Unique Baby Registry Items

Unique baby registry items don’t always seem the most practical. And the truth is, some of them aren’t.

When creating your baby registry, it’s about what you need and what you can live without. 

But unique items can be practical too. Some unique baby items can make your life a little easier. Parenting is hard, whether you’re doing this for the first time or the fourth. 

And those who’ve done it before know that new and unique items can make a huge difference. 

Sometimes, it’s better to get the unique items now, than to regret not having them later. 

What This Article Covers

Unique Baby Registry Ideas

Are you looking for unique baby registry ideas? Are you hoping to add items to your list that are unique but practical too? 

If you’re a first-time parent, all the baby items on the market can be a little daunting. Trying to decide what’s important and what you can live without. 

And even if you’ve done this before, it doesn’t hurt to see what’s new on the market. You might be looking for something to make parenthood easier the second time around.

A baby registry for a second baby is the same as a baby registry for first-time moms. The only difference is that you’re a little more prepared with the second baby. 

With baby number 2, you have a better idea of what you need or not.  You’ll know what you wished you’d had, and what you can do without. 

Still, there might be some unique baby registry items that you forgot. Pregnancy brain is a real thing, and being forgetful isn’t uncommon. 

We’ve divided our list into five sections:

  • The most popular items for a baby registry
  • Essentials for a baby registry
  • Small items for a baby registry
  • Big items for a baby registry
  • Best baby registry gifts

It’s always difficult to decide what to get expecting parents. Sure, your family and friends can simply ask what you need. 

Having a baby registry ensures that you won’t get too many of the same things. But, you can also include other things on your list. 

Most Popular Unique Items for Your Baby Registry

Just because something is unique, doesn’t mean it isn’t popular too. New baby items are always being introduced to the market, and some of them are pretty amazing. 

These popular baby registry items shouldn’t be a surprise. They’re great for babies and make things a little easier for new parents too.

Knitted Outfits

Knitted outfits are some of the most popular and unique baby registry items. Not only are they adorable, but they’re practical too. They’re easy to put on, even with your baby wiggling around. 

Because newborns have such sensitive skin, it’s best to use organic items as much as possible. Our knitwear won’t irritate a baby’s skin, and it’s super comfy too. 

top 50 baby registry items

Our newborn knit outfits are 100% organic cotton. They’re soft, warm, and gentle against a newborn’s sensitive skin. 

We have summer and winter knitted rompers, in a range of colors and designs. They would make a great addition to your organic baby registry list. 

Baby Teething Mitten/Glove

Most baby registry lists have at least one teething toy on them. Very few include a baby teething mitten and it’s a great alternative.

Teething mittens go on the baby’s hands and they can happily chew on them at will. No more worrying about dropped or lost teethers.

While normal teething toys are cheaper, they usually go missing quite often too. Having a pair of teething mittens will make your life a little easier. 

Wipeable Changing Mat

You already have a changing station on your list, so why would you need a changing mat?

Changing mats are portable and easily cleaned. You can fold them up and put them in the diaper bag, making them great for when you’re out. 

You won’t have to worry about your baby making a mess when you’re visiting family or friends. If they decide to ‘let go’ when you open the diaper, the changing mat will be your best friend. 

Once you’re done changing the baby’s diaper, wipe the changing mat and pack it away again. 

Baby Clothes Gift Sets

practical baby registry checklist

Baby clothes gift sets are probably the best baby registry gifts. The set usually includes one or more clothing items and a few accessories. 

Gift sets make choosing baby gifts easier. They usually cost less than buying the items individually too. 

We have a variety of gift sets with at least one clothing item, plus other items. The number of items varies for each set. 

All items in our gift set are 100% organic too. 

Unique Essentials for Your Baby Registry

When it comes to a baby, there are some things that you just can’t go without. These essential baby registry items are things that every baby needs. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re home or out and about, you’ll use these items every day. 

Organic Baby Bibs

Bibs are one of those things you can’t skimp on. Baby’s drool and mess - a lot. Bibs keep their clothes dry and are handy to wipe wet and dirty faces. 

So, why are bibs made from organic cotton unique baby registry items? Very few parents think about using organic bibs. But, organic is best, especially in this case. 

small items for baby registry

You’re going to wipe your baby’s face often. It’s best to use something that won’t irritate their sensitive skin. And the face is one of the most sensitive body parts.

Our bibs are reversible, made from 100% organic cotton, and have eco-friendly dyes. They’re also adjustable and babies can wear them up to 12 months old. 

Organic Baby Blankets

As with the bibs, organic baby blankets are both unique and essential. They’re essential because, well, newborns need blankets. 

big items for baby registry

They’re unique because they’re organic. It’s rare for store-bought blankets to be organic. 

