Toys for 6-Month-Old

Whether you are a parent looking for a gift or a family member trying to surprise someone you love, you know that finding the right toys for 6-month-old babies can be research intensive.

Toys need to be fun and educational but not too small or dangerous. Some toy manufacturers use harmful chemicals, so those need to be avoided as well. As you can see, it’s a lot of work.

That’s why we made this comprehensive guide. Under these categories, you are bound to find a toy that suits your needs, taste, and budget. 

What this article covers:

Developmental Toys for 6-Month-Old

Teething Toys 

best toys for 6 month old

At 6 months old, babies are growing their first set of teeth. As these teeth push through the gums, they can be uncomfortable, itchy, and painful. The best way to soothe this irritation is with teething toys.

Most teething toys are plastic or silicone and are designed to be chewed on. They can range from small plastic keys to silicone bands. 

It’s important that these toys have a textured surface to soothe those gums and that the material used to make the toy is non-toxic and safe for babies to chew on. The toys should also be latex, PVC, and BPA-free. 

Baby Mirror

Tummy time is essential for the development of core muscles. It encourages babies to slowly lift and then hold their heads and gives them the strength to crawl and then walk. But tummy time can also be a little foreign and scary. 

It’s what makes baby mirrors the perfect type of toy for infants. Baby mirrors are light and wrapped in colorful designs that keep babies occupied and keep them safe from any sharp edges. 

With a baby mirror, babies can get acquainted with their reflections while working on their muscles while also giving mom or dad some time to breathe. Clothe them in adorable organic baby clothes for some added mirror time fun. 

gifts for 6 month old

Squeeze Toys

Any type of squeeze toy is bound to make a baby happy. These toys work on their motor skills by engaging their muscles and can be a pastime while parents take a break or carry on with household duties. 


A baby mobile is the best baby gift for a newborn and is infinitely useful. Hang these toys over the baby’s crib and let them lull them into a deep and restful sleep.

Some of the most advanced mobiles play music or tell stories and can calm even the fussiest baby. It’s also a great way to indicate to your baby that it is time for sleep and develop sleep hygiene. 

Portable mobiles are also a must for any parent. Clip the mobile onto your stroller and continue with errands without having to worry about a fussy baby. 

Stuffed Animals

Nothing beats a stuffed toy, especially not a handmade stuffed animal. Stuffed animals are a classic and every child should have the pleasure of owning one. They are safe and soothing to babies, especially if they have bonded with the stuffed toy. 

6 month old toys

Stuffed animals also tend to become keepsakes that children keep with them for years, sometimes well into adulthood. We’d even go so far as to say they are essential newborn baby presents

They are also amazing at calming fussy babies and work great in combination with Loveys baby products. They help keep babies engaged and provide a soothing presence when going on trips that are foreign and stimulating. 

best gifts for 6 month old

Activity Walker

When we say walker, we don’t mean one for the elderly. Even if they work similarly. An activity walker offers many interactive activities for babies to enjoy, from squeaky buttons to counting beads to high-contrast flash cards. 

While this alone could make an activity walker a winner, the real plus point is the walker part of the toy. The frame is light but sturdy and with some encouragement from parents, babies will soon learn how they can use the frame to pull themselves up and practice walking with steady support. 

Educational Toys for 6-Month-Old

Shape Sorting Toy

baby toys 6 months

No educational toy list is complete without a shape-sorting toy. These toys usually come as cubes and have shape cutouts with corresponding shape plugs. 

Babies can sort through the shapes and push the shapes through their corresponding holes into the cube. It’s a great educational toy that teaches babies about shapes and how volume and space work. 

Interactive Toys

Nothing is quite as engaging and educational as interactive toys. With big, bright buttons and cool features, these toys are an educational buffet. From flashcards to counting numbers to shape sorting, interactive toys can help babies forge new ways of thinking. 

Besides being massively educational, interactive toys are also very fun to play with and very nice to look at. Babies love the variety of bright colors and all the functions and features on these toys will keep them busy for hours. 

Baby Books

toys for six month old

Communication and storytelling are essential to the human experience and babies are no different. While they won’t be reading these books to critically understand the story, baby books are still filled with fun textures and pop-ups, and serve as a bonding experience with whoever is reading the story. 

Books are also calming and effortlessly soothe babies while teaching them about communication and language. 

Toy for 6-Month-Old Baby Girl

Plush Dolls

Plush dolls are big dolls that are soft and easy to play with. They have no sharp edges and will be safe even if babies throw them around. It’s the perfect present for 5 month old baby girls and can feature as a day-to-day companion. 

Doll House

developmental toys for 6 month old

Another top toy 3-6 month old girls is a doll house. Because a six-month-old girl can’t play with small toys as it presents a choking hazard, a doll house with large, light toys will be a safer option. 

