosing the Best Gift for a 6-Month-Old

best gifts for 6 month old boy

When you are buying a gift for your own 6-month-old baby, it’s relatively easy to determine what he or she needs or would like. But if you are buying a gift for a 6-month-old baby that is not your own, it helps to have a bit more guidance. 

So to further help your gift selection process, we have 5 useful tips for you. Even if you know nothing about babies, you can't go wrong if you follow these simple suggestions. 

Here are our 5 great tips for making your gift selection easier:

Respect the Parents’ Values and Beliefs

When the baby you are purchasing a gift for is not your own, consider the parental style and values of his/her parents. Do they have a particular stance on gender identity or neutrality? Are they feminists? This may affect their preferences for clothing and toys for their baby.

If you are unsure of their stance on this issue, play it safe and choose gender-neutral styles, themes, and colors. Avoid controversial slogans, and political, or religious motifs if you are unaware of the parents’ affiliations. 

Our range of organic clothes and toys for babies features several gender-neutral options. They are all suitable for any bay, regardless of cultural background.  

Consider the Weather

best gift for a 6 month old

Babies grow so fast.  So there’s no point in selecting age-appropriate clothing for a 6-month-old in summery styles and fabrics if winter is about to start. By the time summer rolls around again, they will have outgrown the item.

No matter how gorgeous those clothes may be, the baby won’t get enough wear out of them. Consider the current season’s weather when choosing clothing gifts. Ideal gifts for winter would be long rompers and onesies, with matching beanies. 

Take Your Cue from the Occasion

The season/time of year can be your best guide to choosing a suitable gift for a 6-month-old. For example, is it summertime or wintertime? Is this a Christmas gift or a birthday gift? 

Selecting 6-month-old baby Christmas gifts needn’t be daunting. Baby clothes in festive colors like red and green, or candy stripes featuring these colors, are a fun way of introducing some festive cheer to your gift. 

Alternatively, summertime gifts may include summer wear, beach toys, or a combination of the two. Sun hats are often overlooked but make great gifts too. Babies have delicate skin, and it needs protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Give Multi-Purpose Gifts

gift idea for 6 month old

Gifts that serve more than one purpose are always appreciated. What do we mean by this? A well-chosen gift set will contain carefully coordinated items that meet both practical needs and allow for some fun. 

An outfit with a matching blanket and toys will not only serve the baby well for special outings. These items can also be used separately, for everyday purposes. 

Of course, you can also make up your own gift set, by choosing a specific theme or color scheme. The baby’s parents will be so impressed by the extra effort. 

Be Realistic in Your Gift Choices

It may seem like a good idea to give beach toys as a gift in summer. But, they will not be useful if the family lives in an urban, land-locked environment and never go to the seaside. 

Be realistic about your gift choices. Ask yourself, “How much use will this item get?” before making your purchase. This will ensure that you give practical and considerate gifts, that are well worth the expense.

best gifts for 6 month old baby girls


Gift shopping should never be stressful, but we understand why shopping for baby gifts can be frustrating. With so many products out there, how do you know what to choose? And where will you find the time? 

Trust us with your baby gift shopping needs. We offer only the very best quality organic baby gifts, that you can buy online. 

They are not only beautiful, and safe for babies from newborns through to toddlers, but are also safe for the environment and sustainably sourced. 

Best 6-Month Baby Gifts (FAQs)

Here are some common questions we’ve come across relating to gifts for 6-month-olds:

Which clothes are best for 6-month-olds?

gifts for 6 months baby boy

At 6 months old, many babies still wear rompers. They are, after all, extremely comfortable and practical. Many parents prefer to phase out rompers after this age, though, especially for little boys. 

If you decide to choose other baby clothing styles as gifts, remember that 6-month-olds still wear diapers. Baby clothes with fastenings between the legs make diaper changing far easier.

Do 6-month-olds like different toys from newborns?

While all babies love toys, they have different needs as they grow. Newborns are attracted to soft toys. Slightly older infants enjoy more colorful and textured playthings, as they learn to identify new things around them.

Most 6-month-olds are quite active and start passing toys back and forth to their parents, siblings, and friends. Encourage this with toys suited for communal play, like ball toys.

gift for 6 month baby boy

What are essential items for 6-month-olds?

Essentials are those items that every baby needs. Newborns are not the only ones who have essential needs, though. Some items are more important for 6-month-olds, and these are also essentials.

The most relevant essentials for 6-month-olds are comfortable but durable clothes for crawling in, and teething toys. This is because 6 months is the common age when these developmental milestones are reached. 

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