Baby’s First Christmas Gifts from Grandparents

Christmas time is here, so that means picking out the perfect gift for your grandchild. A baby’s first Christmas gift from grandparents is something they will cherish forever. 

But, that fact may put a little pressure on you as a grandparent because you’re not sure what qualifies as the best baby Christmas gift ever. 

Well, that’s why we at Estella have established the perfect Christmas gift ideas guide so that you don’t have to worry about that. 

We have 10 superb ideas for you below that range from themed ideas to clothing. There is something for your grandchild on this list, and that’s a guarantee!

Top 10 Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas from Grandparents

baby's first christmas gift ideas from grandparents

Animal Lovers-Themed Gift

Animal-loving families need to introduce their newest addition to the family to this love for animals early on. And what better way to do so than by giving them an animal-themed gift?

Animal-themed nurseries are also a big hit among many parents today. They’re gender-neutral and promote playfulness and adventure. 

We have a few adorable options for elephant-themed baby gifts that you can pick out to add to the nursery. Elephant-themed gifts are a popular baby gift for many newborns because they give good luck and wisdom. They have a neutral color palette too, which is ideal for the animal-themed nursery.

christmas gift for grandparents from baby

So as your grandchild’s first Christmas is approaching, anything animal related as a gift we’re sure your grandchild and their parents will love. 

Baby Accessories

Baby accessories make for a cute, small Christmas gift because they’re versatile and can fit with anything. They’re very useful Christmas gifts for a 10-month-old or younger. 

Our organic baby bibs are just one example of an accessory you can include in your Christmas gift. They complement our clothing and toys wonderfully, so you can always match inside and outside of the house. And they protect their clothes from their messy meals.  

baby's first christmas gifts for grandparents

Other baby accessories include hats and teething bracelets. Babies one year and younger typically need hats to shield them from the cold. That’s why, this Christmas, we recommend getting your grandchild a hat so that their head and ears are warm all winter long. 

Teething bracelets are also a common gift because when it comes to that frustrating time of teething, they can act as a quick fix. They reduce pain and can keep them entertained if need be. 

Board Books

Board books are a popular baby gift, and they’re just great for Christmas time. 

While the family is drinking hot cocoa and getting cozy by the fireplace, you can read your grandchild a story from their first Christmas gift from you. What a fantastic way to create some heart-warming holiday memories!

Being made from cardboard means that board books are durable and sturdy. They’re easy for the baby’s little fingers to grab, hold and turn the pages, which makes story time interactive for them. 

Board books are visually stimulating because they’re colorful and bright. They're also great learning tools because you can introduce them to counting or to naming shapes and animals. Some board books even have important messages in their story that your grandchild will grow up hearing. 

We have some great board books in our organic baby gift sets. These books have great themes and fun storylines for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas!

christmas gifts from baby for grandparents

Cozy Security Blanket

You can never go wrong with a cozy baby blanket for your first Christmas baby gift. Not only is it perfect for babies to keep warm in the snowy New York weather, but it’s also something they can use for years to come. 

Security blankets are a sure way to get fussy babies calm in seconds. Not only will babies love it because they feel secure and warm in it, but so does the mom when she has to put her baby to bed. So if you want to be a hit when everyone opens a gift this year, get your grandchild a security blanket. 

We have unique baby loveys for every occasion, such as our Christmas-themed swaddle that will make the most darling gift for Christmas this year. Some of our loveys are also interactive, such as our elephant lovey that has a finger-puppet trunk. 

christmas gifts for grandma from baby

Little Feminist-Themed Gift

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a 12-month-old girl or younger, a feminist-themed gift is for you. 

Raising little feminists actually starts from birth. Feminism is an important movement for today’s culture because it promotes girl power and equality. 

For a baby girl to grow up with the mindset that she can do anything is a powerful thing. And this Christmas, you, as a grandparent, can instill that within her. 