You also don’t have to opt for a traditional doll house. Toys have evolved and if you have a little girl that wants something a bit different, you are bound to find something, like a toy house that features dinosaurs instead of dolls. 

Toy for 6-Month-Old Baby Boy

Car Toys

It might be traditional, but there is no arguing that car toys are a winner. Because 6-month-old babies are still putting things in their mouths and struggle with smaller movements, it will be better to buy car toys that are big, light, and bright. 

Animal Toys

Another winning toy for 4 month old baby boys is big animal or dinosaur toys. You can opt for a big and bright animal toy.

Or you can get a more advanced animal toy that has functions like the shape-sorting toy mentioned in our educational toy sections. Just ensure there are no small parts that could be a choking hazard. 

Best Sensory Toys for 6-Month-Old

Baby Rattle

best 6 month old toys

A baby rattle toy will always be useful to both babies and parents. It’s one of the first sensory toys babies receive and with good reason. It’s soft and a fun introduction to sounds and how a cause can have an effect: baby shakes the rattle, rattle makes a sound.

They come in many shapes and sizes, from the normal rattle shape - a ball on a stick - to soft snap bands. Whichever you choose, make sure the sound isn’t too jarring or that the beads that make the sounds are toxic or easily accessible to the baby. 

Sensory Toy

A sensory toy is a patchwork ball or doll with various textures and colors that are bound to delight any baby's senses. These toys are bright and mismatched and offer the perfect engaging sensory toy for any super curious babies. 

Musical Toy

While we’ve talked about the importance of textures and colors for young minds, we can’t overstate how important music is. Music is universally enjoyed and babies are no exception. 

Musical toys are some of the most frequently used by babies. The big, bright buttons are easy to press and the sound effects are sure to delight them. Many music toys also feature cool light shows and other functions that are sure to keep your baby busy for years to come. 

Best Activity Toys For 6-Month-Old

Toy Balls

6 month baby toys

Balls are simple and easy to use. They are also cheap and will work with any budget. They come in many colors and textures. You’re even likely to find soft cloth balls that can be safely enjoyed. 

Besides the above pros, balls will also gently encourage babies to be more active. Movement is essential to building strength for walking and crawling, and fetching a ball is a great way to build this strength. It can also be a bonding experience between babies and parents during playtime. 

Soft Building Blocks

Building blocks, like balls, are a classic children's toy. While bigger, wooden building blocks might be a little dangerous for a 6-month-old, soft building blocks offer a safe option that is just as fun. 

These blocks are soft, usually made of cloth, and can be used to build towers or even just to enjoy throwing something soft around. 

Best Stacking Toys for 6-Month-Old

Ring Stacker

best toy for 6 month old

No popular baby toy beats the vibrant ring stacker. These toys are available in many forms and fit any budget. The majority of them feature a sturdy base with a baby-safe ring pole. The rings are big, easy to use, and strong without being heavy. 

While babies might not immediately understand how to organize the rings, the rings are sure to challenge their growing minds and develop early critical thinking skills. 

Multi-Purpose Stacker

Multi-purpose stackers are like ring stackers except they can take many different forms and serve multiple functions. One of the most popular versions of the multi-purpose stacker is the bucket stacker. 

As the name suggests, these stackers are built from small and light buckets that babies can stack while also using them to play with water or carry around toys. It’s a great way to teach babies about volume and how things can serve multiple functions. 

Advanced Stacker 

educational toys for 6 month old

Besides the ring stacker and the multi-purpose stacker, you can also opt for an advanced stacker. These stackers hold non-traditional shapes and are a little more difficult to master but a whole lot more fun. 

One of the most well-known examples of these stackers is the cracked egg stacker. The toy stacks in a diagonal pattern. While it might be harder, babies can use this type of stacker for years as the advanced level will keep them engaged until they truly master the toy. 

Wood Stacker

If you want a stacker toy that looks prettier, wood stackers are the way to go. They come in similar forms as the ring stacker except instead of the traditional plastic, they are made from wood. 

The majority of wood stackers are still made of lightweight wood and painted with more muted tones. If you opt for a wood stacker, just make sure the colors are still engaging. Babies' eyes are still developing and bright, high-contrast colors will be easier to see. 

developmental toys for 6-month-old baby


Babies' personalities vary and so do their interests. It can also be hard to find a toy that is fun and practical. But with this list of toys for 6-month-old babies, we guarantee you will find something educational and engaging. 

If you find yourself looking for something eclectic, consider natural baby gifts. Organic, safe for their skin and their health, and gorgeous, these gift sets will make the perfect baby gift for someone looking for something more unique. 

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