New Year Baby Gifts

A new year should be celebrated with festivities and presents to show love and appreciation to those in your life. A new baby in the family or friend group makes it even more exciting, as it is a new year in which you will watch them grow. 

Navigating the best option for New Year baby gifts is key to starting the year off right. 

While there is no shortage of baby items in stores, for your gift to stand out, it should be unique and high quality so that the baby can enjoy it throughout the year. 

We have compiled a list of the very best New Year baby gift ideas so that your decision is made easier, and you leave a lasting impression with a stellar gift.

Best New Year Baby Gift Ideas

Knitted Rattles

the best baby gift i ever got

Knitted baby rattles have always been a popular toy choice for infants, and for a very good reason, too.

Rattles may be a simplistic toy, but they are incredibly effective in keeping babies occupied for long periods. The toy also allows infants to build on their grip and shaking, which is a small but crucial form of development at that age. 

The sound of the rattle is also a sensory stimulant, and can even begin the early stages of musical skill. This is an ideal gift for babies between 6-12 months

While a rattle may seem ordinary, you can add a unique twist to it by opting for a knitted rattle. 

This has the same function, but the soft cotton fabric makes it light and gentle for the baby to pick up and hold. It also has a softer filling which creates a noise that is not as jarring for the baby as a traditional rattle.

This timeless gift can be given at any time, whether it is for New Year’s, or as a newborn Christmas gift.

Organic Toys

Toys will always be a winner with babies, but often the common toys very quickly become outgrown, broken, or outdated. But if you opt for something more timeless, this will not be an issue. 

Organic cotton baby toys are one such example of a toy that a child will cherish for a long time, if not forever. 

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There are a host of design options to choose from here. You can go with a traditional animal or sports ball, or get quirky with a hot sauce bottle or cactus to kickstart their love for all things gourmet. 

A stuffed toy will be well received at any time of the year and is a top contender as one of the best options for a baby's first Christmas gift as well as a new year’s gift. The organic cotton fabric makes the toy easy for the baby to handle and enjoy. 

Foodie Clothes

Food has increasingly become a trendy design in fashion and home decor, and baby clothing is no exception. You can give the perfect gift to a baby with foodie parents with a clothing item that is food-themed. 

You can go for an avocado baby onesie, a hot sauce romper, a taco truck one-piece, and more. These delicious ensembles will stand out and bring a smile to everyone around, and also make a fantastic Christmas gift for a 10-month-old

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Try and pick a design that you know will resonate with the family, like the baby’s parents’ favorite food, or a food that is attached to a memory that you have with them. 

Sports Toys

A baby will probably grow up with sporting activities, and/or sports games shown in their household, but either way, this can be a big part of childhood. 

With a stuffed sports toy, you can foster a love for a game from a very young age, and can even be an idea for a Christmas gift for a baby under 1

Whether it is a basketball, football, tennis ball, or a soft baseball toy, it will provide hours of entertainment to a baby. The lightweight design and gentle fabric make it easy for them to grip, throw and catch. 

These early ball skills are important for development, and could even shape the superstar athlete of tomorrow. 

Cactus Clothes

Like with food, cacti have also become an unusual trend in clothing design over the years. They may be prickly plants, but a smiley cactus incorporated into the design of baby clothing can be adorable. 

You can go for a knitted romper as something unusual, or the more traditional route with a cactus onesie. The unique design is eye-catching, and will also be amusing for the baby. 

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Clothes will always be useful, and it is even a great unborn baby gift idea to prepare the parents even before their little one arrives. 

You can either put together a gift of multiple onesies that follow a cactus theme or have a variety of designs, or you can pair an item of clothing with a cactus stuffed toy.

Elephant Gifts 

Elephants symbolize strength, prosperity, and luck, which are wonderful tenets to wish on someone, especially for the new year ahead. With an elephant baby gift, you can bestow these on the little one. 

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A onesie with an elephant design is a cute clothing gift and can be accompanied by a stuffed elephant. An elephant blanket can also be added to this, or even gifted alone, for a practical, snuggly present. 

This works well if the elephants are a favorite animal of the parents, or perhaps the baby’s nursery has an elephant theme to it. 

Feminist Clothing

In this day and age, it is essential to raise children to become strong-minded, involved, and bold. A great way to kickstart this from a young age is with feminist baby clothing

the best baby new year gift i ever got

Whether you are looking for a cute baby gift for a boy or girl, feminist onesies or rompers are a great way for the little ones to make a statement when they are out and about. You can go for a ‘1978’ romper or a ‘Girl Power' onesie, but either way, you will have the beginnings of a tiny feminist. 

You can complement an item of clothing with a feminist-themed book or stuffed toy to make a little set. The book might be more suited to a slightly older baby, working as a Christmas gift for a 15-month-old.

