Christmas Gifts for Baby Under 1 Year

When it comes to choosing the right infant Christmas gifts, we understand that it can be a challenge. How do you choose when there are so many options? And how do you choose a gift that is both fun and good for childhood development? 

Well, you use this guide on the best Christmas gifts for a baby under 1 year. From toys to sentimental gifts and keepsakes, we’ve got every type of gift your little one could enjoy right here in one place. 

Celebrate the festive season with practical, eclectic, and essential gifts guaranteed to help your baby reach their full potential. 

Best Christmas Gifts for a Baby Under 1

Adorable Baby Clothes

christmas gifts for babies under 1-year

Start the festive season with adorable baby clothes. Babies are always growing and the need for new, exciting sets will never stop. So get your infant cute baby clothes both you and your little one can enjoy. 

Or, spruce things up this Christmas with organic baby clothes. Try cute feminist baby clothes or knitted newborn onesies and help your little one establish their style and autonomy from a young age. The best part? Our organic baby clothes are safe on all skin types and make for amazing keepsakes. 

 best christmas gifts for baby under 1

Christmas Sock

The perfect gift for your baby’s first Christmas has got to be a Christmas sock. Buy a sock, embroider your baby’s name on the sock, and hang it with the rest of the family’s socks. 

Just like organic baby clothes make for great keepsakes, so do Christmas socks. They’re traditional and festive and can be used for years to come.

Christmas Ornament

Another amazing sentimental gift is a personalized Christmas ornament. Fortunately, there are many ornament DIY kits available online and in-store. They come with easy instructions on how to create your own and are a fun DIY project the whole family can enjoy.

Stamp and bake your baby’s hand on a clay ornament. Or get a small picture frame, engrave their name, and add a baby photo to hang on your Christmas tree. 

You can also make multiples and pass them along to other family members or send them as your baby’s first Christmas present to grandparents. 

Teething Toys

christmas gift for babies under 1 year

At 4 months old, babies start developing their first set of teeth. The process can be irritating or even downright painful. Without anything to numb the pain, it can make for a miserable experience. 

To alleviate the pain and offer some comfort, get your infant teething toys for Christmas. Teething toys are affordable and come in many shapes and sizes. Some also come equipped with other cool features your little one can enjoy. They’re so necessary we’d even recommend them as an unborn baby gift idea. 

Baby Rattle

No gifting list would be complete without baby rattles, especially not our organic baby rattles. Baby rattles are fun and easy to grasp. And they help babies develop essential fine motor skills which will help them with things like writing when they’re older. 

 best christmas gifts for baby boy under 1

It’s also integral to learning about cause and effect. When they shake the rattle and make a sound, babies know they’re the ones causing the sound. To sweeten the deal even further, these awesome toys make for inexpensive Christmas gifts. 

Sensory Toys

Similar to how baby rattles help with cognitive development, so do sensory toys. For the first few years, babies learn more in one day than we do in a year. While this is great, it can be a little overwhelming at times. 
Sensory toys are a fun and achievable way for babies to learn and a great way to avoid getting overwhelmed. With sensory toys like balls and dolls, they can learn about different sounds, textures, and colors at their own pace. 

Baby Play Gym

Baby play gyms are sorely underrated and are one of our most recommended Christmas gifts for 7-month-old babies. They’re a safe place for babies to rest during the day, they’re super fun, and they offer a host of other benefits. 

Chief among them is muscle development and hand-eye coordination. Because baby gyms come equipped with little hanging toys, babies tend to kick and move around to reach the toys. 

These small movements help them develop their leg, arm, and core muscles and work on hand-eye coordination. Play gyms also help babies enjoy little freedoms and offer some diversion from boring daily routines.

Crib Mobile

christmas gift for babies under 1-year

A crib mobile is necessary for all new parents. Why? Because sleep, for both parents and babies, is essential. Unfortunately, getting a good night's rest can be notoriously hard with a baby in the house. That’s where crib mobiles come in. 

A crib mobile will help soothe your baby when they wake up at night and give you more time to get up and help them out if they’re fussy. Sometimes the mobile will lull them back to sleep. 

