Winter Baby Registry

Are you expecting a new baby in the wintertime? A winter newborn’s clothing needs are a bit different from babies born in the warmer seasons. Besides the basics, you need to include items that are more suitable for winter weather. 

We know that a lot of work goes into compiling the perfect baby registry, no matter the season. But even in the most temperate climate, winter means cooler weather. 

Because we are dedicated to keeping your newborn baby safe, comfortable, and stylish in any season, we have created this winter baby registry guide. It includes essential items, and the latest trends, for your winter baby registry.  

What This Article Covers:

What to Put on Your Winter Baby Registry

A Sturdy Stroller

Winter or not, there will be times when you need to take your baby outdoors. And you will need a sturdy stroller for those outdoor walks. 

winter baby registry checklist

But if you live in a region that is prone to winter snowfall, an all-terrain stroller is a must-have for your winter baby registry. This is a more rugged design that has larger wheels, which makes navigating pathways thickly carpeted with snow, a breeze.

Cozy Winter Blankets and Crib Bedding

Of course, blankets are baby registry necessities in any season. Your registry should include several blankets. A receiving blanket, swaddle blankies, and blankets for the crib or bassinet are must-haves in any season. But in winter you will need some thicker, warmer ones too. 

Your newborn baby will not be able to regulate his/her core temperature as well as you can. So for those first few months, your baby will need to be kept extra warm and cozy with clothing and blankets suitable for winter.


Swaddle cloths and comfort or “security blankets” are essential for a baby registry at any time of year. But they are especially important in winter. 

Swaddling your baby will make him or her feel safe and protected, as well as cozy. But cold weather may make your baby a bit unhappy, too. And this is when the soothing presence of your baby’s favorite Lovey Blanket will make all the difference.

Best Winter Baby Registry

So include a few on your winter baby registry list. We recommend including an organic gift set that includes a soothing Lovey blanket with an attached toy, as well as a rattle toy and beanie. Our organic Octopus-themed set is a great example of this winter-friendly set. 

Knitted Onesies and Rompers

A knitted baby onesie is convenient and practical in the colder weather, but it can be very stylish too. Ensure that the onesies or bodysuits that you include for your newborn’s first 3 months include long-sleeved options as well.  

Cute Leggings/Pants

Aside from onesies and rompers, include a couple of pairs of infant pants or leggings to your winter baby registry. This is especially important if you live in a region that experiences very low winter temperatures.

Our knitted onesies and bodysuits are warm and comfortable. But in more extreme cold, you may need to provide your baby with some added protection against the cold. 

So for extra warmth, consider adding a pair of stretchy pants or leggings to your baby’s outfit. This is especially important when you have to take your baby outdoors in winter.

Baby Cardigans and Sweaters

A couple of baby cardigans, jackets, and sweaters should make it onto your winter registry checklist as well. Like the pants we mentioned above, a knitted cardigan or sweater can be added to your baby’s outfit in extremely cold weather. They can be used as layers of warmth when taking your baby outside in winter.

Warm Winter Mittens

This is one of those things to put on a baby registry that is especially important in the winter. 

Best winter baby registry checklist

A baby’s hands and feet are very sensitive, so keep your newborn’s delicate little hands safe and warm with some mittens. They are vital for keeping those little hands warm during outdoor strolls. Coordinate them with a knitted newborn outfit for some winter baby style. 

Mittens also perform another important function. Your baby’s nails will grow quickly, and this can lead to your baby unintentionally scratching their face. So it is a good idea to keep your baby’s hands covered while asleep. Mittens will provide both warmth in the winter, and protection from accidental scratches. 

Comfy Knitted Booties and Socks

Because your baby’s hands and feet are so sensitive, you’ll want to keep those precious little feet cozy with some knitted booties. Our organic baby booties will do the job, beautifully. Available in cream, blue, gray, or black there is a neutral color to go with any outfit. 

Baby Registry Checklist for Winter

Even if cocooned in a onesie or leggings, it’s best to provide your baby’s feet with some added protection against the cold. So add several pairs of socks and booties to your winter baby registry checklist.

Snug Winter Beanies

Another invaluable item for the winter weather is the humble beanie. Even a minimalist baby registry checklist needs to include a couple of beanies. If your baby’s head is kept warm, they will be far more comfortable in the winter weather. 

You also need to be sure that the beanie is not made from scratchy material or anything that could harm your baby. That’s why you’ll love our range of caps and beanies for babies. Like our entire collection of baby clothes, they are made from the softest cotton, are certified organic and non-toxic, and are designed to last.

