Newborn Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is fast approaching, and before you know it you’ll be exchanging gifts with your family and friends. Some people are easier to buy gifts for than others, although you probably have an idea about what they would all like. But what do you do about newborn Christmas gifts? 

If one of your loved ones is about to have a baby, this will be their first Christmas. Panic may be starting to set in, but there is no need to fret. We compiled this inspirational newborn Christmas gifts guide, just for you. 

So relax, and go through the baby gift guide below. We not only included some top gift recommendations, but we also added some handy tips to help you choose the perfect newborn Christmas gift. You’ll never stress about choosing newborn Christmas gifts again.

What this article covers:

Best Baby Christmas Gifts

christmas gifts for newborns

Infant Christmas Gifts

A Hamper of Newborn Baby Essentials 

Perhaps one of your family or close friends will be having a baby right after Christmas. If so, you’re choosing a Christmas gift for an unborn baby. Find out if the mom-to-be is still needing items on her baby registry, and try to include those as your Christmas gifts. 

If she already has everything on the list, get some extra baby essentials anyway. No new mother can ever have enough of those. Choose high-quality essentials like organic cotton baby bodysuits, soft blankets, and baby bathtime products. Be creative, and select items according to a theme, to tie them all together. 

infant christmas gifts

Newborn Baby Gift Set

A newborn gift set takes all the hassle out of gift shopping, yet still offers great value and quality. Most gift sets contain a variety of items, like clothes, toys, and blankets. Some even contain baby books. If you want to give several little gifts but just don’t have the time to curate a collection of gifts, give a gift set.

The best thing about our organic newborn baby gift sets is that they are perfectly coordinated. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that every item in the set is organic, non-toxic, and meets the highest quality standards. We have sets that are suitable for boys and girls, but most are gender-neutral, too.  

christmas gifts for infants

Baby Memory Box

This newborn gift idea is similar to the traditional ‘baby book’, but takes it a step further. Whereas a baby book contains written info about the baby’s milestones, photos, and anecdotes, a memory box can accommodate larger physical items.

Baby’s first booties, a rattle memento, and anything else the parents see fit to put in there will be preserved. When that baby is older, they will be able to look at the items they first loved, but no longer remember. Buy a baby memory box online, or if you love arts and crafts, make your own. 

Christmas Gifts for a 1-Month-Old

Colorful Winter Warmers

We understand that you want a baby's first Christmas gift to be special. But don’t forget that a 1-month-old will not understand what Christmas gift-giving is even about yet. So rather than getting caught up on what will make the biggest impression, try to be as practical as possible in your gift-giving.

At this age, a baby is still very sensitive to cold weather. A cold and snowy Christmas may sound wonderful to you, but it can be unpleasant for a 1-month-old. A gift of a knitted beanie and matching knitted booties will be very much appreciated by the baby and mom. 

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Festive Rompers

Newborns and 1-month-olds practically live in rompers. No mom will ever complain about having one or two more, especially if they are suitable for Christmas weather. Add a baby Christmas hat to any of our 0-3 months rompers and it will instantly turn into a festive fashion affair.

 newborn christmas gift ideas

Make your gift more festive by selecting these items in traditional Christmas colors, or candy stripes. If you find baby socks with Christmas motifs on them, they will make a great addition. In this way, a convenient gift will still spread some Christmas cheer.

2-Month-Old Christmas Gifts

Soft Soothers

Infants can be very fussy, especially when in a strange or noisy environment. Be prepared, and give a gift guaranteed to soothe any 2-month-old’s nerves at even the liveliest Christmas party. Anything that brings a baby comfort may be seen as a soother. This can be a soft toy or a soothing blanket. 

Our handmade, soft cotton soother blankets come in a range of designs to suit any baby. Get one of our Loveys Baby Products and you’ll be soothing both the baby and their busy mom’s nerves. This is a Christmas gift that can be put to use right away, as soon as it’s opened.

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Adorable Baby Animals

Are these going to be a 2-month-old baby's first Christmas gifts from grandparents? If so, you naturally want something adorable for your grandchild. Every baby loves other babies, especially baby animals. That’s what makes stuffed animal toys popular newborn Christmas gifts year after year.

But not just any stuffed animals will do for your grandchild. You want the very best quality stuffed toys that offer the best of yesteryear’s charm and today’s eco-friendly principles. We offer both, with our collection of handmade baby stuffed animals.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for a 3-Month-Old Baby

Tummy Time Playmat

Tummy time toys are always a popular Christmas gift for babies. They are fun Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year, and especially suited to 3-month-olds. The age of 3 months is when babies first start to enjoy the benefits of tummy time. 

