10-Month-Old Christmas Gifts

Navigating gift shopping can be a challenge any time the festive season approaches. If there’s a new baby in a family or friend group, it can be even tougher. 

But don’t worry. We have you covered with ideas for the best 10-month-old Christmas gifts.

For a memorable gift, it is always best to opt for quality-made goods. These can be luxurious materials and fabrics, classic toys, or educational books. 

In this article, we list some of the best Christmas gifts for a 10-month-old baby to help you along with your festive shopping and find the perfect present for the adorable new addition. 

Best Christmas Gifts for a 10-Month-Old Girl

Organic Baby Clothes 

christmas gift for 10 month old

With babies, messes and the constant need for clean-ups and changes make baby clothes an incredibly useful Christmas present for a baby girl.

Baby clothes are available everywhere, but finding the right kind is key. You should go for an organic cotton fabric as this is the softest and most comfortable for the baby’s skin.

With many designs to choose from, why not be unique? Go for a cute food design that will thrill any foodie parents, or perhaps a Big Apple image for a little New Yorker. For a classic design, you can never go wrong with an animal print. 

If you do want to keep it simple, you can opt for a classic striped outfit, or a solid color, for a practical everyday get-up. This can even be a gift for an unborn baby because the parents will need clothes for the baby from the get-go.

Baby Blanket

When Christmas approaches, so does the cold weather, so a soft baby blanket is a must-have to keep the baby warm throughout the winter. 

best christmas gift for 10 month old

A blanket should be practical first and stylish second, but if you can get both in one, even better. A soft, organic knitted blanket is about as luxurious as you can go. The fabric is gentle for the baby to cling onto, or be wrapped within, and will provide warmth and comfort through the holidays. 

You can go for a funky NYC-themed blanket or something more traditional like an animal design. Either way, the baby will be bundled up in style. 

Knitted Onesie

When it comes to a statement outfit for a baby, you cannot go wrong with an adorable knitted newborn onesie

 best christmas gifts for 10 month old girl

The knitted style is both traditional and trendy and is a unique take on the regular onesie. To make it even more creative, you can opt for a quirky design like an avocado onesie for the baby.

christmas gifts for a 10 month old

More than the fashion appeal, it is also a lot more comfortable for the baby. The organic cotton is soft and gentle on their sensitive skin, and they will not fuss about wearing this all day. It also keeps them warm when they are outdoors, or in colder indoor spaces. 

The knitted onesie also has a bit of a stretch to it, which means that the baby will not outgrow it in a flash - it will remain a star in their wardrobe for months. 

Feminist Baby Clothes

As women are gaining power, influence, and equality in all vital parts of society, it has become crucial to raise a baby girl to know and embrace her potential and strength from a young age. 

There is no better way to kick this off than with feminist baby clothing

christmas gifts for 10 month old girl

Whether it is a ‘girl power’ onesie, a ‘1973’ knit, or a ‘women power’ print on a romper, you will be shaping a little feminist. Not only will this set the tone for years to come, but it will also allow the proud mom to show off her empowered little girl. 

You can even find feminist baby books, but this might be better suited to a slighter older infant, like a Christmas gift for a 15-month-old

Cactus Clothes

A prickly cactus might be a common part of the plant world, but it has quickly become a trendy design in the fashion and decor world, too. With cactus baby clothes, a baby can make a quirky style statement. 

For a fun design for young ones, a cactus outfit for a girl with a little smiley face will keep the baby entertained, and also bring a smile to anyone passing by. You can go for a traditional print on a onesie or a unique spin with a knitted romper pattern. 

best christmas present for 10 month old

If you want to add to this item while keeping the gift on the theme, consider a cactus stuffed toy to complement the outfit. 

Knitted Sports Toys

Like with feminist baby clothes, a baby girl should be encouraged to dream big and fulfill any ambitions from a young age. With knitted sports toys, you may plant the seed for the next generation’s big athletic superstar. 

Whether it is a football, basketball, tennis ball, or soft baseball toy, these organic infant toys will bring endless enjoyment to the little one. The knitted fabric makes it soft and easy to hold and can be thrown around without any risk of injury. 

best christmas gifts for 10 month old boy

Not only will it keep the baby entertained, but will also harness ball skills from a very young age. You can either go for a specific sports toy that may be a favorite of their parents or get a variety to foster a love for all sports. 

This is best suited as a Christmas gift for babies between 6-12 months old.

Knitted Rattles

A rattle may seem like an ordinary, traditional baby toy, but it does not have to be. A knitted baby rattle puts a twist on an old classic. 

 christmas presents for a 10 month old

The rattle is a classic baby toy for a reason. It is a simple design that can keep a baby entertained for hours on end. A knitted version is soft and light to hold, which makes it easier to grasp and it will be gentle to handle. 

The sound of the knitted rattle is also softer, and less jarring so as not to upset the baby. It’s so soothing that it may even lull them to sleep. You can go for a fun animal design, or make it unique with a food design. 

