Christmas Gifts for 6-Month Old

The Christmas gift-buying rush can be intense. And choosing Christmas gifts for 6-month-old babies is no walk in the park. The toys need to be fun but also help them develop, and present a slew of other great developmental features.

If you’re feeling stumped, then look no further. Below we’ll list some of the best gifts for 6-month-old babies. Educational, fun, and pretty to look at, these gifts are sure to be a winner for any baby.

24 of the Best Christmas Gifts for a 6-Month-Old

christmas presents for 6 month old

Interactive Baby Books

Interactive baby books have always been one of the best toys for babies 0 to 6 months old. These books feature interactive cutouts, flaps, pop-ups, and textures that are a feast for their growing brains. 

The best part? You can find a book that matches your gift recipient's personality. Whether they like spooky stories or fairytales, you’re bound to find one they would enjoy. 

Interactive baby books also present the perfect bonding experience. It’s a great way to slowly introduce babies to the wonders of communication and language. 

Baby Clothes

Is any Christmas gift list complete without clothes? No. Because babies are constantly growing, baby clothes will always be a Christmas gifting necessity. 

Christmas is not complete without our organic baby clothes, which are natural, eclectic, and safe for even the most sensitive skin. From our knitted baby onesie to our adorable cactus baby clothes, you are sure to find a set that works for you. 

6 month old christmas presents

Baby clothes also make for an amazing keepsake. Save a set from every year or, if you have the space, from every few months. Celebrate their growth milestones with baby clothes that will always be cute to look at. 

Stacking Rings 

At 6 months old, babies are still struggling with fine motor skills and don’t have a lot of control over their movements. Stacking rings are a great way to introduce babies to body control. 

These bright rings are light and it won’t take long before they figure out how the base, pole, and ring toy works. It’s a gentle fine motor workout that they can enjoy well into their childhood. These toys are amazingly cheap and will work for any budget. 

There are also advanced stacking toys available. They are more challenging but can be used for years as a way to help children develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Multi-Purpose Stacking Toys

6 month old christmas gifts

If stacking rings didn’t convince you to give stacking toys a go, then multi-purpose toys are sure to do it. These toys are cheap and have multiple purposes. 

The most common one is stacking buckets which, as the name suggests, double as buckets. Babies can enjoy the stacking function or use the buckets to play with. 

It’s massively entertaining and when they get older they can use the buckets to play with water and carry around toys. They also make an awesome beach gift for 6-month-old babies and allow them to scoop up sand and build awesome beach castles. 

Childcare Accessories

Raising a child requires quite a few accessories. These soothing gadgets, like pacifiers and organic baby bibs, are essential and make great gifts for 6-month-old babies. They also make fantastic Christmas gifts. 

best christmas gifts for 6 month old

Make a gift bundle. Gather some bibs, pacifiers, diapers, bottles, etc. and gift them to a friend or family member that is a parent and help them out with some basics. We guarantee they will always be welcome. 

Stuffed Animal

Is any childhood complete without a stuffed animal? We don’t think so. 

Stuffed animals will always be a favorite gift for children. They are soothing, safe to play with, and make for a comforting crib or stroller partner. Many children carry these toys with them for years and even pass them on to their children. 

It’s a timeless toy. Bring joy to Christmas with a beautiful handmade stuffed animal and watch as this gift becomes a lifetime companion. 

gift ideas for a 6 month old

Shape Sorting Toys

Shape sorting toys are another fun Christmas gift option. These toys, like stacking toys, help work on fine motor skills. They also promote cognitive development and creative thinking, which are essential to healthy brain development. 

Shape sorting toys come in a variety of levels. For a 6-month-old, we recommend getting a simple shape sorting toy with big, easy-to-hold blocks. Also make sure the toys have a variety of shapes, not just one or two. 

Activity Center

Activity center toys are wild but in the best way. These toys are usually quite big and come in a cube or other cute shapes. They host a variety of endlessly entertaining games. 

christmas gift for 6 month old

Besides looking cute and being extremely fun, activity centers help develop motor skills and teach children about cause and effect. It might not seem like a big deal now, but these toys can have a big impact on the way babies think when they get older and how they understand the world. 

An activity center is a win. Educational and entertaining, these toys are essential toys for babies 3 to 6 months old

Soft Toy Blocks

The benefits of toy blocks are obvious. They encourage creative thinking and work on the smaller, lesser used muscles. Babies also enjoy seeing their actions affecting their surroundings. 

That’s why soft toy blocks make such an amazing Christmas present. We’d even suggest going younger and getting these as a Christmas toys for a 5-month-old.

Because they are made out of silicone or cloth, soft toy blocks are light and easy to pick up, covered in bright and easy-to-see colors, and safe for little ones to play with. Even if they throw them around, you won’t have to worry about furniture or other children getting hurt. 

Baby Rattles

christmas gifts for 6 month baby girl

A staple in any household with babies, baby rattles are fun, fun, fun! They are bright, make crazy sounds, and do so when babies command them. There is nothing a baby enjoys more. 

Rattles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just make sure to get one that is safe and that keeps the noise-making beads inside the toy and away from curious mouths. If you want a uber-safe, fun, and adorable rattle sure to last years, then our organic baby rattle is the best option for you. 

Bath Books

Another bath toy enjoyed by kids all over is a bath book. These plastic-inflated books are easy to grip, waterproof, and stain-proof. They are fun in the tub, where a parent can read a small 3 to 6-page story, or even outside, where these indestructible beauties will provide hours of fun. 

