Christmas Gift for a 7-Month-Old

Christmas is fast approaching, and the Christmas shopping rush is descending like a storm. With so many gift options available online and in-store, finding a toy that’s both fun and educational can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for a 7-month-old, one that suits your budget, your preference, and your baby’s personality. 

Here’s our pick for the top Christmas gifts. We guarantee they’ll all help keep your little one busy while they grow mentally and physically.

32 Best Christmas Gifts for a 7-Month-Old

Adorable Baby Clothes

christmas gifts for a 7 month old

No Christmas gift list is complete without baby clothes, especially not organic baby clothes. Babies are constantly growing. And at 7 months old, they’re finally starting to fill out all the baby clothes they got when they were born. 

It makes Christmas the perfect time to opt for something more eclectic, like a knitted baby onesie or cactus print baby clothes. These adorable outfits are organic and safe for even the most sensitive skin. They’re also so adorable they’re sure to bring a smile that lights up your home on Christmas day. 

Lastly, baby clothes make perfect keepsakes. Get your little one the cutest outfit this Christmas, and keep it close when they grow bigger. 

Baby Blanket

When they’re young, babies struggle to regulate their internal temperature. Warm clothes and blankets are important to their health and comfort. So, get your little one a soft baby blanket this Christmas. 

If you want the best baby blanket, opt for a beautiful organic knit baby blanket. These baby blankets are soothing, fun, and safe for all skin types. They’re also durable, so you can watch your child enjoy them for years to come.  

 gift ideas for a 7 month old

Because they’re organic and built to last, you can add the blanket to your keepsake box. Add it right next to your little ones' baby clothes.  

Reward Rolling Balls

One of the most important developmental gifts for 7-month-old babies is rewarding rolling balls. They’re so essential for development, we’d recommend them as a Christmas gift for babies under one for all parents. 

These balls encourage fine and gross motor skills, which are just starting to develop in 7-month-old babies. When babies roll these balls, they light up and make fun noises, which in turn encourage crawling, movement, and exercise. 

Christmas Mantel Sock

One of the best Christmas presents for babies has to be a Christmas mantel sock. It’s a great Christmas present and a sentimental way to get your little one involved in family tradition. 

It’s the type of gift that pays off in the long run. Your 7-month-old isn’t going to understand what it means now, but the sock is something they can enjoy for years to come. It’s the type of gift they’ll come to love and appreciate more as they grow older. 

Personalized Christmas Ornament

gift ideas for 7 month old

Another sentimental gift that your little one is sure to appreciate in the future is a personalized Christmas ornament. They come in many forms, including clay molds and engraved wood ornaments.

All you need to do is add your baby’s picture to the Christmas ornament along with their name and birthdate and hang it on your Christmas tree. 

Personalized Christmas ornaments are also one of our personal favorite Christmas gifts from baby to grandma. It’s a sweet, sentimental gift that embodies love and the Christmas spirit. 

Activity Center

At such a tender age, babies are extremely curious about the world and its workings. They might not be actively crawling, but the urge to do it is there. To help develop their explorative personality, get your child an activity center this Christmas. 

With a stable seat, platform, and four wheels, these walkers support babies, work on their developing leg muscles, and keep them safe in your home. 

Activity centers also have a host of fun onboard activities they can enjoy while you carry on with work or household chores. These toys are a win for parents and babies, and we’d suggest them as a Christmas gift for 10-month-old babies as well. 

Stacking Cups

christmas present ideas for 7 month old boy

The world is a foreign but exciting place, and babies are desperately trying to learn about the world and excerpt some control over it. So, even though stacking cups are simple toys, babies all over the globe enjoy them because they give them some control over their environment.

Babies love stacking toys, putting things inside other things, and emptying our containers only to fill them up again. Stacking cups satisfy this urge while also working on their fine and gross motor skills. They’re also a budget-friendly Christmas gift option.

Stacking Rings

Similar to stacking cups, stacking rings help 7-month-old babies develop motor skills and spatial awareness. Stacking rings, which have a base and rod system, have the added benefit of helping with hand-eye coordination and depth perception. 