You can even get it if the newest addition to your family is a boy. Raising a boy feminist teaches them to respect, value, and support women every step of the way. 

Our feminist baby clothing is a tremendous start. We even have some feminist gift sets that will make for the best newborn gift sets.

christmas gift ideas from baby to grandparents

Noise Makers

The best toy for a baby’s first Christmas is definitely a good noise maker. Every baby loves one and it can be a non-traditional way of celebrating Christmas cheer. 

Noise makers can include baby rattles and musical toys, such as baby keyboards and tambourines. So while you’re singing along to Christmas carols, give your grandchild that tambourine and let them join in the fun!

Baby rattle toys and musical toys offer auditory stimulation because of the pleasant sounds the rattles create. Musical toys are also a fun way for babies to get creative and express themselves. They even aid in the development of motor skills and senses. 

gift ideas for grandparents from baby

You will gain some precious Christmas memories and a lifetime of laughs and joy from this one gift, so we would say it’s worth the chaos it will create. 

Onesies and Rompers

Babies can never have enough clothes because they’re exceptionally messy, and they grow so fast. We’re sure as grandparents you already know that, though.

Babies between 6 months and 12 months especially follow this rule. That is why if you’re looking for 9-month-old baby Christmas presents or 7-month-old baby Christmas gifts, clothing is the way to go. 

Onesies and rompers are common go-tos for clothing items, but you can opt for jackets and shoes if you wish. We recommend that you select clothing items that provide easy accessibility to the diaper for quick changes. 

We have cute organic baby clothes for boys and girls. We even have a few gender-neutral items for you to pick from.  

 christmas gifts from baby to grandparents

Play Gym 

Play gyms are one of the best Christmas gifts for babies under 1-year old. Babies love spending tummy time in the play gym because it stimulates their senses. 

Most babies under 1-year old usually spend most of their time in everyone’s arms. A play gym allows them to move their arms and legs and roll around. Being active in this way helps them exert their energy through exercise, and they develop motor skills. 

Play gyms are also great for improving hand-eye coordination. That’s because play gyms have objects and designs on them that babies reach out for. 

If you’re looking to add a few more interactive toys to the play mat, we have many organic infant toys that will make terrific additions.

christmas gift for grandma from baby

Soft Toys

Trust us when we say that babies absolutely adore and treasure soft toys. They’re the perfect cuddle buddy that can travel and soothe them when they need it.

Soft toys are also the ideal toy to personalize. You could get a teddy bear and get him a little sweater that says ‘Love Grammy and Gramps’, or you could even knit the sweater yourself. There is complete freedom in personalizing a soft toy.

We have a selection of grandparents' gifts that you could choose from, including a teddy soother. You could also choose an adorable buddy from our handmade stuffed animal collection too. 

christmas gift to grandparents from baby

We have a variety of stuffed toys to choose from, such as foodie-themed and animal-themed. There is something for your little one here! 

Sports-Themed Gift

If your grandchild is very active, a sports-themed gift is a must-have for them this Christmas. You never know if you have the next-best NFL or NBA player in the making.

Baseball baby toys are very popular sports gifts, but of course, there are many others you can get them. When it comes to sport-themed gifts, there are endless options. Sports are not limited to basketball, softball, and football. 

baby's first christmas gift from grandparents

If you’re a hockey fan, get them a gift relating to that. As long as you understand that every sport under the sun is at your disposal for a sports-themed gift. This gift is meant to get your grandchild excited and more active than they already are!

We have many sports-themed gifts you can choose from, such as onesies or rattles. They’re really cute items that are suitable for boys and girls. 


As you can see, there are many options for Christmas gifts this year. So there is no need to stress about what you’re going to get your grandchild.

And the bond between grandparents and a grandchild is special, so your grandchild will love anything you pick because it's from you. 

As long as the baby feels happy playing with the toys you got them and comfortable in the clothes you got them, that is a win in our book.

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