Tummy-time play mats with built-in cushions are great gifts for any time of year, but also Christmas. You may want to set it up straight away for the baby to enjoy, under supervision, while the rest of the family opens their gifts. 

Mobile Toys

As 3-month-olds become more curious about the world around them, they’ll start to enjoy different types of toys. Mobile toys that hang from their stroller or above their cribs will delight them for months to come. The brighter and more eye-catching they are, the better, as babies are attracted to bright colors. However, for use over a crib, softer colors may be more conducive to preparing for sleep. 

Steer clear of toys that contain small bits that could fall. These may present choking hazards if they find their way into a baby’s hands, as babies often put things in their mouths. A mobile toy can be soft and safe, but still colorful and entertaining. Also, check that the mobile is certified non-toxic.

Christmas Gifts for a Baby Boy

Sport-Themed Baby Clothes or Soft Ball Toys

Some of the best baby boy Christmas gifts are sport-themed clothes and toys. If the parents are sports fans, this gift will be appreciated even more. Any future little sports star will love our baseball baby toys. They are sporty and fun, but soft enough for little hands to grasp and play with. 

infants christmas gifts

Choose 2 or 3 softball toys from our collection, or select one of our gift sets for more versatility. Best of all, our knitted ball toys are also rattles. This makes them even more fun, and it’s like giving two gifts at once. So for a trendy alternative to the traditional rattle, choose our sporty rattle toys for boys.

Superhero-Themed Clothes and Toys

Make that future superhero’s day with newborn Christmas gifts that promise adventure. Superhero themes will never go out of style. The availability of certain characters is, however, always subject to trends. Check with the baby’s parents, and find out which superhero characters they like.

There are many ways in which to introduce the superhero theme. It can be a romper, blanket, or even a cap. The easiest option is to find one item, with the superhero motif, then add coordinating items in the colors of the superhero’s outfit. This ensures that those items can all be used separately, too.

Christmas Presents for a Baby Girl

Feminist Baby Gift Sets 

Are you struggling to choose the ideal Christmas gift for a baby girl with a feminist mom? That can be a bit tricky, but not if you know where to find gifts with girl power. Every one of our feminist baby gifts makes a bold stand for girls, while still being soft and pretty. 

christmas gift for 2 month old

You too can stand for what you believe in, even when choosing newborn Christmas gifts. These feminist baby clothes, accessories, and toys are the responsible choice for the environment. All our gifts are eco-friendly and sustainably produced. That means you’ll be giving the environment a gift, too.

Knitted Dolls

Infants love to play with soft toys, especially at the newborn stage. These playthings can also be a great source of comfort, soothing fussy babies at bedtime. That is why knitted toys are probably the most popular Christmas gifts for babies. 

If you want to give an age-appropriate toy that is soft and safe to play with, but still lots of fun, consider our hand-knitted dolls. We have bright and colorful characters to warm any little girl’s heart and put a smile on their face. They will soon become her constant companions. 

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Baby Toys for Christmas

Stacking Blocks

Give a gift that is fun and educational at the same time. Any colorful, stackable toy would make an ideal gift. These are also fantastic Christmas gifts for a 7-month-old, as babies of this age are more active in their playtime. Various styles of educational baby toys are widely available online and in stores.

Colored stacking cups or blocks teach the different colors, and also support the development of hand-eye coordination. They also help with fine motor skills, which are essential for babies aged 8 months and older. Any toy that teaches these skills will also make good Christmas gift ideas for a 9-month-old baby. 

Rattle Toys

This humble and traditional toy has been bringing joy to newborn babies for generations and is also the perfect newborn Christmas gift. Rattle toys are widely available, but many just don’t meet the standards of safety and comfort that a baby needs.

Don’t settle for hard, plasticky rattle toys. They are unsuitable for this age group and may cause harm to a baby’s hand or face. We have a much better option.: a baby rattle soft toy. Tuck a few of these cute knitted rattle toys into that Christmas gift box. Specially curated sets are also available. 

2 month old christmas gifts


A high-end baby play gym will entertain and nurture development throughout a baby’s first year. Easy to pop up and place on a floor, it includes mobile toys that hang from the frame. As baby learns to sit up and reach for toys, they will have fun for hours grabbing at colorful soft toys. 

These play gyms differ widely, some come with a playmat and cushion included, and others also include items such as teether toys and educational toys. It is one of the most useful newborn Christmas gifts for both girls and boys, as it will continue to be of use for many months.

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Babies

Personalized Bedtime Storybook

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make this the best baby gift they ever got. Chances are, whatever you choose, will be loved and appreciated. But if you want your gift to have a touch of luxury, 

Invest in a personalized storybook. These are easy to order online and can be tailored for different ages.