Stacking rings come in many shapes and sizes. For a more elegant look, you can opt for wooden stacking rings. Or you can choose the bright, light, and budget-friendly stacking rings sold at most children’s stores. 

Baby Building Blocks

christmas gift ideas for 7 month old girl

If you need a Christmas gift for a 5-month-old to a 7-month-old that’s fun and affordable, we’d suggest baby building blocks. There are many types of building blocks, but for a 7-month-old baby, we’d recommend silicone or cloth blocks. They’re easy to grasp and won’t cause harm if your baby steps on them or throws them. 

Building blocks are safe to play with and encourage development in all areas. 7-Month-old babies can’t build complex structures, but they enjoy carrying items around, creating stacks and piles, and testing the limits of containers. 

Building blocks help them do this safely. Besides being great for learning, building blocks are also endlessly fun. They’re sure to enjoy this toy for years to come. 

Shape Sorter & Insert Toy 

Shape sorter toys are interactive toys that feature a box or grid with shaped holes and corresponding blocks. They’re bright and big, making them safe to play with, and the shaped insert helps babies slowly grasp shape and space. 

Shape sorters are also a great introduction to problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We’d suggest getting one of these and showing your baby how the toy works first. Explain the shapes and show your baby how the toy works before letting them play alone.

It might take some time to get used to it, but this budget-friendly toy is a must for any 7-month-old. 

Activity Toys

christmas gift for a 7 month old

Activity toys take many different shapes, but one of the most well-known ones has to be the activity steering wheel. Activity toys have a main feature, like the steering wheel, and a plethora of other small onboard activities for babies to enjoy. 

While this toy isn’t overly focused on development or features and benefits like many of the above toys, it’s still a boatload of fun for babies. Activity toys are bright with awesome light displays and are endlessly entertaining. 

Activity Walker

Elevate your activity toy game with the activity walker. Like the activity center and activity toy, these walkers have a host of onboard games aimed at lighting up your baby’s senses. But what makes the walker different is that it’s, like the name suggests, a walker. 

The walker has a small but stable platform your baby can leverage to push onto their knees and get their legs under them. It offers support that works on their muscles while keeping them busy with fun activities. 

Because these types of toys are elevated, we’d suggest them as Christmas gifts for 9-month-old babies as well as 7-month-olds who are a little more comfortable getting around on their own. 

Ceiling Bouncer Chair

christmas gifts for a 7 month old baby girl

What’s more fun than a ceiling bouncer chair? Absolutely nothing. These super fun bouncy chairs can be attached anywhere in your home with a bolt or screw to the ceiling. 

After attaching the bouncer to the ceiling, put your little one in the secure seat and watch as they have the time of their lives. 

Bouncer chairs help get babies used to their body weight and holding their upper bodies steady. They’re also a fun, safe place to keep your baby while you carry on with work or household chores. 

Stuffed Toy

Stuffed toys are a classic Christmas gift, and with good reason. What child doesn’t enjoy having a new stuffed toy? 

Besides being fun to hold and play with, stuffed toys are also soothing devices. Most children hold onto their stuffed toys for years and sometimes even into adulthood. 

But remember, at 7 months old, your baby is likely still teething. Make sure the stuffed animal you buy is safe to chew on and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or beads that can come off. Our best and safest picks are these amazing organic, handmade stuffed animals

 7 month old baby christmas gifts

Engaging Night Light

A good night's rest is imperative for healthy development. But getting your 7-month-old to calm down or face the dark of nighttime can be a little challenging. If that’s the case, celebrate Christmas with a gift you and your little one will enjoy. 

Night lights, like wall plug-ins, are a great way to break up the darkness of a room, especially if your little one is still waking up frequently. But a nightlight that shines stars or planets on the ceiling is even better. 

The night light will bring a little magic into your baby’s bedroom and soothe your toddler back to some much-needed sleep. 

Car Toys

One of the most universally enjoyed baby toys is car toys, especially big, bulky, and bright car toys. And while we consider car toys a great baby boy Christmas gift, don’t hesitate to get these awesome toys for your little girl too. 

