Baby Boy Christmas Gifts

The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to find the best baby boy Christmas gifts! But where does one start when there are so many amazing options out there? You start with this list!

Today we’ll give you our top picks for the best Christmas gifts on the market. These gifts are sure to bring a smile of joy to your baby boy’s face and are perfect for childhood development. 

They will help stimulate your little one's senses, assist with cognitive development, and bring a sparkle of joy to the daily pains of growing. And if you are looking for something a little more sentimental, you’ll find that here too!

Top Baby Boy Christmas Gifts

Adorable Baby Clothes

top baby boy christmas gifts

Whether you are buying for yourself or a friend, nothing quite beats the joy of receiving cute baby clothes. Especially not organic baby clothes. From baby boy newborn hats to eclectic monkey baby clothes, you’re sure to find a cute set that will set this Christmas apart from all others. 

Baby clothes are always useful and present a fun way to help prepare parents for future needs. It’s extra helpful after Christmas spending. 

Another win of buying cute baby clothes is that it makes an amazing keepsake. Put this set away to bring out for future viewing and reminiscing, or hold onto it as a Christmas gift for grandparents from your baby. 

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are cheap, fun, and indestructible, and we’re firm believers that every baby boy should have at least one to pass the time. 

Their loud, squeaky sounds are engaging and the inflatable nature of these toys means your boy will be working on his arm muscles and fine motor skills without realizing it. 

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are an amazing sentimental gift for a baby’s first Christmas and will prove to be a gift your young boy will enjoy for years to come. It’s also extra important because babies can’t regulate their body temperature but need to be kept toasty at all times. 

A baby blanket will do the job perfectly. Besides keeping them warm, a Lovey’s baby blanket is sure to become a lifetime companion and keepsake. 

baby boy christmas gift

Bath Toys

Bath toys make amazing toys for both parents and baby boys. Why? Because anyone who has ever bathed a baby knows it can go either really good or really bad. 

Bath toys get babies to love it more than they hate it. It’s a fun and safe way to keep them occupied while mom or dad finishes washing away the day’s dirt. 

Baby Developmental Gym

Whether you have a newborn or are looking for a Christmas gift for a 7-month-old, a baby development gym is a Christmas winner! The mat structure is fun and easy to rest on and presents babies with arches full of engaging developmental toys. 

This will work fine motor muscles and help keep them occupied and learning while mom or dad takes a break, finishes some chores, or gets some much-needed work done. 

Stimulating Baby Rattle

cute baby gifts boy

Is any Christmas list done without a baby rattle? Definitely not! Baby rattles are a classic and a staple in any household. They are also one of the best gifts for an unborn baby because they are such a resounding success. 

And it’s like this with good reason. Baby rattles are easy to play with and produce sound, something babies are still getting used to. It helps teach about cause and effect and provides comfort as they gain control of their surroundings. 

If you find yourself nervous about buying a rattle because of production procedures or chemicals, then choose our organic baby rattles. They are safe, durable, and adorable, and promise to keep your little one entertained for ages. 

Matching Christmas Outfit

To celebrate the holiday season, get matching Christmas outfits for the whole family, including your little boy. Dress up, open presents, and have a photoshoot to remember a Christmas overflowing with joy. 

Patchwork Sensory Dolls

Partwork sensory dolls make for an amazing Christmas gift for 9-month-old babies as they help stimulate their rabidly developing senses. These patchwork dolls are covered in many bright, contrasting colors which are easier for their still-developing eyes to notice.  

Patchwork sensory dolls also help babies get used to textiles by gently introducing them to different textures. At a time when their curious little minds can’t keep up with their muscles, a sensory doll helps bridge the gap. 

Organic Baby Toys

In recent years, the need for safe baby toys has become more obvious. Toxic chemicals in toys have become a real worry and have prompted stricter production regulations that have luckily been paying off. 

Still, worry persists. If this is bothering you, then opt for our organic baby toys. These stuffed toys are great for young boys and are sure to keep them away from any scary chemicals. 

cute baby gifts for a boy

Baby Books

Now, we know getting books for a baby might sound weird. But baby books are amazing Christmas gifts for 10-month-olds and older. Baby books are full of bright colors and pop-ups that thrill and entertain their developing senses. 

These books are also almost completely indestructible, which makes them a fun, cost-effective addition to any toy box. 

Stuffed Toy

Who doesn’t have a favorite stuffed toy? They’re soft, easy to play with, and offer comfort during difficult times. Most babies attach to these toys and use them to soothe their fears, especially as they experience new sights, sounds, and emotions. 

