1-Month Newborn Baby Toys

If you are looking to start your collection of 1-month newborn baby toys, look no further. Although 1-month-old newborns are pretty low maintenance, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil them with something cute like an organic baby bodysuit or a fun musical toy.

It can be hard to find toys that are safe and fun for newborns. Fortunately, this list will help you choose the best 1-month newborn baby toys. We’ll only recommend toys that are safe on their skin, that help them develop cognitively, and won’t present any choking hazards.

Top 8 Baby Toys for 1-Month-Old Newborns

1 month old baby toys

Comforting Baby Blanket

One of the best baby presents ever is a comforting baby blanket. At such a young age, your baby likely still loves being swaddled or held in a warm cocoon. Babies also struggle to adjust their body temperatures and lose heat very easily. 

That’s what makes a baby blanket such a great purchase!

Just make sure the baby blanket you buy is safe for sensitive baby skin, like our organic baby blankets. They’re made of the best cotton. They look good, feel good, and could last decades as a wonderful childhood keepsake for you or your child. 

 toys for month old babies


A playmat is great for infants and is a frequent item on our list of best toys for infants and toddlers. Not only is it a cute addition to your child’s toy collection, but it’s also a safely padded zone for them to rest on. 

Playmats also encourage tummy time, an essential exercise for babies. This helps them develop upper body strength, core strength, and balance. It helps them learn how to lift their heads, crawl, and walk. 

Toy Gym

Toy gyms are one of the toys you need for a newborn and, as the name suggests, work as a mental gym for babies. Toy gyms are padded mats with an array of hanging toys your infant can play with but they also come as a separate toy arch that you can add to a playmat if you already have one.  

Toy gyms are a great way to teach your little one about action and sound. They can play with the hanging toys by repeating actions they like, playing with sounds they find curious, and developing cognitively while relaxing in a safe zone. 

Soothing Mobile

A soothing mobile is the perfect newborn baby present for both baby and you. Soft toy mobiles are relaxing, will help your baby fall asleep, and will help soothe even the fussiest episodes. 

Besides basic toy mobiles, you can also purchase one that plays soft music, sings lullabies, or tells soft bedtime stories. They can easily clip onto your baby’s crib or even attach to a toy gym. 

Soft Toys

1 month baby toys

Store-bought toys are usually small and hard. They can be very dangerous to your newborn because babies often swallow toy parts or hurt their sensitive skin with hard toys meant for older children. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid toys for your 1-month-old altogether. Soft toys are the best way to introduce your baby to toys without risking injuries. Organic baby toys like rattles or stuffed animals can become companions and daily soothing devices that help your baby through the coming growth spurts and daily struggles of growing up. 

Stroller Toys

Store trips can be especially difficult with a newborn in tow. Noises can be overwhelming to their sensitive ears and the sheer amount of people around is sure to make even the calmest baby fussy and scared. 

That’s why stroller toys are one of the best toys for newborn babies. Just clip the toy onto your stroller and let the toy take care of your baby’s attention and anxiety. 

Sensory Play Toys

best gift for 1 month old baby

Babies crave learning. At their age, their brains absorb sights, sounds, and textures like a sponge. It’s important to take advantage of this period by introducing as many sensory play toys to your child’s day-to-day play time as possible. 

This doesn’t mean getting your baby loud trucks or a screaming bird toy that drives you crazy. Instead, get rubber ducks or touch pads that introduce animal sounds or common words in a bright and fun way.  

Baby Swing

Baby swings are awesome for babies and parents. Not only will it entertain your little one and keep them from tumbling off beds or couches but it will give you the time and freedom to move around without having to fear for your baby. 

Baby swings can also be customized to your liking. Add some of the previously mentioned toys, unique baby girl gifts, or presents for baby boys, and watch your baby be entertained for hours while you carry on with work or your household chores.

can a 1 month old play with toys


Choosing the right toys for a 1-month-old baby can be hard work. There are many things to consider when choosing toys that are safe, educational, and age-appropriate. But with so many things already going on in your life, the time for research can be slim.

Luckily this list will help narrow down the search. From toy mats to mobiles to swings, all of these toys are bound to entertain your baby, help them develop, and give you the time and peace of mind to go on with your daily duties or get in a few minutes of much-deserved rest.

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