Not only are most big car toys (the big, round ones meant for toddlers) super durable, but they also teach children about cause and effect. They push the car, and it moves forward. Car toys will also help your baby get moving, even if it is just their upper body at the start. 

Musical Toy

christmas gift ideas for a 7 month old

We know most parents dread musical toys, but they are essential to healthy childhood development. So, get your baby a musical toy this Christmas. There are many available options but our personal favorites are baby pianos, hand-held musical toys, and xylophone activity boxes. 

They’re bright and super fun. And they’re a safe way for your child to get used to foreign sounds and enjoy music, the most universally loved pastime on Earth. 

Sensory Baby Books

Sensory development can be mildly overwhelming, so it’s important to introduce new textures and colors in bite-sized bits. Preferably bite-sized bits your baby can control. Sensory baby books are a great way to do this. 

These virtually indestructible baby books are filled with high-contrast colors and strange new materials. Some books also feature amazing pop-ups and little flaps with surprise characters and textures below. It’s a sensory feast your baby is sure to love. 

Story Books

christmas gift for a 7 month old baby

Storybooks might seem like a strange choice for a 7-month-old, but they’re amazing tools to teach babies about human conversation. They help develop the back-and-forth motion of conversation, the rhythm of language, and natural inflection. 

They’re also an early introduction to creative thinking and the joys of storytelling. There is no better bonding experience than a parent reading a story to an engaged child. 

Music Activity Table

Similar to baby walkers, music activity tables feature a host of benefits your 7-month-old can enjoy this Christmas. First, these toys have a ton of musical games that help develop problem-solving skills and introduce sounds to your child’s vocabulary. 

Second, music tables are stable platforms designed to get babies on their knees or their feet. The sturdy platform helps them develop their core muscles and encourages them to right their posture, which prepares them for walking. 

And lastly, these toys are super fun! They’ll keep your baby busy for hours, and they’ll constantly find new things to do and play with on the table. 

Basic Play House

Playhouses are one of the best Christmas gifts for a baby’s first Christmas. These miniature homes come in many shapes and styles and can be tailored according to your baby’s personality. 

After you bought the toy, take your child on a little run-through of the play house and let them enjoy the set themselves. Remember, always keep an eye out for small, loose toy pieces. They can be a choking hazard. 

Another benefit of playhouses is their longevity. These types have a long lifespan and become even more entertaining as your child grows up. 

Sensory Balls

Safe, fun, and cheap describes sensory balls to a T. As the name suggests, these toys help toddlers develop their senses. They come in many sizes and different textures - most of which make them easier to pick up - and are machine washable for easy cleaning. 

Besides awakening the senses, sensory balls help with motor skills and cooperation. Sit down with your baby and pass the ball back and forth. It’s a simple and effective way to teach about cause and effect. 

Sensory Dolls

christmas gift ideas for 7 month old baby

We’ve mentioned how overwhelming new sensations can be to babies. But experiencing new things is part of healthy development, and it’s something their growing brains and bodies crave. If your little one is more sensitive to the outside world, we’d suggest a sensory doll. 

These dolls are covered in a patchwork of colors and textures. They provide a soothing presence while simultaneously introducing new textures and sights. Sensory dolls are also extremely cute, with small but entertaining hand holds and beads. 

Teething Toy

Teeth development can be irritating and painful. Luckily, teething toys offer safe pain relief while your baby's first set of teeth pushes through the gums. 

There are many teething toys on the market, with most of them being very basic suckers. But you can have fun with odd-shaped teethers, ball teething toys, and even sensory toy teethers. They’re fun, useful, and make for a must-have unborn baby Christmas gift

The best part? Most teething toys are very affordable. Just vet the teething toy online and make sure there are no toxic chemicals on the product or lose pieces that could present a choking hazard. 

Bath Balls

Bath time is the perfect place to introduce some toys. It’ll keep your little one busy and give you much-needed time to scrub away the day's dirt. 

One such classic bathtime toy is bath balls. Affordable and fun, these toys bounce above the water and splash for maximum delight. 

