Is It Rude to Put Expensive Items on a Baby Registry?

Let’s get straight to it - having a baby is an expensive affair. It’s only natural that you would want to put some big-ticket items on your baby registry to cut the costs a little. 

But, is it rude to put expensive items on your baby registry? Will you come across as greedy? 

In this article, we will be answering this question, as well as giving you some tips for a baby registry and baby registry do’s and don’ts when it comes to including expensive items on your list.

What This Article Covers:

Is Registering Expensive Items Rude?

If you do it the correct way, it is not at all rude to include expensive gifts in your baby registry. 

isn't it rude to put expensive items on baby registry

In fact, we would go as far as saying that we absolutely recommend that you do include big-ticket items in your registry. After all, what are baby registries for?

Quite often, guests tend to group together to buy a gift, so it is not expected that every single person has to buy such an expensive item on their own. 

But, as we mentioned, there are certain tips that you should make use of if you don’t want to come across as rude when including expensive gifts in your registry.

We will go through these tips in detail below, and hopefully, they will help you to not come across as rude when you add more costly items to your baby registry. 

How to Register Expensive Items

Tip 1: Make Sure to Include Cheaper Options Too

It will very easily come across as rude if you only include expensive items in your baby registry. So, to combat this, we would recommend including a selection of different items with different price ranges. 

This way, you are catering to people who can’t afford to spend so much money as a gift. It also makes you come across as fair, instead of greedy. 

It is much kinder to include some mid-range and cheaper items in your baby registry, as this means that you are thinking of your guests too. 

We would all love to only put the most expensive items in our registry. But, this might come across as greedy and rude. Having a wide price range of items in your registry will help you to deter people from thinking this.

Tip 2: Only Include Expensive Items That You Know Will Be Useful

We recommend that you only include the big-ticket items that you really want and need. 

If you include things like designer shoes for your newborn, guests will almost definitely think you are being rude and greedy.

But, if you include things that you will really use, such as a pricey stroller or crib, then guests will most likely be more than happy to splurge on these items. 

is it rude to put expensive items on baby registry

Tip 3: Make Sure That You Give People Enough Time to Plan Their Gifts

When you are including more expensive gifts in your baby registry, the answer to the question of when you should post a baby registry is sooner rather than later. 

While you don’t want to rush when you are putting your registry, you also want to give your guests enough time, especially if you are including items that are a bit more costly. This will help them to plan, budget, or save. 

If you give your guests enough time to plan their gifts, it is also more likely that they will actually end up buying you the expensive items that you want, compared to if you send the registry out too late. 

Tip 4: Don’t Put Too Many Expensive Items on Your Registry 

There is always a debate when it comes to how many items you put on a baby registry. What is acceptable, and how many items are too many on a baby registry

This is especially the case when it comes to big-ticket items, as no one wants to come across as greedy. 

As we have said before, you definitely do want to include a few expensive items on your baby registry, but overdoing it may come across as rude. 

So, for this reason, we would recommend using a ratio of 1 to 3. For every one expensive item you include in your registry, include at least 3 items that are more reasonably priced. 

This is a very fair way of doing it, and will very likely prevent anyone from thinking that you are being rude or greedy. 

Tip 5: Don’t Include Expensive Clothes

We would definitely say that when you are deciding on baby clothes to put on your registry, try not to include clothes that are too expensive. 

Babies grow out of their clothes exceptionally fast, especially in the first few months. Choosing clothes as the expensive items on your registry is a bit of a waste. 

should you put expensive items on baby registry

Rather allocate the “expensive slots” that you have available on your registry to items that will really be of use and that you know you can use for months or even years. 

Additionally, you can get some really lovely and good quality baby clothes, such as organic baby bodysuits and knitted baby outfits, for very decent prices. There is no need to spend an arm and a leg on them.

Tip 6: Include Expensive Educational Toys

If you have been wondering What baby toys to register for, we wouldn’t really recommend including very expensive non-educational toys in your registry. 

Rather include cheaper versions of non-educational toys in your registry instead. A newborn baby won’t appreciate the value of the toy and how much it cost, which could make people apprehensive about buying it. 

Your guests would much rather spend their money on things that they know will add value to your child’s life, such as books or educational toys that stimulate your baby’s development. 

So, if you do want to include some expensive, good-quality, toys in your registry, go for the educational toys. Not only will it be more worth it for you and your baby, but guests are also more likely to spend a bit extra on toys that they know are educational and will actually benefit your baby. 

Tip 7: Include a Note at the Beginning of Your Registry

Something we recommend that you do if you know that your items are on the expensive side is to include a little note at the beginning of your registry. 

This note doesn’t have to be long. It just needs to be a little something thanking everyone in advance for their contributions, and saying how much you appreciate their kind gestures. 

You should also state that you don’t expect everyone to purchase expensive gifts, that you are more than happy if people buy things together, and that you are grateful for every contribution, no matter how big or small. 

This way, people will know that you truly are grateful for their gifts and that you haven't included the expensive items to be greedy and selfish. It definitely won’t lead them to think that you are rude in your selection of gifts.

should you put expensive items on a baby registry


Planning a baby registry is a very exciting affair. It should include all the things that you really want and need, no matter the price. 

So, include the expensive items that you want, too. Just try and make use of the tips we have provided above to increase your chances of getting them.

But also remember, no one is forced to buy these gifts for you, so if they think they are rude or unreasonable, they probably just won’t buy them for you.

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