Best Tummy Time Toys for a 3-Month-Old

Tummy time is essential for the development of your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders. It is also an excellent opportunity for you and your baby to play together and bond. Your baby will start to enjoy tummy time from about 3 months old, so this is a good age to introduce tummy time toys. 

Just about anything that is soft, stretchy, and colorful will be a hit during tummy time. Naturally, some types of toys are slightly better than others for this purpose. So we put together a list of fun toys that are best suited for developing infants during this developmental stage.

If you want to make the most of tummy time, but you aren’t sure which toys are suitable, read our handy guide below. We have 9 great suggestions for the best tummy time toys for a 3-month-old.

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9 of the Best Tummy Time Toys for 3-Month Olds

best tummy time toys for newborns

Tummy time can be even more beneficial with the right toys. So you may want to invest in one or more of these 9 best tummy time toys for a 3-month-old.

Developmental Tummy Time Adjustable Pillow

This is a special pillow that opens out into the ideal tummy time padded cushion. it also adjusts to become a supportive seat as your baby grows and can sit upright. These pillows are usually brightly colored and adorned with adorable characters. This makes it both a cushion and a toy, of sorts.

Because of this, it can make a very practical Christmas gift idea for a 3-month-old. But be sure to select one that has a removable cover. A cover with a zipper can hurt a baby if they discover it and get curious, so choose a non-zippered slipcover instead. 

Also, whenever possible, opt for soft, natural fabrics like brushed cotton. These are usually machine washable on a gentle cycle and are also more breathable. Cotton is comfortable in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter. If the floor is very cold, rather do tummy time with your baby on your belly.

Soft Plush Toys

Tummy time toys can also include traditional favorites like plush toys. Simply lay your baby tummy down on one of our soft baby blankets, on the floor and give them one or two of our soft toys to play with. Our adorable stuffed animal toys are sure to keep them interested and happy. 

best tummy time toys for babies

By placing one of our handmade stuffed animals just slightly out of reach, you will encourage your baby to reach for them. Stretching slightly to get to them is an essential part of tummy time developmental play. 

Our plush toys make great gifts, are ideal for all ages, and are even suitable as toys for month-old babies.

Crescent-Shaped Tummy Time Cushion

Similar to the adjustable pillow, this provides a soft landing for the baby’s tummy time activity. Tummy time cushions are usually sold with accompanying soft toys. Most of the tummy time ring cushions available on the market do not include a removable cover though. 

As this can make it harder to keep clean, shop around for one or have one made. But, this style of cushion has limited use, as it will not be of much use as the baby grows. Unlike knitted toys, rattles, and teddies, your baby is not likely to carry it around easily, either.

Of course, the included toys will probably still be of interest for a long time. Avoid small, fiddly decorations though. They could easily become dislodged and present a choking hazard.

A Mobile Toy

A mobile toy with dangling soft toys hanging down is always a firm favorite. These types of toys can be attached to various surfaces, but do not affix them to anything very high and out of your baby’s reach. Also, check that all mobile toys do not constitute choking hazards. 

best baby toys for tummy time

This means no hard fixtures that can easily loosen. Mobile toys for infants are readily available at most baby supply and toy stores. They are very popular as baby toys for tummy time, as well as for keeping a baby content in their crib. 

These are among the best developmental toys for 3-month-olds. They have the added advantage of being attachable to your baby’s crib. Keep in mind, though, that tummy time should always be under supervision. 

Soft Rattle Toys

Rattle toys are already a great choice for your baby’s development. They can be even more useful when included in tummy time. The important thing is that they should be soft and comfortable, in case your baby pulls himself onto them. 

best tummy time toys for baby

Our organic rattles serve a dual purpose: They are functional rattles as well as adorable tummy time toys. Rattles are one of the best developmental toys for 2-month-olds too. In fact, they will keep your baby happily occupied from the newborn stage all the way through tummy time and beyond. 

So if you weren't fortunate enough to receive one in time for your baby’s birth, get one of our baby rattle soft toys right away. 

Stackable Cup Toys 

Stackable cups are loved by infants from a few months right up to the toddler stage. At 3 months, the bright colors will attract your baby to reach for them. As your baby grows and learns, it will derive more benefits from this simple toy. 

At every stage of development, they will learn something new. These ever-popular colorful and educational toys will keep your baby entertained, and offer a host of educational benefits. They foster good hand-eye coordination skills, encourage problem-solving abilities, and teach your little one about colors, too.

You can find fun stackable infant toys at any baby toy store. A set of stackable toys is a must-have for any growing and developing infant. It is also one of the best tummy time toys for a 3-month-old.

Finger Puppets

best tummy time toys infants

This is the ideal tummy-time toy for mums who love to place their babies on their tummies looking up at them. If you would like to do this as a form of bonding, you need something special to keep your baby interested. If you’re looking for toys for babies 0-3 months, soft finger puppets can be the answer.

Place these on your fingers, and wiggle them to attract your baby’s attention. This will encourage him to look up and grasp for them, thereby exercising the neck and shoulder muscles. Brightly colored felt animal puppets are a top choice for this activity. 

Knitted Dolls

Any of our organic cotton baby toys are ideal for tummy time. Like our stuffed animals, knitted dolls are some of the best tummy time toys for a 3-month-old. And we have the best quality, non-toxic hand-knitted dolls around. 

They are very versatile, as they double up as soother toys for when they go on outings and for sleepovers at their grandparents’ house. Lovingly made in Peru from the purest organic cotton, they are ideal for any gender and will quickly become your baby’s favorite toy.

 best floor toys for babies

One of our beautiful knitted dolls is the ideal gift that your baby will treasure right up to the toddler stage.

Soft Baby Books

Yes, a baby book also qualifies as a toy. Of course, your baby can't read yet. That’s still a long way off. But baby books are basically picture books, meant to capture their imagination and spark curiosity. Soft cloth books are always popular, but so are waterproof ones. 

The best part about the latter is that can double up as bathtime toys. These books usually contain simple, very bright pictures that will attract your baby. Used for tummy time, they will encourage interaction with the book and also encourage visual learning. 

These baby books are usually available from baby supply stores and children’s bookstores. Like stackable toys, they will be of benefit through several stages of development. 


With the right toys, you can provide your baby with more than just entertainment. The correct toy choices also assist in developmental stages through play styles like tummy time. Our soft, all-natural toys are not only suitable for playtime activities, but will also delight your infant as they grow and develop.

Best Tummy Time Toys for a 3-Month-Old (FAQs)

best baby mirror toy

Are there any toys that are unsuitable for Tummy Time?

It is best to avoid toys with exposed wires, sharp edges, hard zippers or buttons, and long strings or ribbons. Not only are your infant’s little hands very sensitive, but these items could also harm their face or find their way into your baby’s mouth. Babies are naturally curious, so watch out for these dangers.

Is Tummy Time really necessary for my baby’s development?

Yes, it is and should be encouraged from the newborn stage onward. You may want to start with a couple of minutes a day and work up to a more extended period, or more regular tummy time intervals. Your baby may not be keen at first, but keep at it and your baby will soon reap the benefits.

What is Tummy Time Good for at 3 Months?

At this age, the goal of Tummy Time is to strengthen the head, neck, and upper body muscles. In tummy time at 3 months, your baby will start to straighten their legs, with their lower belly touching the surface beneath them. They may also use their elbows for stability.  This is the precursor to crawling.

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