The only info needed is the baby’s name, and possibly their gender. Baby books contain simple bedtime stories and illustrations. Christmas themes are often available. Moms love to read their babies bedtime stories, and this would be extra special. For extra luxury, add one of our soft baby blankets.

christmas gifts for newborn

Babyfood Maker

From about 5 or 6 months, most babies have transitioned to solid foods. With a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable living, many moms love the idea of making their own, nutritious baby food at home. That is why a baby food processor is an ideal Christmas baby gift.

Show how much you care and add in some of our organic cotton baby bibs. They come in an assortment of prints and are the perfect accessory to any of our rompers, onesies, and bodysuits. As a bonus, they are adjustable, which means they can grow with a baby right up to the toddler stage.

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White Noise Machine for Babies

What do most new parents complain about? They say their babies sometimes struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. Newborn babies need a lot of sleep, as that is when they grow and develop. That makes a white noise machine for babies one of the most sensible newborn Christmas gift ideas.

There are several types of white noise machines on the market, so ensure that you order one specifically designed for babies. These are made for newborns’ sensitive little ears. The soft, soothing sounds will send any niggly baby off to dreamland.

High-End Highchair

A baby needs help to sit at the dinner table and eat with the family. This is where a luxury feeding chair or ‘highchair’ comes in. It's a practical gift, but many stylish options are available online and in baby goods stores.

As useful an item as this is, though, most first-time parents forget to buy one. And they only realize this, when their baby needs one. That’s why they make great Christmas gifts for babies 6-12 months. Now the baby will be able to join their family at the dinner table for the Christmas meal.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Newborn

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Give Considerate Gifts 

Don’t be afraid to consult the baby’s parents about their baby’s needs. Ask if there is anything they would have liked to get for their baby, but forgot to put on their registry. They will be grateful that you are doing your utmost to give a useful gift.

Get Realistic About Babies’ Needs 

Don’t be swayed by trends that are not useful for babies. Many people have fallen for the trap of gimmicky baby items, designer baby garments, and brand-name sneakers for newborns. Newborns wear rompers and booties. Be sensible in your gift choices.

Be Smart with Your Choices

Most moms love it when their baby’s gifts fit in with their items at home. Find out which colors the baby nursery is decorated in, or what the decor theme is. Find toys or baby crib linens that match the color scheme or theme. 

Prepare for Future Growth 

If you are giving baby clothes as a Christmas gift, get the next size up. Babies grow fast, and they may already have several items in their current size. This will ensure that your gift stands a higher chance of being worn.

Multiply the Benefits 

Newborn Christmas gifts that meet more than one need will always be well received. Try to find multiple benefits for the gift you are selecting. For example, is it both practical, and fun? Maybe it's fun, but also educational. If it is all three, you’ve hit the gift jackpot!

Be Thoughtful and Creative 

baby gifts for christmas

If you cannot find anything to your liking for a new parent and their baby, give an alternative gift. Create your own “gift vouchers” promising a home-cooked meal for the parents, or a night of babysitting. They are sure to love your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Don’t Turn It Into a Competition 

It’s Christmas, not a contest. You don’t have to outdo anyone else’s gifts. Any gift that is chosen with consideration, and presented with love, is a winner. Newborn Christmas gifts are available at all price points, so be fair to your budget.


Buying a newborn Christmas gift is not all that complicated when you have some great advice. Now all that’s left for you to do is select your favorite suggestions from our guide. 

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality, natural baby gifts online. And we are certain that you will find the perfect newborn Christmas gift in our range of quality baby clothes, blankets, and toys. 

Best Baby Christmas Gifts (FAQs)

Should I buy my newborn Christmas gifts?

baby christmas presents

Yes, you should, and here’s why. If Christmas gift-giving is a part of your culture, you want to introduce your baby to your cultural norms from the very start. Also, even though he or she does not fully appreciate the meaning of Christmas yet, they will feel loved and included while partaking in the celebrations. 

Are newborn Christmas gifts for the baby or the parent?

The honest answer is a bit of both. When newborn Christmas gifts are thoughtfully chosen, they will meet the needs of the mom and her baby. Even the most practical gift, because it makes the mom’s life easier, is a gift for her baby. Even a fun toy, because it makes the baby happy, makes his/her mom happy.

How can I give an eco-friendly newborn Christmas gift?

Gift wrap usually ends up in the waste-bin, and is not only a waste of money but also isn’t an eco-friendly option. Be creative, and pop your newborn Christmas gifts into a practical item that will serve as both a gift bag/box and can be reused. Diaper buckets, baby baths, and baby bags are great options. 

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