Best Christmas Gifts for a 10-Month-Old Boy

Baby Gift Set

A baby gift does not have to be just one thing. If it is the baby’s first Christmas, you may even want to all out and splurge on multiple natural baby gifts to create a hamper of sorts.

 christmas gift ideas for 10 month old

This can become an arduous task as you need to source various items, and may also want to keep it to a theme. A pre-packed and specially created gift set is what you need to keep it low-effort but still spectacular. 

You can go for a jungle-themed set, an NYC-themed set, a dinosaur-themed set, and more. The theme will allow for a matched outfit and/or nursery. 

The best baby gift set will be something that is personal, like an animal on which the baby’s nursery is based, or a hobby or interest of their parents. 

Baby Bodysuit

Any new parent will tell you that with a baby, one of the things they spend most of their time doing is changing the little one’s diaper. When this needs to be done several times a day, there is nothing worse than struggling to remove and then put on an outfit over and over again. Enter the organic cotton baby bodysuit

 christmas gifts 10 month old

A bodysuit is the most convenient item of clothing for a baby. Not only is it comfortable and fuss-free, but the buttoned bottom allows you to open up and change a diaper without removing the entire thing. This is a relief for both parent and baby. 

Being such a convenient clothing item, new parents will certainly welcome as many gifts as possible. Opt for an organic cotton bodysuit, as this level of quality will ensure durability. 

Baby Bib

A baby should always be encouraged to be curious and creative. But this can often become synonymous with the mess. Whether it's sensory play or eating, an organic bib for a baby is a key item.

christmas gift 10 month old

A quality bib can be used daily to protect the baby’s clothes from any mess, especially those that come about during mealtimes. A fun print is a bonus, as this will also amuse the little one.

A bib is also adjustable, so it can be used beyond the baby’s first year, especially if it is made of durable fabric. It can also be gifted later, like as a Christmas gift for a 7-month-old.

You can either present this as a baby boy Christmas gift alone or add it to an outfit or toy for a set. 

Baby Hat

Around Christmas, the temperatures will drop and a baby will need to be kept warm both in the home and during outings. A cute hat will provide this, along with being a stylish accessory for any outfit. 

A knitted newborn boy hat or beanie is one of the best gift options. It is soft and snuggly on the baby and looks incredibly trendy. This will provide that crucial shelter for their exposed head and tiny ears. 

christmas gift for 10 month old girl

You can go for a funky striped or patterned design, but a solid color is also a good option, being both practical and versatile.

Baby Lovey

A baby lovey blanket is quickly becoming one of the most popular items among babies, and for good reason. These comfort blankets provide warmth and practicality but are also sources of comfort for a baby. 

 christmas present for 10 month old

A baby lovey can be used as a nursery decor item, a travel blanket, a sleeping blanket, or all of the above. You will find that over time, the baby will not want to let go of theirs. This can be gifted at any point, like a Christmas gift for a 5-month-old.

When it comes to designs, you can go for a traditional square-shaped lovey with an adorable print, or if you want something unique, a security blanket with stuffed animals sewn into the top can double up as a blanket and a toy. 

Elephant Gifts

Elephants are often a symbol of strength and grace, and they are commonly a favorite animal of many, kids and adults alike. For a gift that you know will be a hit with a baby and their parents, an elephant-themed gift is a safe option. 

You can go for a stuffed toy or finger puppet to keep the baby amused for hours on end. For a more practical gift, an elephant blanket or onesie will provide comfort and warmth for the little one. 

If you cannot settle on just one thing, then you may want to go for a set of elephant-themed gifts. You can put together an outfit with an accessory and toy, or go for a pre-packed elephant baby gift set

 10 month old baby christmas gifts

Stuffed Animals

If you have to think about some of the classic baby toys through the ages, a stuffed animal is usually one of the first that comes to mind. 

This is an ever-popular toy amongst children of all ages because pairing their love for animals with a soft toy is the ultimate combination. To gift a stuffed animal that will stand out, you can opt for a knitted organic stuffed toy. 

 best christmas gifts for 10 month old

Stuffed animals are usually the type of toy that will never be outgrown. Children enjoy them during all stages of their childhood, and even value them as part of a collection during their teenage years and well into adulthood. Some even pass them down to their children one day. If you are looking for a gift to be cherished forever, this is it. 


There are several excellent options for gifts for a 10-month-old baby, so you are spoilt for choice for baby gifts for their first Christmas.

When shopping around for Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year, consider what the baby’s parents enjoy, or the type of theme or interests they may be fostered so that your gift fits in and is useful over time.

Always opt for quality fabrics and designs so that the gift is safe and durable enough to be enjoyed by the little one for a long time. Organic sustainable baby clothes can be worn for months, and toys and books can be used for years.

best christmas gifts for a 10 month old

By adding a personal touch to your gift decision, your present will certainly be one of the favorites under the Christmas tree.

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