Machine-Washable Cotton Baby Bibs

This is one of the most forgotten baby registry items and is also one of the most useful. A baby bib or kerchief will keep your baby’s beautiful new winter clothes clean during feeding time, and therefore is an essential registry item. 

A baby bib will protect your baby’s clothes from messes and spills while looking good too. We think bibs are the ultimate baby accessory. Just like you accessorize your outfits with scarves, a baby bib can do the same for your baby. 

We designed our baby kerchiefs with prints that complement our entire collection of clothes and toys. And they have adjustable snaps on the neck that allow you to use them from newborn baby all the way until the toddler stage. 

Soft Baby Toys and Rattles

Even if you're creating a baby registry for a second child and are reusing items from your first registry, you will need to include some new toys. Your first baby may still be using their toys, or the toys may be looking a little worse for wear by now. 

Best Baby Registry Checklist for Winter

So include some new toys for your winter baby registry, even if this is not your first baby. Toys are important for your child’s development, and also for comfort and emotional support. 

So keep him/her entertained with a soft toy and a knitted baby rattle from our delightful range of organic toys and rattles. 

Sport-Themed Toys for Your Budding Little Sports Star

 Do you and your partner enjoy sports, and want to pass on this love of sport to your child? Whether you are into football, baseball, basketball, or all of the above, we have knitted toy rattles for your winter baby registry. 

They are available individually, as well as in gift sets. We highly recommend our Baby Ball Toy Set, which includes all of the above as well as tennis ball toys.

Baby Registry Checklist for cold weather 

Fun and Unique Items 

Just because the skies are gray, that doesn't mean your baby’s days cannot be bright and cheery. You’ll inject some fun into winter with items like our cactus-themed clothes and toys. The organic cotton cactus stuffed toy is soft and safe to play with, and almost as cute as your baby. 

Best Baby Registry Checklist for Cold Weather

Having a baby to care for in the winter can be more difficult if you have other kids stuck indoors, demanding your attention. Encourage them to play with your baby with our animal finger puppets

These adorable little puppets are crocheted from organic cotton and handmade in Peru by local artisans. This will delight your baby and keep your older children entertained as well. It is the perfect solution to keeping young children busy when the winter weather doesn’t allow for outdoor play.   

The Baby Registry Checklist for Winter

Winter-Friendly Outfits for Girls and Boys 

Feminist Rompers for Baby Girls 

Are you expecting a little girl? Stand for women’s rights and equality, even in the cold, with our long-sleeved “Women Power” baby romper

Winter Baby Registry to consider

It is the perfect winter romper to add to your baby registry if you are expecting a little girl. And to complement the romper, our knitted “Elect Women” baby soother bear will delight both you and your future little feminist.

Winter Baby Registry for First Time Moms

Outfits for Baby Boys

Perhaps you are getting ready to welcome a little boy into your family. If you need some traditional baby boy registry ideas for winter, check out our sports-themed, long-sleeved knitted romper

Best Winter Baby Registry for first time moms

It is the perfect winter outfit for your baby boy. And we have many other items you baby boy will love, from superhero-inspired hats to sport-themed soft toys. 

winter baby registry checklist to consider

Gender-Neutral Baby Items Suitable for Winter

If you do not know the gender of your baby or choose to raise your child in a gender-neutral environment, we have the best gender-neutral gift sets for you to consider. They are suitable for both girls and boys.

Our whale-themed Luxury Baby Gift Set is a great example. It’ includes winter essentials like a long-sleeved knitted romper and cozy knitted beanie, as well as assorted soft toys and a Lovey blanket. 

The Best Baby Registry Checklist for Cold Weather

Themed Gift Sets for Winter

Make your baby registry fun for others to contribute to, with some unique baby registry ideas. And don’t forget how practical gift sets can be. 

Gift Sets Make Your Baby Registry More User-Friendly 

Gift sets are a great addition to any baby registry. They give your loved ones the convenience of meeting several of your newborn’s needs with one purchase. A set that includes an outfit with a toy is very versatile. 

Some Gift Sets Are Ideal for Winter

When you choose the elephant-themed Organic Romper Set, you’ll receive a long, knitted romper ideal for winter and a coordinating beanie, both ideal for winter.  This outfit is accompanied by a knitted elephant rattle toy, also available separately.  

The Best Winter Baby Registry for first time moms


With these items in your winter baby registry, your newborn will be warm, cozy, and as cute as can be in the colder weather. Many of these adorable winter baby items are also available together in gift sets.

So take a look at our range of baby clothes and accessories for your winter baby registry, today. And you can be certain that you have created the very best winter baby registry for your newborn.

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