Toys to Put on Your Baby Registry

Toys provide joy and spark curiosity in your newborn. They can even provide comfort and security to a fussy baby. But they help babies in other ways, too. The right toys help to develop new motor skills. And they improve both their cognitive and social development.

We know that you want your baby to have only the best. And that means toys that are also kind to the environment, sustainably produced, and above all, safe for your baby to play with. This is why we compiled this guide to our top picks for toys to put on your baby registry.

8 Best Baby Registry Toys


Even a simple baby registry checklist will usually include at least one or two toys. And more often than not, one of these will be a baby rattle. But there is a sound reason, no pun intended, for the inclusion of a rattle on your baby registry. 

best toys for baby registry

Rattles aid in perceptual development. During your baby's first three months, shaking a rattle helps them to experience and perceive sound. But you want that rattle to also be soft enough for their little delicate hands to hold. They deserve the softest, most natural materials. And organic cotton is the perfect choice.

This is why our soft baby rattles are the ideal first toys for your newborn. For an organic, non-toxic version of a traditional favorite that’s gentle on little hands, check out our range of knitted rattle toys. And they are available in a lovely range of colors and designs, too.

Teddy Bears

One of the best baby registry gifts is still the humble teddy. This type of toy has been popular since its debut in 1903, and probably always will be. Babies all over the world love teddy bears, so you want to be sure that you include at least one on your registry.

But teddies in the past were not always that safe to play with. They often sported hard button eyes and other parts that were possible choking hazards. And the materials used were not always safe for children. Luckily, we know better than that.

We don’t want anything harmful to get in the way of your baby and playtime. So none of our toys have these elements. Hand knitted in Peru from the softest organic cotton, they are perfectly soft, soothing, and safe to play with.   

Toys That Coordinate with Your Baby’s Clothes

You choose accessories to coordinate with your clothes. Why should your baby not be perfectly coordinated too? Our entire range of baby clothes and toys is designed to be complementary to each other. So whether bought individually or in sets, everything you add to your registry will look beautiful.

what toys to put on baby registry

From cute animals to beloved New York icons, we have it all. And we make it even easier to ensure this cohesion in your baby registry, with our adorable themed sets. This allows tour friends and family to buy outfits and toys that are designed to complement each other, without the hassle of shopping around.

But coordination never means boring with our sustainable baby registry toys. From a cactus theme to an avocado motif, playtime is colorful and fun with these soft and unique toys. 

When teamed with their clothing counterparts, they make the ideal gift to include on your baby registry. And best of all, they’re all sustainably and ethically produced. So you can make a powerful difference just by adding our toys to your registry. 


Dolls and figurines are other childhood toys that have stood the test of time. All of us played with items such as these in our first years, and have fond memories of them. And your baby can have the same joy that comes from playing with dolls. 

But in the case of a newborn, those dolls need to be soft and pliable and made from natural materials. All of our knitted dolls are suitable for including on any baby registry. No matter if you are creating a non-toxic, eco-friendly, or organic baby registry list you will find what you need. 

Handmade knitted dolls are bright, cheerful, and fun but always safe to play with. And they are a true combination of traditional style toys with our modern times. Whether your little superhero needs a sidekick, or your beach baby needs a mermaid muse, you’ll find the perfect doll toy for any and every occasion. 


Playing with a ball encourages hand-eye coordination, motor skills, spatial awareness, and grasping skills, among other benefits. This is why experts recommend encouraging ball play for your children as early as possible.

best baby registry toys

Because your baby’s development is so important, we provide you with toys that are helpful for their learning too. And learning can also be so much fun with soft rattle ball toys. They offer the benefits of rattles and balls in one, for extra developmental benefits. 

What kind of ball is safe for a newborn baby to play with? A beautifully soft and organic one, of course. Foster a love of sports right from the start with our newborn sports collection. Like all our toys, our sports-themed toys are made from only the highest quality certified cotton. 

Stuffed Animals

All babies and toddlers love stuffed animals. They are baby registry must-haves for any baby registry and any gender. 

This will be your baby’s introduction to the wonderful world of wildlife. Your little one will learn admiration and respect for the natural world around him with eco-friendly, handmade animal toys. And while he’s learning about the wonders of nature, you’ll have peace of mind as these toys are 100% natural too. 

Both you and your baby will fall in love with the adorable soft animal toys in our organic stuffed animals collection. And to make playtime even more educational and enriching, animal-themed finger puppets are a great item to consider.

 best toy for baby registry

Gender Neutral Toys

Have you chosen not to know or announce your baby’s gender until the birth? Or perhaps you are keen on raising your baby in a gender-neutral environment? Whether this is a 1st or 2nd baby registry,  you will need quality toys that echo these sentiments.

Modern toys are no longer tools for gender stereotyping. They are part of the strides being made towards true equality. And a part of that movement is to promote gender-neutral toys. Rest assured, our beautiful toys are loved equally by boys and girls and are not exclusive to any gender.

For gender-neutral toys that will delight your baby, look no further than our range of hand-knitted toys and themed sets. Any of our hand-knitted dolls in our collection will make the perfect addition to your baby registry. And they will delight your baby right to the toddler stage too. 

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Empowering Toys

Toys can also empower your child. And if you are creating a baby girl registry list this may be especially important to you. We know that it’s not always easy to find such items. This is why we offer these items for your little girl in our range of babywear and toys. 

You will be looking for clothes and toys that don’t conform to any preconceived notions. And that, instead, makes your little girl look and feel as awesome as she is. So if you are a feminist mom-to-be who wants her baby girl to have feminist baby clothes and toys that empower her, you’re in the right place.

Our girl-power-themed rompers and toys are all available individually and as coordinated sets. So treat your newborn baby girl to the very best. Include a “girl power” themed romper, teddy, or book in your baby girl registry. And remember, reading a book to your little one at bedtime is a fantastic way to bond.

best toys for baby registry to buy


When it comes to creating a baby registry, many moms get caught up in the clothes and day-to-day essentials. That means that they forget about toys, or don’t go into nearly as much detail in this category. 

Toys are essential for your baby’s development, and therefore an important category for your baby registry. Now that you know the best and safest ones to meet all your baby’s needs, add them to your baby registry with confidence.

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