Infant Toys: 0-3 Months

If you’re in the market for infant toys 0-3 months old, then you know picking the perfect gift can be a little tricky. Not only do the gifts have to be practical and fun to look at, but they also need to be safe for your little one to use. 

At such a young age, motor skills are still minimal and color and shapes can be hard to distinguish. Lucky for you, this guide takes all those things into consideration. 

Below, you are bound to find a gift that ticks all the above boxes while also being educational and a development helper. Without further ado, let’s get right into our list of the top gift ideas for babies 0-3 months old.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Babies 0-3 Months 

Baby Clothes

No list of the best baby presents ever is complete without baby clothes, especially not without organic baby clothes. Both practical and fun for both baby and parent, baby clothes are a necessity that doesn’t need to be boring. 

best toys for 3 month old

They make a great gift, especially when you splurge a little for a clothing set that can be kept as a keepsake later on, like our cactus baby clothes

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Baby Gym

A baby gym is a soft mat with toys where the baby can rest safely. The gym usually features an arch with soft plushies, cute lights, and interactive toys aimed at helping babies cognitive development.

Baby gyms are an essential toy for a newborn because it encourages the use of core muscles which will later help them crawl and then finally walk. 

Sensory Toy

Between the ages of 0 to 3 months, babies are absorbing tons of new sounds, smells, textures, and sensations. Every second is one they can use to learn more about the world and there is no better way to help this journey along than with a sensory toy. 

These toys are little patchwork dolls of textures and are a feast for little ones’ hands and brains. They’re fun, great for cognitive development, and are sure to keep any baby's attention long enough for mom or dad to run to the bathroom without fear. 

Soft Stuffed Toys

3 month old toys

Stuffed toys are some of the best infant toys. They provide comfort and are more than likely to become a companion they carry with them for life. And when you purchase an organic stuffed animal, you know it will last longer, be safe for even the most sensitive baby skin, and be a comforting presence for years to come. 

Tummy Time Mirror

Tummy time is essential to healthy development and it makes tummy time mirrors one of the best toys for 1-month-old babies. It helps them work on their core muscles, lift their heads, and later gets them off the ground and walking. But it can be hard getting little ones to stay on their tummies as the new feeling might be a little overwhelming.

That’s where tummy time mirrors come in handy. These small, soft mirror stands will slowly acquaint babies with their reflection and encourage them to lift their heads and maybe even move a little bit. 

Baby Bouncing Chair Or Swing

A bouncing chair or baby swing is a great way to get babies used to the sensation of being upright while still keeping them safe and entertained. Many bouncers come in a normal seat format but some of the more fun ones even come in little car-shaped swings that make for great baby boy gifts

Bouncing chairs and swings also offer mom or dad the opportunity to move away from the baby for a few minutes without having to worry about dangerous accidents. 

Shaker Toys

Shaker toys can take many forms but the most commonly used one is the beloved rattle. These gifts are a perfect gift for a christmas and will satisfy their need for new sounds, especially ones they can make with the shake of a fist.

Shaker toys and rattles have also advanced in recent years. You can find anything from organic handmade rattles that are safe and eclectic to shakers with water inside and cool sound effects. 

christmas gifts for 3 month old

You can also opt for wrist rattles, which fit snuggly and offer endless amounts of fun and giggles for more active little ones. 

Music Maker

Music is one of the most universally enjoyed pastimes on earth and has been for years. Chances are, your gift receiver will love music too. 

A music maker is a super fun toy that can be enjoyed by babies that are closer to the 2 to 3-month mark. These toys feature big, easy-to-push buttons and pre-set sounds that are exciting to babies and offer their super brains something to focus on and enjoy. 

Baby Blanket 

No gift list is complete without a baby blanket. Whether you choose a Loveys blanket or knit one yourself, babies are sure to enjoy the comfort of a soft blanket. 

At 0 to 3 months, they still enjoy being swaddled and their inability to regulate their body temperature means a blanket is a necessity. You can be sure that once they outgrow the blanket size, it will still make a wonderful keepsake. 

best gifts for 3 month old

Crib Or Stroller Mobile

A portable mobile is a must-have for any family with a baby. These toys can easily attach to a crib or stroller and offer soothing sounds, fun light shows, or soft toys that can be calming on store trips or lull even the fussiest baby to sleep. 


At 0 to 3 months, babies are taking in all sorts of information, and the toys we get them can have a huge impact on their development and their interests later in life. It can make finding the right toy feel impossible. But with this list, you are sure to find a gift that is educational, practical, and fun. 

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