What Not to Put on a Baby Registry

A baby registry is a great tool for getting all the baby items you’ll need before your baby arrives. But it helps to have some general rules and tips about which items really belong there. You might already have an idea of what you should include. But what about what not to put on a baby registry? 

Yes, some items are best left off your baby registry. And today we look at what they are, and why you shouldn’t include them. We also discuss some alternatives to include instead. Just follow our guide below, and you won’t have any stress about what you add to your baby registry.

What This Article Covers:

5 Things You Shouldn't Put on Your Baby Registry

The following list is a general guide only. All tips for building a baby registry are meant to help you narrow down your choices, subject to your unique circumstances. 

how many items should be on a baby registry

Items from Too Many Stores

One of the main points in the typical do's and don’ts of baby registries is to offer your gift-givers some variety in their choices. It is certainly helpful to your friends and family to have more than one store to shop at. And the store you prefer for your registry may not offer all the items that you need. 

So understandably, you may need to have items from more than one store. But having too many baby registry items at multiple stores will only cause confusion among your friends and family. So keep things simple, and limit the number of stores where you have a baby registry. 

Easy-to-Find Alternatives

You should be able to find almost all your baby’s clothes at one store. And a baby carrier, diaper-changing mat, and diaper bag are affordable must-have items that are available from most baby supply stores.

Most baby stores also carry a range of items at various price points. So you’ll be able to get everything that you need for your baby and give your gifters lots of options too. 

Designer/Status Brands

If you love designer brands, you may want your baby’s clothes to reflect your style. But designer brand clothing and gear for babies may not be in the budget for all your family and friends. And your baby will not even be aware of the brand names you choose.

how many items on baby registry

Instead of choosing status items for your baby, focus on high-quality items that are specially designed for infants. This is where you need to make the distinction between designer goods, and a reputable retailer of top-quality baby goods. But we make it possible to have high-style clothing for your baby. 

Affordable High-Quality Alternatives

We create the very best baby clothes, blankets, and toys that are not only stunning to look at but safe and gentle, too. Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and organic cotton material, our baby products will keep your baby comfortable and happy while looking their best. 

Fashion is fun, but we focus on what’s best for babies, without sacrificing style. So take a look at our stylish organic clothing and gifts for babies. With a variety of items to choose from, available separately or in sets, they meet the budgets of everyone contributing to your registry.


Cup-holders for strollers, cute sneakers for newborns, baby-food makers, and baby-wipe warmers are all frivolous items that are not true necessities. Do you need those gimmicks? Learn to differentiate between needs and wants. Are these items truly “needs”, or simply trendy “wants”? 

Having baby sneakers to match yours is not necessary. It will be a while before your newborn starts crawling around, let alone walking. As for baby food, an ordinary food processor or smoothie maker will do the job just fine. Leave these items off the baby registry if you can help it.

True “Must-Have” Alternatives

Your baby’s comfort is always the most relevant factor of all. Concentrate on good-quality items that will achieve this. Our practical but adorable Lovey’s blankets will keep your newborn comfortable and happy in their stroller. They can provide shade when out for a walk, and are suitable for use as comfort blankets.

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Your baby doesn't need those cute sneakers. But he does need his feet to be kept warm and cozy. So include little socks and booties in your registry. Especially if you live in a colder climatic region, or your baby will be born in winter. And a pair of handmade booties will keep those little feet snug and protected. 

Controversial Slogans

You may have spotted maternity or baby items that you think are funny or outrageous. But be careful not to include these in your registry. This is especially true if they carry slogans that may offend others’ beliefs. There is sometimes a fine line between assertive and offensive. 

So be careful to not include anything that could be misconstrued in any way. But that doesn’t mean that you and your baby can’t champion a cause, together. The key is to do so tastefully and responsibly, with products that promote empowerment and unity in diversity.

Empowering Alternatives

If your cause is one of empowerment, we have beautiful baby clothes and accessories that meet this need. Proud feminists, proud New York natives, and eco-warriors will love our selection of empowering baby items. And they all have matching items to allow for a coordinated and cohesive look. 

These are all sustainably produced using the finest natural materials. And anyone would be proud to buy our products to contribute to your baby registry. They are all sustainably produced, non-toxic, eco friendly. Now that’s a cause for celebration. And many of our baby items are also gender-neutral, too. 

