15-Month-Old Christmas Gifts

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you need to start buying. Whether you are looking for a gift for your own 15-month-old baby or a friend’s baby, we are going to give you the best Christmas gift ideas for the baby

When looking for a gift for a 15-month-old baby, you want to choose it based on five main things - safety, development, education, practicality, and entertainment. 

The gifts that are outlined in this guide are all centered around those aspects. This article provides a helpful guide on some really great ideas for 15-month-old Christmas gifts. 

What this article covers:

Christmas Gifts for a 15-Month-Old Girl

Stuffed Toys

While this might not necessarily be an educational or developmental toy, handmade stuffed animal toys are safe and can provide hours of entertainment to the little one. 

christmas gifts for 15 month old

Even though they may be more commonly seen as a Christmas gift idea for a 7-month baby girl, stuffed toys can also be a sense of safety for 15-month-old baby girls. They provide comfort and joy to little girls, and we have a wide choice of different types available, so you will definitely find one that will suit the baby girl’s liking. 

Baby Blankets

Any parent will know that you can never have enough baby blankets in the house. But the reason why a blanket makes an excellent gift for a 15-month-old girl is that experts only recommend that babies sleep with blankets if they are over one year old.

For this reason, cotton baby blankets would not make a great Christmas gift idea for a 9-month-old baby, but would be perfect for a 15-month-old. 

 best gift for 15 month old

Baby Clothes

Babies tend to grow so fast, that clothes don’t last very long. This makes receiving clothing very helpful.

Our organic baby bodysuits are a perfect choice if you are looking for cute, good-quality baby clothes to gift. 

 christmas gift for 15 month old boy

Something else that you could do to make this gift more special is to personalize the onesie with the baby’s name or picture on it. This makes for a great baby’s first Christmas gift from grandparents

Palm Grip Crayons

Palm grip crayons are a perfect Christmas gift for a 15-month-old girl. To use them, the baby would need to have developed a bit of their fine motor skills, which they would have done by this age.

So, while this is not something that would make the best gift for babies 6-12 months but is a fantastic gift for 15-month-olds. 

Palm grip crayons are big enough that there is no danger of them being swallowed by the baby, and at the same time, it enhances the baby’s fine motor skills and starts to teach them a bit of creativity. 


Books make for a fantastic Christmas gift for 15-month-old girls. Not only can they be used to lull the baby to sleep, but they will also expose her to a wider vocabulary. This can be crucial in helping her learn how to speak and develop her mind. 

Books are great from an educational and developmental perspective and set a solid foundation from a young age. 

It is also so important to expose little ones to books when they are younger, as this can teach them to enjoy them, and hopefully decrease exposure to too much technology in the future. 

Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys or bikes are a great way for 15-month-old girls to develop and practice their gross motor skills. While girls usually develop their fine motor skills quicker than boys do, it is the opposite when it comes to gross motor skills.

So, buying them a ride-on toy or bike is a fun way for them to practice and better their gross motor skills. These toys will help them develop balance and leg strength and will allow them to have fun while doing so.  

Christmas Gifts for a 15-Month-Old Boy


christmas gifts for 15 month old boy

It is a bit of a stereotype that baby boys are messier than baby girls. Whether this is true or not is up for debate by a lot of parents. But regardless, babies in general are pretty messy. This makes our organic cotton baby bibs a great baby boy Christmas gift for 15-month-olds. 

They come with colorful, fun designs, and can make mealtime more fun for the little one. They are easy to wash and are made out of soft, organic fibers that are bound to last for a long time. 

And while you may be thinking that this should be a Christmas gift for an unborn baby, you are right, but bibs are helpful at any age. The ones that parents may have gotten when the baby was first born are probably old and used. 

A new set of bibs will be very helpful and make for a great gift. 

Different-Sized Balls

Gifting a 15-month-old boy a set of different-sized balls is great for developing his gross motor skills and can keep him busy for hours. 

You can also get packs that are made of different colors and textures, this is good from an educational standpoint, as you can start to teach them to differentiate between colors. The different textures are also great for sensory development. 

Finger Paint

gift ideas for 15 month old boy

Playing with finger paint is an excellent way to help develop a child’s fine motor skills. Girls usually develop their fine motor skills before boys do. This means that it is something that should definitely be practiced more regularly with boys.

Finger paint is a great way to hone these skills and is also a great creative outlet. 

There is often a stereotype that only girls should paint and do crafty things. But this is definitely not the case, and it is as important for boys to do this too. 

As an added bonus, finger paint is amazing for sensory development, too, and is something that will keep the child busy for hours.

Building Blocks 

Building blocks are beneficial in a lot of ways. It is a great way for the baby boy to practice his hand-eye coordination, and also emphasizes fine motor skills, too. 

Additionally, it also promotes critical thinking, they are safe, and a great way to keep any child entertained.   

A Walking Toy

christmas gifts for 15 month old girl

This is referring specifically to walking toys that don’t come with a ring for the child to sit in. 

At the age of 15 months, a child should be learning how to stand and walk (this will differ from child to child). A walking toy is a great way to help him practice this and develop his gross motor skills. 

Walking toys normally come with wheels and a handle, so the child will be able to walk steadily, and could even start to learn to run with the help of it. 

Walking toys usually also have other aspects to them, too. For example, they may have musical components, shape sorters, and more built into them. So they are really great from a developmental and entertainment aspect. 

Gift Sets 

If you are really struggling to figure out what to get a 15-month-old boy for Christmas, you could always play it safe and get him a multitude of things in the form of an organic baby gift set

 gifts for 15 month old

We have extremely cute baby gift sets to send for Christmas if you are really out of ideas. Each set has something different in it, so you are bound to find something suitable. 


As you can see, it isn’t that difficult to find meaningful Christmas gifts for a 15-month-old girl or boy when you know what to look out for. 

Don’t let the rush of Christmas shopping overwhelm you and leave you struggling to figure out what to buy. With our guide, buying Christmas gifts for a 15-month-old is a piece of cake, and can actually be quite a fun activity.

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