Christmas Gift for an Unborn Baby

Whether it is you or a friend celebrating the exciting arrival of a newborn, you might find yourself a little stumped on what to get for Christmas. What do babies at that age play with? Can they even play? 

A little bit. Mostly, they’ll be learning how to lift their heads, practicing making eye contact, and absorbing crazy amounts of information. The right Christmas gift can help them on this journey of discovery. 

Here you are sure to find the Christmas gift for an unborn baby that suits your needs. From fun to education and sentimental to practical, all these gift ideas will be a winner for the festive season. 

Top 25 Christmas Presents for Unborn Babies

unborn baby gift ideas

Adorable Baby Clothes

With a newborn on the way, adorable baby clothes will make one of the best gifts for a baby’s Christmas. Babies don’t know how to regulate their temperature and need to stay cozy at all times. They’re also growing every single day. 

Baby clothes will keep them warm and keep the closet stocked up for growth spurts and unfortunate barfing accidents. Go one step further and get organic baby clothes. From knitted baby onesies to organic baby bodysuits, you’ll get to choose from a wide array of natural baby clothing options. 

christmas gifts from unborn baby

Crib Mobile

Sleep is crucial for proper development and necessary for any new parents. But it can be notoriously hard to come by with a newborn. To stave off any midnight interruption, get a crib mobile. 

Attach it to the crib and watch as the soft toys soothe even the fussiest baby. There are mobile options for every budget, from the most basic soft toy ones to mobiles with light shows and soft sounds. 

Portable Mobile

Like a mobile is essential for a crib, a portable mobile is essential for any stroller. Crib mobiles offer babies a little arch or swing with a cute display of attention-grabbing soft toys they can enjoy. 

It’s a great way to soothe them while running errands, going on walks, or just enjoying the day-to-day without a scared, fussy baby. Just clip this magnificent toy onto your stroller and enjoy your day with your little one. 

Baby Rattle

gifts from unborn baby

Baby rattles have been loved by caregivers for generations and with very good reason. These simple yet magnificent toys are a way to occupy your baby's mind while having them work on their fine motor skills and enjoy the sound. 

Babies also love having some control of their environment, which rattles can provide. 

They’re an easy, inexpensive toy that we consider one of the best Christmas gifts for babies under 1. Organic baby rattles are soft and safe to chew on, so you won’t have to worry about any beads or harsh chemicals causing trouble. 

Sensory Stuffed Animal

A newborn does not know the world. They are constantly bombarded with new sights, smells, and textures and it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, sensory stuffed animals are an easy introduction to textiles and patterns. 

These patchwork dolls are covered in bright, contrasting colors and are made with a variety of textures. They help newborns learn about the strange world around them without overwhelming their senses. And they do this while providing a soothing presence when absorbing all this new information. 

Children’s Storybook

A storybook for a newborn might seem a little strange but we’re here to tell you otherwise. A storybook is a great way to lull your baby to sleep and create a sweet moment of bonding. It’s an easy way to develop a nighttime routine while introducing rhythm, reading, and language from a very young age. 

Cozy Baby Blanket

Babies can’t regulate their core body temperature without outside help. So this Christmas, get yours a cute baby blanket or spoil them with organic knit baby blankets

christmas presents for unborn babies

A baby blanket will keep them warm and provide a soothing presence they are sure to enjoy for months or even years to come. These adorable baby blankets can also be kept as a keepsake for future reminiscing. 

Stuffed Toys

You can never go wrong with a stuffed toy. We’ll always add stuffed toys to our list, whether you want a gift for a newborn or a Christmas gift for a 16-month-old. They are fun toys babies can cuddle, throw, and chew on. 

They provide a soothing presence and fit any budget. And if you want to elevate your Christmas gift this year, get eclectic handmade stuffed toys

christmas present for unborn baby

Teething Toys

Teething is a tricky thing. Some babies are born with their baby teeth partially developed and others might only develop them after 4 months old. But for the sake of both the parents and the unborn baby, teething toys should always be added to the Christmas present pile. 

Teething toys can take many fun forms, from teething rattles to teething plushies. They’re safe to chew on and will stave off the dreaded teething pain and irritation. 


Playmats are an amazing gift and a favorite Christmas gift for 7-month-old babies too. It’s because these play mats are fun and great for development. 

Playmats provide a safe, padded environment for babies to rest on during the day. They have fun arches with soft toys to keep them entertained. They also encourage babies to lift their heads and work on their fine motor skills while strengthening the core muscles that will help them crawl and walk. 

Soft Baby Blocks

 christmas gifts for unborn baby

Babies love throwing things around and stacking toys. But until they can enjoy the Christmas gifts 15-month-old babies can play with, soft baby blocks will do the trick. 

Stuffed with cotton and made of fabric, these blocks are big, bright, and safe to play with. Babies can stack them, throw them around, and even cuddle them if the need arises. 

Foot & Hand Pring Kit

Foot and hand print kits are a little more sentimental but make for an amazing newborn gift. These kits have safe ink you can use to stamp your little one's feet and hand prints. Sign the date on the print and keep a visual reminder of how small your baby once was. 