The majority of these bath books also come equipped with bath toys and make a fun two-for-one special. 

Bath Toys

christmas gift ideas for 6 month baby girl

Bathing can be a little overwhelming for both parents and babies. But with bath toys to hold their attention, babies are sure to calm down and let mom and dad get back to cleaning. 

Bath toys are also relatively inexpensive. They don’t need to be fancy; you can use anything from a rubber ducky to a plastic ball. As long as the toy floats and bounces around on the water, it will provide endless entertainment. 

Tummy Time Mirror

As babies hit the 6-month mark, they’ll make more of an effort to get on their knees or even crawl a little bit. All they need to do is work on their core muscles. To do this, babies need to practice tummy time every single day. 

A tummy time mirror makes this activity easier for parents and a whole lot more fun for babies. These mirrors are wrapped in a protective covering so you won’t have to worry about any cuts, cracks, or sharp edges. 

baby gifts 6 months to 1 year

Besides the entertainment of watching their reflection, the cute, bright colors of these mirrors are also sure to captivate their attention. 

Squeaky Toys

Like sensory toys, squeaky toys indulge the senses. But they also work on fine motor skills. From squeaky balls to squeaky dolls, these toys are loud and fun, and let babies do the baby equivalent of an arm workout. 

Baby Swing

Nobody will appreciate a swing more than a 6-month-old baby. Baby swings can come in many cute designs and are a surefire way to help develop lower body muscles and get used to the feeling of standing. Did we mention these swings sway and bounce? 

If you want to see babies giggle in delight while working on their muscles, then a swing is the best way to go. Don’t worry - baby swings are safe. They’re not like traditional swings. Instead, they have a diaper-like seat for extra safety. 

6 month old gift guide

Activity Walker

An activity walker combines the best parts of the activity center and baby swings. They provide tons of cool activities for babies to enjoy. They can practice motor skills, cause and effect, and develop creativity. 

The true genius of these toys is their walker frame. Light but still sturdy, babies can use these walkers to pull themselves onto their knees and later onto their feet. They offer support and fun games that are a developmental treat. 

Teething and Fidget Toys

It’s at around this time that baby teeth will start pushing through. It’s a new sensation that can be overwhelming, itchy, and even painful. Teething toys act as a great relief and we’d even recommend them as one of the best gifts for 4-month-old to 7-month-old babies.  

These chewable toys have a textured surface that helps relieve pain and gently scratch itchy gums. These toys usually come with an attached toy to help with fidgeting and to release nervous, unspent energy. Teething toys are lifesavers for babies and parents alike. 

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Musical Table or Toy

Babies love music. It’s fun and indulges their developing sense. The best way to introduce babies to music is through a musical table. These tables are sturdy and offer support for babies to lean against while they practice their musical skills. 

If a musical table is too much, a smaller musical toy will work just as well. Both of these toys feature big, bright buttons that are easy to push. Every button will make a different sound and some even light up. It’s a real delight to their sense. 

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys, like musical toys, are a treat for babies’ senses. These toys can come as balls, books, or stuffed toys and usually look like patchwork toys. The contrasting patterns, colors, and textures are fun and encourage cognitive development. 

At six months old, babies are cataloging so many new sensations every day and a sensory toy will help them safely get familiar with the strange world around them. 

Baby Blanket

christmas gift ideas for 6 month old

No gift list is complete without a baby blanket. Because babies can’t regulate their body temperature, blankets are a necessity at home and outside. Blankets also provide a soothing presence and are often kept as keepsakes. 

Round off your Christmas purchases with a Loveys baby blanket. Organic, cute, and safe for all skin types, these blankets are a Christmas winner that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

Bouncy Balls 

As far back as we can remember, babies have enjoyed playing with bouncy balls. These toys are affordable and versatile. They’re also perfect for a family fun time, where parents or siblings can pass the ball back and forth with the 6-month-old. 

Just make sure the bouncy ball is big, bright, and not too heavy. Otherwise, it could be difficult to play with or present a choking hazard. 

Pull Toys

christmas gifts for a 6 month old baby

For a 6-month-old, pull toys are all the rage. It’s an easy way to introduce movement as they get used to crawling and moving around on their own. Many pull toys can easily be disassembled and reassembled by any curious little ones. 

Because they are still growing, aiming for pull toys that are large and bright will be your best bet. Smaller ones could be difficult to play with and disassembled parts could be dangerous. 

Seat Support Pillows

Like the tummy time mirror, seat support pillows help little ones get used to working their core muscles and sensations like sitting or lying on their bellies.

Seat support pillows can be used to curve around a seated infant and used to keep them upright. It can also provide cushioning if they fall over. 

These pillows can also be used to prop up babies during tummy time and help them get on their knees to crawl. Either way, these bright and comforting toys are fun and extremely useful. 

Baby Gift Set

christmas gifts 6 month old girl

An organic baby gift set is your Christmas trump card. These sets are gorgeous, safe, and beyond fun. Choose the set that most suits your baby’s personality and enjoy organic baby bodysuits, organic baby toys, and so much more with this Christmas gift gold mine. 


As Christmas approaches and holiday shopping starts in full swing, getting the perfect Christmas gift for a 6-month-old can be hard work. The right toy, one focused on fun and development, can feel impossible to find. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to find a gift that suits your taste and budget. It’s also guaranteed to bring a smile to any baby’s face and joy to their hearts.

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