Not only are they fun, but they also take the fear from the bathing process. Water can be scary but showing your baby that it can also be something to enjoy - safely, of course - will help them navigate things like swimming in the future. 

Bath Books

christmas present ideas for 7 month old baby boy

Now, we know bath books sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a genius combination. Like bath balls, bath books can easily handle rough water play. These inflatable and virtually indestructible books feature short, three or four-page stories and colorful images. 

Babies love submerging bath books, watching them float, and reading them with mom or dad over bath time. They’re also a great distraction that will help you finish cleaning up the day's grime. 

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are on almost every gift list and we believe they have earned their spot as one of the most enjoyed toys on Earth. Besides being extremely affordable and coming in many varieties, these toys are also great for childhood development in almost all regards. 

Squeaky toys are fun and easy to grab. They help children develop fine and gross motor skills by practicing grabbing and squeezing motions. The squeeze and squeak action teaches control and cause and effect while being entertaining. 

And lastly, these toys help with visual skills and hand eyes coordination. For such a low price, these toys truly are one of the best toys for the festive season. 

Soft Baby Rattles

christmas gift ideas for 7 month old baby girl

Baby rattles are fun to play with and come with many cute designs. Our personal favorite has to be these handmade, knitted baby rattles. They are safe for all skin types and are safe for even the most curious toddler’s mouth. 

Besides being fun, baby rattles also make for great developmental toys. They encourage curiosity, help the development of grasping muscles and other fine motor skills, and encourage tactile and auditory development. 

The best part? Their simple design makes it easy for babies to enjoy the benefits. 

Tummy Time Mirror

Tummy time is essential to core muscle development. It’s these core muscles that will help your 7-month-old baby crawl, stand, and walk. But without encouragement, it can be hard to get your little one on their belly. 

Tummy time mirrors are the solution! Babies find tummy time mirrors fascinating, and we understand why. Who wouldn’t be curious about their reflection at that age? Besides the mirror, these toys also feature bright colors and mirror toys they can enjoy while on their belly. 

If you’re a little worried about having a mirror so close to your baby, don’t worry. These toys are light without being flimsy, and most are made of plexiglass, a flexible version that doesn’t break without intense pressure. They also have rounded edges and padding for extra protection. 

Keep Sake Box

Keepsakes might not be on your mind now. But we promise you a keepsake box is a great sentimental gift and makes for an amazing Christmas or New Year’s baby gift

In a keepsake box, you can create a snapshot featuring your baby’s development. You can store your child’s baby clothes throughout the years, track milestones, and hold onto other keepsakes like toys and organic baby bibs.

christmas present ideas for 7 month old baby

It’s a sentimental gift that both parents and children can enjoy. It’s a beautiful way to look into the past and offer a glimpse of your child’s journey to becoming the person they will be in the future. 

Easy-to-Grip Take-Along Toys

Going outside or spending time in a car can be hard for parents and babies. Heat, sound, and pressure changes might lead to your usually amicable baby being a lot fussier. Take-Along toys are the perfect solution to this problem. 

Take-along toys feature cute handholds for babies to grasp onto and a lightweight design that won’t tire them out. They work as a mini activity center or music toy with bright buttons that kick off light displays, songs, and other cool functions. 

It’s a great toy to keep your little one busy on the road and to keep everyone safe from distracted driving. 

Baby Gift Set

If you’ve perused the above list and found you’re still on the fence about what to get for Christmas, we’d suggest you get an organic gift set. Choose from a wide array of available options and pick the gift set that suits your baby’s personality. 

7 month old baby boy christmas gifts

These gift sets are unique and filled with some of our best sellers. Whether you want a set focused more on clothes and toys or books and blankets, we’ve got one for you. Enjoy these eclectic gifts and add them to your keepsake box to reminisce on when your baby is all grown up. 


Christmas is about celebrating love, and what better way to do that than bringing joy to your 7-month-old with an epic present? Use this Christmas gift list to narrow your choices and pick the gift you feel fits your baby’s personality the best. 

Celebrate this festive season with gifts guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one's face.

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