Christmas Gift 9-Month-Old

For infants, 9-months old is a time of intense learning, growing, and exploration. The world is opening up to them and they are going to be curious about experiencing every new joy they can get their hands on. 

Toys can help them on this journey by providing a safe and fun way to explore their senses, the environment, and their emotions. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best Christmas gifts for a 9-month-old to help you choose the best gift for this festive season. From fun toys to sentimental keepsakes, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for right here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for a 9-Month-Old Baby

Adorable Baby Clothes

christmas gift ideas for 9 month old baby

At 9 months old, your little one is growing fast. It’s exciting but also a little scary and the time to enjoy playing dress-up is steadily coming to an end. Soon, they’ll be choosing what clothes they want to wear and establishing their independence. 

Now is the time to enjoy adorable baby clothes, especially as a Christmas gift. Get the best organic baby clothes. Choose a spectacular knitted baby onesie or adorable avocado print baby clothes and enjoy playing dress up a little longer. 

The best part about getting adorable baby clothes? You can keep them as keepsakes to reminisce on in the future. 

Stacking Rings

At this age, babies are getting used to moving around. If they aren’t already, they’ll start crawling and prepping to stand up soon. To help with this, babies need to work on their balance and core muscles.

Stacking toys are a cheap but super effective way to do this. To stack the rings on the pole and base, babies need to sit up. They have to hold their bodies upright while constantly balancing their upper bodies to use their hands.

It’s an effective core workout and makes stacking toys one of the best Christmas gifts for babies under one. These bright, colorful rings come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. They are easy to play with and extremely valuable for childhood development.

Crawl Ball or Car

christmas gift ideas for 9 month old boy

Crawl toys are bright, fun, and loud toys that move around. This can be a crawl ball or a small crawl car. Some of these toys even take the shape of a floor scooter that babies can push around with their feet and hands while lying on their bellies.

The reason these are such essential Christmas toys for 6 to 12-month-old babies is because of how engaging crawl toys are. For babies to truly enjoy these toys, they need to crawl and fetch them. 

The toys attract attention with bright colors and cool displays when moving and encourage your little one to follow along. It’s a fun way for babies to practice their crawling and hopefully get on their feet. 

Baby Rattle

Rattles are essential unborn baby Christmas gifts that will be enjoyed for the majority of the first year. But as sound and texture become more common, your baby will start to explore everything deeper, including their rattle. 

To take advantage of this, a rattle that can twist, make different sounds, or light up is sure to be a winner at Christmas. You can also opt for an organic baby rattle that will be safe for their exploring mouths to enjoy.

christmas gift ideas for 9 month old boys

Whichever you choose, make sure the rattle is safe. This means it’s safe to chew on with no threat of parts, like the music beads, falling out and into your baby's mouth. 

Christmas Sock

The best keepsake gift for a baby’s first Christmas has to be a Christmas sock. Embroider your little one's name on the sock and hang it up with the rest of the family. It’s a wonderful welcome into the family and a traditional Christmas gift they can enjoy for decades. 

Activity Cube

Activity cubes are a winner for 9-month-old babies but can even be enjoyed as a Christmas gift for a 15-month-old baby. These activity cubes are engaging and will keep your baby entertained for hours on end. 

Besides being wildly entertaining, these activity cubes are also awesome for your child's development. With so many amazing activities for them to enjoy, it will improve your child’s muscle control and hand-eye coordination. 

As another plus, these activity cubes will kick-start creative and critical thinking skills. All in all, these toys are great for Christmas. 

Baby Walker

9 month old baby christmas presents

Yes, a walker. It might seem a little funny but baby walkers are amazing for pre-walking stages. At 9 months old, babies have enough muscle and coordination for crawling and maybe standing. But they need a little help. 

Baby walkers do the trick. These sturdy toys offer support and allow babies to pull themselves up to practice standing and walking. 

Walkers also have a ton of fun games to keep your baby entertained. They come equipped with lights, musical buttons, spinners, and other fun activities. 

Toy Blocks

Toy blocks are a classic staple of any Christmas list and with good reason. They come in many forms, including wooden blocks and more modern silicone versions. They’re durable, affordable, and infinitely fun. 

Toy blocks are also great for cognitive development. Besides working on fine motor skills, it also requires babies to think, solve problems, and flex creative muscles. It’s an all-around great toy with endless play opportunities. 

Baby Blanket

You might think a 9-month-old is too old for a blankie but we’re here to tell you otherwise. While your baby is old enough to withstand a wider variety of temperatures, they will still be very sensitive to frequent or big weather changes. 

Providing a baby blanket, especially a cute one like our organic baby blankets, will provide some security. If they are crawling, they could even get the baby blanket for themselves. Blankets are also soothing devices that offer comfort in a rapidly changing world. 

christmas gift ideas for 9 month old girls

Stacking Cups

Like stacking rings, stacking cups work on developing core strength and hand-eye coordination. It will also help with object permanence. 

You might have noticed your child remembering things you hide, putting toys in containers, and then throwing them out. That’s because they are getting used to controlling their environment, working on finer muscle control, and noticing space and volume. 

Stacking cups hit all these markers. They’re affordable, simple, and extremely valuable developmental Christmas gifts!

Stuffed Toys

Name one child that doesn’t enjoy a stuffed toy. We bet you can’t! Celebrate Christmas by getting your baby a stuffed toy. Get them a beautiful handmade stuffed toy, their favorite animal, or their favorite movie character. 