Babies also love to reach out to mobiles. The reaching motion helps them develop their upper body (or their legs, if they’re reaching with their feet) and helps them understand distance and hand-eye coordination. 

Crib mobiles also come in many forms, with some newer models featuring cute light shows and music boxes that sing soothing songs. 

Soft Building Blocks

If you want to nurture your baby’s creativity, we’d suggest getting them soft baby blocks this Christmas. Soft baby blocks, which are usually made of non-toxic silicone, wood, or cloth, are easy to grasp and light enough to move around. 

The blocks are easy to stack, build, and pile. It also helps develop fine motor skills and, more importantly, pincer grasp muscles, which will help them develop independent movement.

 It’s essential for healthy development. They allow babies to build to their heart's content and are an important development Christmas gift for a 9-month-old

Car Seat Toy

Babies can find driving a tad frightening. They are likely to cry and throw stuff. While this isn’t a big deal, projectiles or distractions could be very dangerous on the road. Instead of dreading driving, get a car seat toy for Christmas instead. 

You can choose between a car seat toy that is attached to the seat, like a mini mobile, or you can choose a toy that is attached to the headrest. Both options will keep your baby occupied and happy, no matter the distance. 

And because the toys are attached to the seats, you can drive without worrying about a toy being thrown at your head. 

Stuffed Toys

best christmas gifts for baby girl under 1

You can never go wrong with a stuffed toy. Stuffed toys are cute and act as soothing devices in a strange world. They’re also soft, cuddly, and all the other good things babies love about squishy toys. 

But if you want to ramp up your Christmas gifting this year, get a handmade and organic stuffed toy. Our designs are electric, and the organic material is non-toxic and safe for all growing boys and girls. 

Baby Walker

If you’re looking for a gift for an older baby, we’d suggest a baby walker as a Christmas gift for 10-month-old babies and up. As the name suggests, baby walkers work similarly to senior walkers by providing support for walking. 

When infants start taking their first step, having something to lean on or walk with can make a massive difference in their development. 

The best thing about walkers is that they have activity centers. They can play with cool onboard activities and games to keep babies entertained while they work on muscular development. 

Shape Sorter

The best way to teach children about shapes is to have them play with them. Shape sorter toys let children flex their problem-solving skills by pushing the toy’s shaped blocks into their corresponding slots. 

Besides being fun and educational, shape sorting toys also work on the pincer grasp muscles and fine motor skills. 

The best way to enjoy this toy is as a pair. Sit down with your infant, name the shapes, and help them work their way through them. Before long, they’ll have a grasp on the shapes, their names, and how to accurately fit them through the holes. 

Stacking Toys

christmas gifts for babies under one year

Stacking toys might just be one of our favorite toys for three reasons. First, these toys are extremely affordable. Secondly, shape-sorting toys help children learn about space, volume, and cause and effect. It’s also great for developing their core and fine motor skills. 

And thirdly, there are many types of stacking toys, all of which you can choose from at your leisure. Whether you want stacking rings or stacking buckets, or you want a cloth, wood, or plastic stacking toy, you can find them easily for Christmas. 

Musical Table 

Music is loved all over the world by people of all ages. But it’s especially loved by babies. They’re still adapting to all the strange new sounds around them, and having a toy that helps them on this journey is a must. 

A musical table is the best option. The table, which can be disassembled to rest on the floor alone, features fun games, bright lights, and song displays. Put your little one in front of the table, press a few buttons, and watch as they discover a new world. 

But listening to music is about so much more than enjoyment. Music is essential for brain development and can help with cognitive development and memory. Children also love to express their feelings through dancing. It’s a simple yet powerful joy. 

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are a classic Christmas gift, and with good reason. At one year old and younger, infants need to be kept nice and cozy. If they’re not comfortable warm, they spend a lot more energy trying to conserve their heat and it can make them sick. 

Not only are baby blankets good for their health, but they’re also soothing devices. Infants love being swaddled, held, and wrapped up, and blankets do all this in one go. If you want the best blanket for this Christmas, get these beautiful organic knit baby blankets now. 

best christmas gift for baby boy under 1

Tummy Time Mirror

Infants need to develop a lot of muscles, and they need to do it quickly. The quicker they can do it, the faster they’ll be able to move independently and move on to things like walking and running. 