Nursing/Feeding Items

how many items should you have on your baby registry

Items like breast pumps may be necessary but should you include them in your baby registry? Most moms prefer to buy these themselves or entrust this to a close female relative or friend. But this is an item that may be covered by your medical insurance, so check first before buying one. 

Other items in the feeding category, like bottles or formula, can be added to your registry. But be very specific about formula needs. And remember that you will only ever need a few bottles. What is more relevant, is that the bottles are made of non-toxic materials BPA-free. 

Essential Feeding-Time Alternatives

Bibs are often overlooked but are must-haves for your baby registry. Because before you know it, your baby will be on to solid foods.  And they can be messy eaters. Bibs keep your baby’s clothes clean during feeding time. Get a few of them to have access to fresh, clean ones while others are in the washer. 

Our stylish kerchief-style baby bibs are made of organic cotton. They are designed to complement our beautiful collection of baby clothes, toys, and gifts. And they are incredibly practical, as they have snap fastenings that allow them to be adjusted as your baby grows. 

what clothes to put on baby registry

How Many Items Should Be on a Baby Registry?

The question of how many things to put on a baby registry depends on several factors. Do you have any essential items left over from a previous pregnancy? Have friends and family offered you pre-loved items that their children have now outgrown? First look at these opinions, before drawing up your list. 

This will allow you to zero in on the items that you need, and decide how many you need. The number of specific types of baby clothes, in particular, is subject to the season and climate. Your registry’s main function is to provide you with all that your baby will need, in the right amounts.

Should I Put Clothes on My Baby Registry?

It is perfectly acceptable for baby clothes to be put on a registry. This will probably be one of the main categories on your baby registry list. But remember to be very specific about the type of clothes needed. 

They should be suitable for the season your baby will arrive in, their gender, and your personal preferences. If you prefer gender-neutral clothing, make this clear in your baby clothing registry. And because your baby will live in rompers at first, make sure that you have enough of these. 

What Clothes to Put on a Baby Registry

We have a wide range of newborn gift sets to choose from. So be sure to include at least one newborn knit outfit set in your baby registry. They can be chosen to suit the climate and season, and include everything a newborn baby needs and loves. Comfy clothes and adorable soft toys and rattles.

clothes to put on baby registry

There are sleeveless romper sets that are ideal for summer babies, as well as long-sleeved and legged romper sets suitable for winter babies. Our rompers are super comfy and suitable for all boys and girls, so just pick the one that best suits the season your baby will be born.   

Should I Put a Crib on My Baby Registry?

A crib is one of the more expensive items that you will need to get for your baby’s arrival. But should you put expensive items on a baby registry? This is often subject to the budget of your friends and family. But it is one of those items that most parents choose to purchase themselves. 

But, there are alternative solutions to this issue. You could arrange for it to be a group purchase item, so that several gift-givers may purchase this for you as a collective. Or you could inform friends and family that you are wanting to purchase one, and allow them to make individual donations to this expense. 

Should I Put Toys on My Baby Registry?

Toys are a great addition to a baby registry. They are not only fun for your loved ones to buy but are also essential to your baby’s development. And with this in mind, we offer the best soft toys and the safest baby rattle toys for newborns. 

how many things should be on a baby registry

But if you don’t want to have an extensive list of toys on your registry, you could choose a few themed sets to include. Our delightful organic gift sets include items like rattles, teddies, and soft toys that complement our onesies and rompers. It’s the ultimate choice for convenience and practicality.

What Not to Put on a Baby Registry (FAQs)

Is a baby registry necessary?

You need help to get all that you need for your baby, but without gift duplication. This is what a baby registry is for. It helps your friends and family to choose the best gifts for your baby shower. And as items are purchased and ticked off, you’ll be able to identify the categories that still need attention.

Should I put diapers on my baby registry?

One of the main baby registry benefits is that you can avoid the problem of excess of one item. By all means, add some diaper packs to your baby registry. But ask for different sizes, or you’ll end up with more newborn-size diapers than you need. Be clear about this on your registry list.


We believe that creating a baby registry shouldn’t be stressful. And while some items may not be ideal for including in a registry, there are always diplomatic and constructive ways to address this. 

So we make it very easy for you to create one full of items that your baby needs and will love. With our guide, you will not go wrong, and everyone involved will enjoy contributing to your baby registry.

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