All our baby blankets are 100% organic cotton. They’re handmade from soft Peruvian cotton and will be gentle against a newborn’s delicate skin. 

We have a range of colors and designs to choose from, perfect for every season and occasion. 

Unique Small Items for Your Baby Registry

When you’re expecting a new baby, you tend to think about the important things first. Most baby registry lists include small things like bottles, a pacifier, and baby socks. 

There are other small items that you’ll need too. They may not seem all that important right now, especially if you’re trying to budget. But, once your baby is born, you’ll be grateful to have them. 

Baby Rattles

Baby rattles are another popular baby registry item. It’s one of the most common things people buy babies. 

But, organic baby rattles? How many new parents get those? Our baby rattles have a knitted exterior with a polyester filling. 

 essentials baby registry

They’re 100% organic and are made with eco-friendly dyes. This means that you never have to worry about your baby putting it in their mouth. It’s completely safe for inquisitive babies to chew on. 

Your baby will have tactile stimulation and you’ll have peace of mind.

They all have a gentle jingle that will delight babies without making their parents crazy. You can choose from a range of designs and colors. 

Organic Stuffed Toys

Everyone likes to buy stuffed toys for babies. And why not? They’re cute, soft, and plush. 

But, babies put everything in their mouths. Plush toys tend to fall apart too, and then your baby ends up with a mouthful of synthetic fibers. 

The best toys for the baby registry are the ones that won’t accidentally harm a new baby.

Our organic stuffed toys are unique registry items because they have a knitted exterior. They’re made of 100% organic cotton, with polyester stuffing. 

best baby registry gifts

We have various designs such as animals, cars, balls, and even hand-knit dolls. 

Baby Hats

Baby hats are essential for any baby registry. Newborn’s heads need to be kept warm along with the rest of them. 

The problem is that like most store-bought clothes, baby hats aren’t usually organic. Our organic baby hats will keep your baby warm and protect their delicate skin too. 

most popular items for baby registry

We have 100% organic cotton and sweater knit hats to choose from. There’s a range of colors and designs to choose from too. 

Reusable Nursing Pads

Although small, reusable nursing pads are unique baby registry items. 

Disposable nursing pads are a common baby registry item. They’re important to avoid awkward stains on your t-shirts. 

Using disposable nursing pads is more economical. You won’t have to restock every month. Simply toss them in the machine. 

They’re also softer than disposable nursing pads. Your sore nipples will thank you for it. 

Unique Big Items for Your Baby Registry

When we add big items to a baby registry, it’s usually a stroller, car seat, and a cot. Those are the essentials and most new parents usually stop at that. 

Baby furniture usually goes on the list too. But, there are unique baby registry items that get dismissed or forgotten. 

The ones on our list aren’t necessarily for your baby, but they’re just as important.


You’ll need a night lamp for all those middle-of-the-night feedings. It’s not something new parents think about unless someone else mentions it. 

You can find loads of fun and unique baby designs or a plain one that you can use for a toddler too.  

Make sure that it has a good lampshade too so that it won’t be too bright. You only need enough light to see by.

Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow might seem like an unnecessary expense, but your body will thank you for it. 

unique baby registry ideas

Instead of stuffing multiple pillows around yourself, use a pregnancy pillow instead. It will support your back and baby bump, making sleep comfortable. 

Your partner will appreciate you not hogging all the pillows too. Another plus? You can use the pregnancy pillow as a nursing pillow too. 

Practical and Unique Baby Registry Checklist

The best way to ensure you don’t leave anything off your registry is to create a checklist. A baby registry checklist consists of everything you think you’ll need. 

You can have a simple baby registry list, with only the absolute necessities listed. You can also have an in-depth list or even multiple lists. 

For example, a baby registry clothing checklist would be separate from a bathing list. 

We’ve compiled a list of practical but unique baby registry items. It’s a simple list and contains some overlooked baby registry items as well. 

Here is the practical and unique baby registry checklist: 

  • Knitted Baby Outfits
  • Baby teething mitten/glove
  • Organic onesies
  • Organic rompers
  • Organic hats
  • Organic bibs
  • Organic blankets
  • Organic baby rattles
  • Organic stuffed toys
  • Knitted dolls
  • Reusable nursing pads
  • Pregnancy pillow
  • Lamp
  • Baby clothes gift sets

best items for baby registry


Unique baby registry items often end up being overlooked. New parents like to be as economical as possible, and who can blame them? 

New babies are expensive, and it’s good to save money where you can. 

But just because an item is unique, doesn’t mean that it’s not practical too. The items on our list are both unique and necessary. 

Organic clothing and toys are important to avoid irritating a new baby’s sensitive skin. And the other items will make new parenthood a little easier to manage. 

We hope our list was helpful. Congratulation on your new baby, and good luck.

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