Tummy time helps with this process. Laying on bellies helps them work on core muscles and other gross and fine motor skills. These muscles help babies keep their heads up and build balance and strength. 

If you want to focus more on tummy time but your baby isn’t interested in resting on their belly, then the tummy time mirror is the way to go. These plexiglass and acrylic mirrors are baby-proof, feature cute mirror games, and have stands that keep them steady during play.

Before you know it, tummy time and the tummy time mirror will have your little one crawling like a champ. 

Interactive Baby Books

If you’re ready to introduce magic into your little one’s life, then get them Interactive baby books for Christmas. Interactive baby books are bright and super fun. Inside these awesome books, your infant will enjoy quirky images, bright colors, diverse textures, and surprise pop-ups. 

These books also feature short-sentence stories that you can read while your infant is playing. It’s a fun and simple introduction to the world of storytelling and language. 

Children's Storybooks

christmas gift for babies under one year

If your baby is a little older and you want to work on their vocabulary, there is no better way to do it than with storybooks. There are many interesting and age-appropriate storybooks available online and in stores. You’re sure to find one that fits your baby’s personality. 

Sit your baby down for a read, or add reading to your nighttime ritual. Not only is it a great bonding experience, but reading will also help your child’s communication skills, cognitive development, memory, and creative thinking. 

Bath Toys

Bath time can be notoriously difficult. Water is a foreign substance and most babies either love it or absolutely hate it. Either way, it can be difficult to get babies clean when they’re being fussy in the tub. 

That’s why you should get them bath toys. From rubber duckies to inflatable and indestructible story books, bath toys will keep them entertained while you clean the day's grime away. 

Enjoying the water is also great positive reinforcement. If they’re enjoying themselves in the water and getting over their fears at such a young age, it’ll likely also be easier to get over the fear of swimming when they are older. 

Activity Center 

Activity centers are what paradise for babies looks like. Not only can they move around freely, but they get to enjoy a ton of games while they do it. 

One of the biggest benefits of these wheeled play centers is that it gives infants the ability to move around safely. The seat supports their bodies while the play structure acts as a buffer between them and dangerous objects. 

They get to move around and work on their leg and core muscles. The games also keep infants thoroughly entertained, which gives you some time to work or get in much-needed rest. 

Baby Climbers

best christmas gifts for baby boy under one year

Baby climbers are great gifts for older infants that are comfortable moving by themselves.  Wooden baby climbers are strong and sturdy and offer babies freedom to explore home like never before. 

Climbers also improve the quality of their crawling. Instead of only working on one set of muscles with repetitive motion, the climbers engage their whole bodies. It will ultimately help them build muscle, strengthen their bones, and improve their balance. 

Push-Along Scooter

Push-along baby scooters are extremely fun and make for amazing Christmas gifts for 15-month-old babies. With push-along scooters, infants can release all their cooped-up energy by zooming around the house. 

The scooters also help with muscular development and agility. The pushing motion engages their legs, and sitting up straight and balancing their bodies helps develop their core. Push-along scooters hit the sweet spot between having fun and working on essential muscle groups. 

Baby Gift Set

If you’ve browsed through the list and still aren’t sure what to get your little one this Christmas, then get an organic baby gift set. Instead of buying a bunch of toys, a gift set provides you with a themed present with a variety of loved goodies we’re sure your infant will love. 

best christmas gift for baby under 1

There are many types of gift sets: some focus on educational toys, others on entertaining toys, and some on baby clothes. But you can also get a gift set that has all three. Whichever one you choose, we guarantee it will be a smash hit with your baby. 


Hopefully, this guide helped you find the right gift for your baby. Gifting children's toys and seeing their joy is always fun. But, more importantly, the right toy could help them develop in ways you could never have imagined. 

So, celebrate the Christmas season with one of the above gifts. They’re heaps of fun, and each toy brings unique and essential developmental benefits. And when you’re done with Christmas shopping, check out our top new year baby gift ideas to plan for the upcoming holiday.

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