This gift is also great to make in multiples. Send the foot and hand prints as a Christmas gift from the baby to grandparents or share it with Godparents and close friends. 

Tummy Time Mirror

gift for unborn baby

Like the playmat, the tummy time mirror helps develop core muscles that are essential for crawling and walking. But if you have looked after babies, you know getting them on their bellies can be a little difficult. 

Tummy time mirrors help with this process. They provide visual stimuli and other small interactive frame games babies can enjoy. Before you know it, your newborn will be holding up its head and working up the courage to crawl. 

Tummy Time Wedges

The perfect gift to add to your tummy time mirror is tummy time wedges. They come in many shapes, from actual wedges to cute animal pillows. They let babies practice tummy time safely by preventing them from rolling around on the floor or off the bed. 

Pillow wedges add an extra fun element to the traditional wedge design. They protect like wedges do but offer small platforms babies use to push into crawling positions. The cute design is also fun, which keeps babies engaged. 

Soft Baby Books

gifts for unborn baby

Soft baby books are filled with small pop-ups, water-filled pictures, inflated stimuli, and cool textures. They’re amazing for brain development and provide a fun pastime your little one is sure to come back to every few days. 

Besides that, these books are also virtually indestructible. Some are even safe to carry into the bathtub. They’re an awesome gift that will give you your money’s worth. 

Musical Toys

Humans around the world enjoy music and babies are no different. Even from a young age, they will find music fascinating and try to create it by hitting things together. Musical toys are a great gift because they make this process easier. 

With big, bright buttons and a variety of sounds, your baby can enjoy animal sounds, car sounds, musical instruments, and so much more. They’ll develop their music taste and grow the parts of the brain associated with reading and language retention. 

High Contrast Baby Cards

A newborn’s eyesight is still developing. To them, low-contrasting images are almost featureless. Help with this development by introducing high-contrast imagery and feeding their innate curiosity. 

High-contrast baby cards will do the trick. With a variety of high-contrast images on easy-to-hold flashcards, babies can develop their eyesight, improve their attention span and memory, and satiate their budding curiosity. 

Car Seat Toys

unborn baby gift idea

Babies find driving to be a little overwhelming. Who can blame them? But with all your attention focused on driving safely, you’ll have to leave your baby scared in the car seat. Or do you? 

Car seat toys work similarly to portable mobiles. All you need to do is clip the toy to the car seat and your baby will have a soft toy to keep them occupied and soothe their fears. The best part? Because these toys are clipped to the car seat, you won’t have to worry about any toy projectiles while driving. 

Rattle Socks

Rattles socks are a newer, updated version of the baby rattle and are a hilarious addition to add to your Christmas list. 

These baby socks come with cute, light rattles that are attached to the top of the sock. Every time your little one kicks, they’ll be rewarded with a jingle. It’s a fun little gift that will sneakily develop those precious leg muscles while getting your baby to giggle. 

Easy-Grip Baby Balls

Easy-grip baby balls make for a cute baby boy gift and are relatively inexpensive. These balls are light, bright, full of holes, and easy to grip. Babies find them to be wildly entertaining because they look funny and feel weird. They are great learning toys for hand-eye coordination and can be thrown around without worry. 

Infant Activity Center

christmas gifts for unborn babies

An infant activity center is a brain development paradise. These small activity tables are filled with fun spinning toys, toggles, textures, bright colors, and light shows. They help develop fine motor skills and creative thinking skills. 

These tables also develop essential standing muscles. They’re steady and sturdy, and provide support for any curious baby to stand and explore. Some are also adjustable, so your little one can enjoy it on the floor before moving to the table version of the toy. 

Baby Sleep Aid

One of the most special gifts for a baby's first Christmas has to be a sleep aid. Relatively new, sleep aids play soft music, read stories, or mimic the sound of the womb. It’s extremely soothing and will help both babies and parents get a good, much-needed night's rest. 

Baby Essentials

This one might be a little more for parents than babies, but it’s still a great Christmas gift for unborn babies. Get the soon-to-be parents' baby essentials like feeding pillows, potties, diapers, wipes, and organic baby bibs. They’re sure to be appreciated. 

christmas gifts for an unborn baby

Baby Keepsakes Box

Babies grow up fast. From the day they are born, they start hitting new milestones almost every week. It can be hard to keep track of every new experience, especially if you have a busy schedule. That’s why a baby keepsake box is such a touching gift. 

While your little one might not be able to play with this box, it will offer an in-depth chronicle of all their developmental milestones. The box allows you to keep it safe and in one place. It’s an amazing gift both parents and children can enjoy. 

Baby Gift Set

If you aren’t sure what to get, even after looking through all the above gifts, then a gift set will be your best bet. They combine all the things a baby could need and enjoy. From baby clothes to baby toys, these small curated gift sets are perfect for the festive season. 

For the best baby gift set, there is no better option than our natural baby gift sets. They come with a variety of amazing gifts any parent and baby are guaranteed to enjoy. 

 gifts for an unborn baby


Celebrate your unborn baby and enjoy the festive season with gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come. From fun educational toys to sentimental keepsakes, this list will help you choose a Christmas gift that hits the sweet spot between useful and fun.

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