Knitted Romper

A onesie is a classic item of baby clothing and one that is comfortable and convenient to take off and put on. To put a unique twist on it, you can opt for a knitted baby onesie that looks both traditional and modern at the same time. 

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A romper knitted with organic cotton will be extremely comfortable for a baby, as it is very soft on the skin and provides warmth. It also has a bit of stretch to it, it will fit the baby as they grow. You can consider this for a Christmas gift for a 9-month-old, and it will likely fit them well past the first-year mark.

You can go for a simple solid or striped design, or a fun design like a banana, ladybug, whale, and so on.

Baby Lovey

A baby lovey is a very popular gift choice, as children often become attached to it over time for years to come.

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A baby lovey comes in many designs, both simple and traditional, as well as quirky and unique. You can get anything from an elephant-lovey blanket to a New York-themed blanket. 

If you want a gift that will become an integral part of the baby’s day-to-day routine, whether they are at home or out and about, this is a great option. Be sure to invest in quality organic cotton so that it lasts through the years while staying in mint condition.

Baby Hat

Around New Year’s, the weather is often quite cold, especially at night. With the extreme cold, a baby must always be well-kitted with warm clothing, and a newborn hat for a boy or girl makes a great gift for that. 

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You can buy a simple organic baby hat or a beanie. Solid colors are practical to mix and match, but a bolder design can make an outfit stand out. 

A warm baby hat that is made of durable yet soft fabric is perfect to keep the baby’s head and ears warm in cold weather. 

Organic Bib

Any new parent knows that a baby is always going to be messy, whether they are playing, eating, or simply exploring their surroundings. 

While making a mess is often considered a key part of infant development and sensory skills, it is best to protect their clothing so that it does not get damaged or stained, especially when eating. This makes an organic baby bib a very practical gift to give. 

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Baby Blanket

No matter your age, there is little more comforting than a soft, snuggly blanket. For a baby, a blanket is an important item to always have, as it is very versatile. This makes it an incredible gift idea. 

An organic cotton baby blanket can be used for nursery decor, taken on outings or traveling, and of course, used during sleeping hours. Parents will get good use out of a blanket as it does not only keep a baby warm in their crib or stroller but can also be used to bundle them up and carry them around. 

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Go for a softer cotton fabric, as this is warm and comfortable, and will be extremely durable due to its quality. 

Gift Set

If you cannot settle on just one thing to give the baby in your life, or if you just want to spoil them for the New Year, then a gift set or hamper is the right way to go. 

You can endeavor to put together a gift set yourself by buying an array of items and packaging them all up, but this can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task, especially if you are strapped for time. 

A gift set is also perfect for a bigger occasion, such as a Christmas gift for a 12-month-old girl. This will also be perfect for a milestone birthday or as a gift when the baby is born. 

For a far easier solution, you can get a pre-packaged, curated organic baby gift set that has a little bit of everything, and follows a general theme. This way, you can present a well-thought-out hamper without the challenge of putting it together yourself. 

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Stuffed Animals 

When you think of the most common and popular toys among infants, a stuffed animal usually comes to mind. It is a safe option as it is fun for all, and can be treasured for a long time. 

A stuffed animal can be used for decorative purposes to add some flair to a nursery, but generally, it will be enjoyed by the baby as a toy. It can often become an item they become attached to, wanting to take their favorite stuffed toy with them everywhere. 

When choosing which type of stuffed animal to get, try to consider what would be your personal choice. An animal that fits into the theme of the nursery, or a favorite of the baby or their parents will be a thoughtful gift.

You can opt for the traditional design, or if you want your gift to stand out in the baby’s collection, a knitted organic cotton stuffed animal is a unique pick.

cute baby gifts to send for the new year

Organic Baby Clothes

Baby clothing will always be a useful gift for new parents, as babies not only outgrow their clothes fairly quickly but also often need to be changed multiple times in the day. 

Gifting the baby quality organic cotton baby clothes will help fill their wardrobes, and serves as a stylish outfit option on any given day. It is key to buy organic cotton clothing, as this is sustainable and durable, so will last a long time. 

best newborn gift sets for the new year

An organic baby onesie is the best option for regular diaper changes, as it allows easy access to the diaper without having to remove the entire outfit. This is important when parents need to change the baby several times a day. 

the best baby new year gift i ever got

You can go for a simple design that is good for everyday wear or a fun, unique design that will be suitable for outings or events, or just to brighten up their outfits on an ordinary day. 


No matter what you go for, it is important to buy a gift that is made of quality material so that it is durable and can be worn or enjoyed for months or years to come. It is also key to buy something with a personal touch, such as a design that speaks to the interests of the baby and/or parents. 

You can either buy one or two items as a gift, or a whole set that includes a few different items for the baby. Either way, a quality gift will leave an excellent, lasting impression and become a vital part of their everyday routine.

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