Not only are stuffed toys fun, but they also provide comfort. These toys are soothing and make for amazing companions as the world becomes clearer to your little one. And when they have grown up, chances are you or your child will hold onto the toy for years to come. 

christmas gift ideas for 9 month old girl

Sensory Doll

If your baby already has a prized stuffed toy, then elevate the experience with a sensory doll. These toys are a feast for their eyes with bright, partwork colors and patterns that provide an excellent introduction into the world of textures. 

Sensory dolls also help build essential nerve connections, improve memory, and help babies develop focus. 

We’d recommend these toys as Christmas gifts for 7-month-old babies and older children too. They’re easy to play with and hit that sweet spot of familiar and foreign. It allows babies to experience things that are new on their own time without feeling overwhelmed. 

Activity Center

Activity centers are a must for any developing brain and one of our most recommended 10-month-old Christmas gifts

These centers are extremely fun and will keep your baby busy for hours. You’ll be able to carry on with work and household chores or get in some much-needed rest while your little one toddles around in the activity center next to you. 

It also provides a safe space for babies to explore their curiosity and develop their fine motor skills. Most notably, it will help them develop their pincer grasp. The pincer grasp is when babies use their thumb and forefinger to pick things up and it’s a very important milestone. 

Shape Sorting Toy

9 month old baby christmas present

A shape-sorting toy is amazing for many reasons. It helps with fine motor skills, critical thinking, and creativity. But it also helps babies develop hand-eye coordination. 

With a shape-sorting toy, your baby will learn how to match and sort shapes and drop them through corresponding holes. It’s a fun challenge and will be a thrill for little ones who get the shapes through. 

It’s also an easy introduction to shapes. Spend some time with your little ones, name the shapes as they drop them, and watch as they start to recognize the objects around them. 

Toy Cars and Trucks

One of the best baby boy Christmas toys has to be toy cars and trucks. But we’d suggest you get them for any baby, regardless of gender. Why? Because like the crawler toy, toy trucks and cars will encourage your baby to move around through crawling and hopefully even walking. 

Just be sure to get the appropriate toy cars. Sturdy, big, and bright toy cars will be your best bet. They look more fun and you won’t have to worry about small toy parts being swallowed by any curious babies. 

Musical Table

christmas gift ideas for 9 month old babies

As your baby’s senses start opening up, the sounds of the world around them will fascinate them. Musical toys have big, bright buttons that are easy to push and fun to play with. Some even come equipped with light shows, lullabies, and soft tunes your baby can enjoy. 

And while we know having loud toys around can be a pain, they are really important to development. 

Stimulating their senses with sound helps their brains grow. To achieve the best results, you want to introduce a variety of sounds and pitches from all types of sources and toys are a great way to do this. 

Baby Piano

Another musical toy sure to thrill you baby is a baby piano. Baby pianos have a variety of sounds that help forge new brain pathways. They also double as walkers by offering sitting or standing support for babies while comfortably introducing music to their ears. 

And you never know what passion having a small piano might evoke. Music is universally enjoyed and many children discover a love of it from a very young age. 

Baby Books

hristmas gift ideas for 9 month old baby girl

One of the most important gifts a baby can receive and one of the best choices for 16-month-old Christmas gifts has to be baby books. There are two main types to choose from. 

First, you have indestructible baby books. We’d recommend these books for younger babies who want to throw around books and enjoy feeling the pages instead of reading them. These books are fun, impossible to break, and present pop-ups, cool images, and fun textures for babies to enjoy. 

Next, you have story books. At such a young age, your tot won’t understand the story but they will start to pick up on words, rhythms, and language. It’s a great introduction to storytelling and presents a fun bonding experience. 

Infant Scooter

Babies are crawling and getting ready to walk and any type of movement is immensely fun. So why not celebrate Christmas with an infant scooter? These scooters are low, padded, and safe to use. 

They also develop fine motor skills and other balancing muscles. Before you know it, your little one will be zooming around the house, pumping their legs and holding their bodies steady without any outside held. 

christmas gift ideas for 9 month olds

Baby Ceiling Jumper

Nothing is as fun as a ceiling jumper. Ceiling jumpers are fastened to one spot and are a safe space to put your baby while you clean, work, or relax. It’s also immensely fun as these toys bounce as your baby jumps. 

By jumping, your baby will strengthen their legs and core. They will also improve the muscles that are responsible for balance and orienting behaviors. 

Christmas Tree Ornament

Besides toys, you can also opt for a more sentimental Christmas gift your baby is sure to appreciate in the future. Have a small Christmas ornament made by printing a baby picture or creating a hand or foot clay mold. 

Add your baby’s name and the year, finish it off, and hang it on your Christmas tree. It makes for an amazing keepsake and it is one of our favorite Christmas gifts from babies to grandparents. 

Baby Gift Set

9 month old baby christmas gift

If you want to go all out for Christmas, then an organic baby gift set is the way to go. Choose from a wide array of completely natural gift sets filled with eclectic clothes, baby rattles, organic baby bibs, stuffed toys, and baby books. 

These sets are sure to elicit pure joy and make for the perfect keepsake set when your infant is growing up. 


Celebrate this Christmas with the best gifts for 9-month-old babies!  Each gift is sure to bring your little one endless amounts of fun while also teaching them about the world around them and their place in it. 

From stacking toys to infant scooters to gift sets, these gifts are perfect for the festive season and your baby. 

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