Toys for a 2-Month Old

The right toys for 2-month-old babies can be a game changer when it comes to development. At two months old, babies start gaining control of their motor skills and take notice of shapes and contrasting colors.

And while they can’t play in the traditional sense, they are still playing with sight, sounds, and textures to learn about the world. With this list, you’ll have a wide array of toys to choose from, all aimed at helping your little one learn, stay safe, and have tons of fun.

Top 10 Baby Toys for 2-Month-Old Newborns

Baby Rattles

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No best toys for newborns list would be complete without the mother of all baby toys: rattles. And our handmade baby rattles are the best around. 

Rattles combine texture and sound for an endlessly entertaining and truly unique play experience. They’re fascinating to babies, give them control over their environment, and introduce sound and texture without being overwhelming.

Rattles are also safe, especially if you get handmade or cotton ones. With the right rattle, you won’t have to worry about skin rashes or cuts from sharp edges. 

High Contrast Flash Cards

At 2 months old, babies struggle to notice soft colors but high-contrast images are visible from close by. It’s a feast for the eyes and nobody is hungrier than your baby. 

High-contrast flashcards are specifically designed to nurture this hunger in babies. It will help your baby notice colors, pick up on shapes, and feed their intensely curious minds. At such a young age, your baby’s ability to learn about art and color should not be wasted. 

Baby Blanket

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While baby blankets might be considered one the best toys for a 1-month-old, we’d argue they still work perfectly fine for a 2-month-old. As motor skills improve, your little one will slowly get used to moving around and might not enjoy the confines of a swaddle as much. 

But they are still babies and blankies are golden. Anyone with older children will tell you that babies' love for blankets never goes away. Especially not for our Loveys baby blankets, which are organic and safe for even the most sensitive skin. 

Soft Stuffed Animal 

A soft stuffed animal toy is the best baby present ever and is sure to be something your child carries with them for years to come. Most children have a bellowed stuffed animal that they carry with them well into adulthood. 

Give your baby the same with organic baby toys. These toys are handmade and gorgeous, and they are safe for even the most curious minds and mouths. It provides comfort during even the toughest times and is likely to be a life companion. 

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Baby Safe Mirror

Babies are intensely curious and just like the rest of us, they find their reflection to be the most fascinating curiosity of all. 

Baby-safe mirrors are the perfect way to nurture their curious minds while encouraging tummy time. Baby-safe mirrors come in many unbreakable forms; some are even available as reflective mats your baby can freely enjoy. 

Just put them on their belly, add some tummy time wedges, and watch them get acquainted with their reflection. 

Baby Gym

One of the best infant toys to date is a baby gym. These toy-filled arches are attached to safe baby mats where they can rest and indulge their senses. Put them in a safe room and let your baby play with soft toys of different textures, colors, sizes, and sounds. 

Some of these baby gyms even come with lights that are safe and fun for your baby to enjoy. Baby gyms also work on those precious core muscles and seamlessly add tummy time to their playtime routine. 

Bath Toys

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Any baby birth gift set should include bath toys. A fussy baby is hard to clean. Water can be a little overwhelming for your baby's senses and make bath time harder for you. But bath toys, especially squeaky bath toys, are the perfect wash time companion.

Bath toys will hold your baby’s attention and calm them while you get them clean after a long day of fun. While a squeaky toy might not be the best sound to hear every day, it sure sounds better than a crying and scared baby. 

Soothing Mobile

Mobiles are a must for any new parent. Clip these portable baby soothers onto your baby’s crib or add a smaller one to a stroller. They come in a variety of types, with some of the most advanced mobiles playing music, and reading stories with a soft and relaxing light show. 

Whichever you choose, even the most basic mobile is a life safer. It will help with grocery store runs and establish a calming nighttime routine that promotes restful sleep for you and your baby. 

Musical Toys 

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As much as babies love the sight of new crazy colors, the one thing they love more is crazy new sounds. Especially sounds they can control or create. 

A musical toy is a perfect toy for a two-month-old. Your baby’s motor skills are still very new so a small, basic toy with big, easy-to-press buttons and soft sounds will be the perfect fit. 

They’ll enjoy the sounds, find ones they like and develop their cognitive abilities, and practice smaller body movements and muscle control. Music makers are real toy winners.  

Texture Books

Texture books are hardcover books filled with pop-ups and materials of varying textures that will thrill your baby’s senses. And with so many texture books out there, you are sure to find a few that awakens your child’s style. 

These books are also a great way to bond and communicate with your baby. They are great devices to teach your baby about storytelling, colors, and textures. 

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At 2 months old, your baby is learning and experiencing more new things in a single day than most adults do in a year. It’s a critical time for cognitive development and helping them establish a sense of the world around them. 

With these toys, your baby will be able to have fun and learn about colors, shapes, sounds, and textures. It’s the perfect way to make learning fun and provide soothing toys and habits they can use well into adulthood. 

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