Gift your boy a handmade stuffed animal this Christmas and watch as he makes his first lifelong friend. 

top christmas gifts for a baby boy

Activity Cube

Activity cubes are like a little bit of paradise for babies developing senses and make a fine Christmas gift for 12-month-old babies

These cubes are usually larger than other toys and offer a wide array of activities little ones can enjoy. From spiral toys to fit-the-shape activities, they help develop cognitive faculties, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. 

Activity Center

Similar to the activity cube, the activity center offers a plethora of fun games and activities your baby boy can enjoy. But what sets the activity center apart is the fact that it’s on wheels! 

These toys come equipped with a comfortable baby seat that lets your little one practice holding themselves up and moving around. While they work out their brain with the sensory toys, they’ll also be working on their core muscles and walking abilities. 

Christmas Stocking

christmas gifts for baby boy

Join the family and Christmas tradition with a Christmas stocking. Get a cute stocking embroidered with your baby boy's name and hang it up with the rest of the family. It’s a great way to truly introduce your little one to the family and celebrate the holiday season. 

Toy Trucks And Cars

We’re not trying to be traditional by saying you should get your boy a toy truck or car. In fact, we’d wager this is one of the best Christmas ideas for baby girls too. And it’s because of one small thing: wheels.

There is nothing quite as fun as a thing that moves back and forth. Just look at babies and how they react to toy cars. Plus, these big, bright toys are great for many reasons. 

Babies are still getting used to their bodies and being able to move a big, bright toy around is mindblowing. It also gives babies control of their environment and works on balance and fine motor skills. 

Compelling Storybook

Storybooks are often thought of as an older child's gift. But we’d argue they make great Christmas gifts for 15-month-old babies as well. 

When you’re reading a story to your baby, they likely won’t understand what’s going on. But it will gently introduce them to the wonders of storytelling and provide time dedicated to language. It also provides a way to calm down your little one and will make for a soothing and bonding bedtime routine. 

Handprint Clay Mold

top christmas gifts for baby boy

Babies grow up so fast. You blink once and you’re newborn is suddenly a teenager. It can be hard for parents and it gets harder when memories start to fade. 

So don’t rely solely on your memory. Instead, get a handprint clay mold and make a copy of your little boy’s hands or feet. Clay molds are quick, clean, and won’t hurt their sensitive skin. And when you bake them, you’ll have a permanent keepsake of how small your child once was. 

Baby Crib Mobile

Sleep is extremely important to proper development. But it can be hard to come by for parents and babies. That’s where a baby crib mobile comes in. These amazing toys can clip onto your baby's crib and provide endless amounts of entertainment. 

They’re especially effective at night. Some mobiles have soothing light shows or soft, natural sounds that help lull fussy babies to sleep. It’s an easy way to establish a nighttime routine and provide some entertainment for active minds. 

Musical Toys

Music is universally enjoyed and babies are no different. But it can be a little overwhelming for them to be bombarded with the newest viral hits. To gently ease them into the wonders of music, you can instead opt for a musical toy. 

From animal sounds to lullabies to ocean waves, these toys are fun and educational.

They also come in many shapes and sizes. We have no doubt you will find one that fits your boy’s personality. They also feature big, bright buttons that are easy to push and fun to work with. 

Stacking Toys

best baby boy christmas gifts

As your boy gets older, he’ll get very curious about shape, mass, and volume. That’s why it’s never too early to introduce stacking toys. These toys come as big, bright plastic rings or wooden shapes and are easy to lift, move around, and stack. 

These toys encourage thinking but they also help develop essential core muscles. To stack these toys, babies need to move around, rest on their arms, and hold themselves upright to use their hands. 

So while these toys are fun and relatively cheap, they are also essential in helping develop the muscles that will later help your baby crawl and then walk. 

Tummy Time Mirror

Would any baby gift list be done without a tummy time mirror? We don’t think so. These toys, while not playthings in the traditional sense, are still fascinating and important for child development. 

A tummy time mirror will help keep your boy company while he works on his core muscles. 

Before long, he’ll be lifting his head and crawling around your home. And don’t worry. These mirrors are completely safe; they are wrapped in protective materials and won’t break with wilder play. 

cute baby gifts for boy

Christmas Ornament

Celebrate the festive season by creating your baby boy’s first Christmas ornament. Have a small picture framed and engraved or create a clay or wood ornament with your baby’s name and birthdate. 

Add the year and hang it on your Christmas tree. Keep it as a sentimental keepsake to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas.


As you can see, there are tons of fun, practical, and affordable baby boy Christmas gifts on the market. There are also amazing options for those looking for something a little more sentimental. 

So don’t let Christmas shopping get you down. Instead, celebrate the season with epic gifts, good food, and family fun.

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