Summer Baby Registry

Are you expecting a summer baby? A summer newborn’s clothing needs are a little different from babies born in colder seasons. You need to be sure that you include the right items for hotter weather in your summer baby registry. 

We understand that a lot of work goes into compiling the perfect baby registry list. It means paying attention to things like fabrics, as well as practical items that protect your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

We are dedicated to keeping your newborn baby safe, comfortable, and stylish in the summer heat. So we’ve made it easier for you with this guide to both essential items, and the latest trends, for your summer baby registry.  

What to Put on Your Summer Baby Registry

A Lightweight Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is invaluable if you are an active mom who wants to keep your baby close while still remaining hands-free. So a comfortable baby carrier is a must for any baby registry, summer or winter. 

You will probably be more active with your summer baby outdoors than you would if your baby is being born in the winter. But you need to be comfortable in the summer heat too. Especially when you take your baby on a walk on a hot day. 

Summer Baby Registry Checklist

A structured baby carrier that is designed for the heat will be made with two layers of woven fabric, ensuring greater air circulation between you and your baby. It should also cover your baby’s head to help protect it from the sun.

There are many stunning designs of baby carriers on the market, but some are more practical for the summer than others. If you are unsure where to find one, ask your friends and family members who have had summer babies what brand they used. 

Remember, a comfortable and happy mom leads to a comfortable and happy baby. If you plan on using a baby carrier often, include the best one you can find on your summer baby registry.

Newborn Baby Sunhats

When you take your baby for those summertime walks outdoors, don’t forget your sunhats. Just as you need one to protect your skin from the sun, your baby needs it even more. 

All babies have delicate, sensitive skin that needs to be protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Even if your newborn will only be outside for a short time, always use a sunhat or soft baby cap. A newborn hat is one of those baby registry essentials that you cannot do without for the summer. 

In the heat of summer, a hat needs to be lightweight and breathable to prevent discomfort. If you’re expecting a little baby boy in the summer, include two or three of our newborn hats for boys on your registry list. 

Baby Registry Checklist for summer

Lightweight Summer Baby Blankets

Various blankets should be considered when you have a newborn baby to prepare for. 

You will need a receiving blanket to bring your newborn home from the hospital or birthing clinic. Then there are the blankets you’ll need for the crib or bassinet. As well as one or two for traveling or going to the beach

Just because your little bundle of joy is arriving in the summer, that does not mean that blankets aren't important. The key is to select lightweight blankets suitable for the summertime. But you don’t want to be caught with them all in the laundry. So it’s best to include more than one or two of each type. 

Best summer Baby Registry

For newborns in the summer heat, lightweight to midweight ones are best. But include at least one or two slightly warmer ones for the nights when there is a bit more of a chill in the air.

Lightweight Baby Swaddles

If you are a first-time mom you may not be too familiar with this item. A swaddle is a soft cloth, smaller than a traditional baby blanket, that comforts and soothes fussy newborns and makes them feel safe. 

In the past, such items were referred to as “security blankets”. But this multi-purpose item can serve multiple uses while on the go with your baby. From creating extra shade over your baby when out in the stroller or car baby seat to nappy changes, its uses are endless. 

Our collection of soft, Loveys baby products includes small organic cotton blankets that can all be used as swaddles. Hand-knit from Peruvian cotton, our lovey blankets are soothing, natural, and beautiful. 

Short-Sleeved and Sleeveless Baby Onesies

Short-sleeved and sleeveless baby onesies are some of those all-important baby registry must-haves for your summer baby registry. These will allow your baby the freedom to move and play, without being uncomfortable in the summer.

You will need at least 4 to 5 of these summer rompers. Even a minimalist baby registry list should include a few of these, as they will get a lot of use in the summer.

Summer baby registry checklist to consider

To ensure that your baby stays cool in the heat, a sleeveless romper in lightweight, breathable cotton is the material of choice. But at the start and end of summer nights can be cool, so include a couple of long-sleeved onesies too.

Lightweight Baby Bibs

If this is a second-time mom baby registry, you may still have a lot of items left from when your first child was born. 

It’s best to replace some of the smaller items, so you’ll want to add some of our baby bibs to the list. They are made from 100% organic cotton and are adorned with delightful designs using eco-friendly dyes. For your convenience, they are machine washable. And for baby’s comfort, they are adjustable at the neck. 

Best summer Baby Registry for first-time moms

These baby bibs are essential items and must-haves for your summer baby registry. They are also ideal if you are creating an organic baby registry.

Summer Baby Booties

Just because it's summer doesn't mean that your baby won't need socks or booties. The important thing is that they are made of soft and breathable cotton, just like ours are. 

Summer nights can still be a little cool, depending on where you reside. And a baby's feet are very sensitive, so keep them snug and safe with lightweight summer booties. Also, remember that babies grow fast and as your child develops and starts to crawl you want his/her feet to be protected. 

Newborn Baby Toys and Rattles

Warm summer days may make your baby a bit fussy. So there must be some fun, safe toys to play with to keep your baby happy. 

One of the most overlooked baby registry items is the humble rattle. Newborn babies have been enthralled by the feel and sound of a rattle for generations. Although there are many wonderful toys to choose from, a rattle is an ideal choice for a first toy. 

So ensure that you include one of our soft baby rattle toys for newborns on your baby registry list. And when it comes to additional toys that also do double duty as providers of comfort, nothing beats the ever-popular stuffed animals.

Best summer baby registry checklist

Some Fun and Unique Baby Items

Once you’ve added all the essentials for summer to your baby registry list, add a bit of fun too. Are you looking for some unique baby registry ideas for your summer baby registry? Then we have that, and especially your baby, “covered”. 

Our selection of adorable avocado toys and coordinating clothes, like our avocado baby onesie, are in line with the latest trends in summer babywear. 

We also have a selection of cute cactus toys and baby clothes. Your newborn baby girl will look as cute as a button in one of our sleeveless organic cotton-knit cactus rompers

Best Baby Registry Checklist for summer

Summer-Friendly Baby Items With a Purpose

Our inspirational “Celebrate Diversity” short-sleeved baby bodysuit is made from organic cotton and is adorned with a fun and colorful print that includes all of our popular motifs. 

Summer Baby Registry to consider

This soft and cozy bodysuit is a practical but fun item suitable for newborns of any gender. You need to include at least this gorgeous romper on your summer baby registry list. 

And for all you feminists out there, keep your little feminist baby girl cool in the summer heat with a feminist baby gift set. This seven-piece set includes a sleeveless romper, as well as a fun rattle, Lovey swaddles, and a toy. It is the perfect addition to any summer baby registry.

Summer Baby Registry for the First Time Moms


With these items in your summer baby registry, your newborn will be cool and comfortable in the heat without compromising on style. And best of all, many of these items are available together in adorable gift sets. 

So take a look at our range of baby essentials for your summer baby registry, today. And you can be confident that you have created the very best summer baby registry for your newborn.

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