What Size Clothes to Put on Your Baby Registry

You probably already know the types of baby clothes you want to include in your registry. But babies grow up so fast. Do you know which sizes to include? More specifically, how many items of each size? This is essential for your baby registry to be practical and beneficial. 

Want to ensure that your baby gets use out of all the items on your baby clothes registry? Read our guide below to know what size clothes to put on your baby registry.  

What This Article Covers:

What Size Clothes Should I Put on My Baby Registry?

Include Sizes from Newborn to the Crawling Stage

Your Baby’s Coming Home Outfit

Most moms want a coming home outfit for their newborn baby. By all means, include one in your baby registry. But remember that you can use it afterward as well if you choose something that is both beautiful and practical. Any of our newborn knit outfits would be ideal.

what size baby clothes to put on registry

Newborn and 0-3 Months 

A baby’s needs differ tremendously from the newborn stage to the age of 6 months. So how many items do you put on a baby registry in this size? Newborn babies practically live in rompers and onesies. But as babies grow so quickly, some a little faster than others, don’t include too many newborn items.

When just a newborn, your baby will be spending most of his time sleeping. Pajamas are fun and cute, but there’s no need to include them unless you want to. Onesies and rompers are ideal for sleeping in too. Because of this, newborn onesies and rompers will make up the bulk of your baby clothing registry. 

3 - 6 Months

Perhaps one of the most important tips for building a baby registry is to match the clothing to your baby’s developmental stages. As he gets older, your baby will want to interact more and more with the world around him. 

Until the age of about 6 months, he will still not be able to sit up unaided. He will not be able to go exploring unless carried or pushed in a stroller. But that doesn’t mean that your baby won’t be active. And you need to include enough 3-6 months items to accommodate this increased level of play. 

How Many Clothes of Each Size Do I Need?

How Many Newborn & 0-3 Months Items?

Onesies & Rompers

A baby registry is a necessary tool for providing your baby with all that he needs, especially during his first months of life. But newborns spend most of their time asleep, so add clothes that are comfortable for sleeping in. 

how many clothes to put on baby registry

Our knitted newborn onesies are designed for the ultimate in softness and comfort. You’ll be fine if you include:

  • 7 short-sleeved rompers (2 of which can be the newborn size)
  • 4-7 long-sleeved onesies, depending on season and climate. ( 2 -3 of which can be the newborn size)

Socks, Booties & Mittens

Newborn hands and feet are extremely sensitive, so keep them cozy and protected with booties and mittens when the weather is cold. Even if you live in a more temperate climate, you may include a couple of pairs of baby socks for additional comfort. So to be on the safe side, include:

  • 5 pairs of newborn cotton socks
  • 2-4 pairs of newborn booties (depending on the climate)
  • 2 pairs of newborn mittens


A baby’s head is even more sensitive than their hands and feet. Keep it covered if going outdoors for a walk in the stroller. A newborn bonnet or beanie needs to be ultra-soft to keep your baby comfortable. That’s why you should add our soft organic cotton beanies to the registry list. So go ahead and add:

what size clothes should i put on my baby registry


For babies born in winter or a very cold climate, you may want to include leggings or pants with a stretchy waistband. These can be worn over onesies for extra insulation. But they can make the diapering process a bit more time-consuming. It may be best to cover your baby with one of our blankets for babies.

how much clothes to put on baby registry

But if you live in a very cold climate and prefer to include pants and leggings, include:

  •  3 Pants/Leggings (one newborn-sized)


Newborn babies feel the cold acutely. If you live in a cool climate or your baby is born in winter, you can include a couple of baby jackets or pullovers. But they can hamper your baby’s sleep, so it may be a good idea to stick with long-sleeved onesies and rely on blankets for extra warmth.

baby clothes to put on registry

If you insist on adding them, you should need no more than:

  • 2 baby jackets/pullovers (one newborn-sized)

Shorts & Tees

One of the main baby registry benefits is that you will get all the items that you need for your baby. While baby shorts and tees look adorable, they are not necessary at this stage. Summer rompers that are designed to open easily for diaper changes, will be far more practical.

baby clothes to put on a registry

But if you simply cannot resist, you will need no more than:

  • 2-3 stretchy shorts and tees for 0-3 months

How Many 3 - 6 Months Items?

Onesies & Rompers

As your baby becomes more active, kicking and grasping at toys, rompers need to allow for this. A more active baby will feel warmer due to increased activity. Because of this, you’ll need 2-3 more sleeveless rompers at this stage than at the newborn stage. But in cooler seasons, opt for sleeved rompers and onesies.  

Booties & Mittens

Booties and mittens are great for keeping your baby’s little hands and feet warm in the winter. But in warmer climates, these may not be used as often. Rather than worry about things you with you put on your baby regisrty, consider how much each item will be used.

These items are only essential for the newborn stage.


You may be taking your baby out more frequently. Trips to the park or beach will expose your baby’s head to the sun, the cold, and the wind. A baby’s head is still quite sensitive at this age. So you’ll need a couple of sunhats and beanies to protect your baby from the elements.

Be sure to include at least 2 sunhats and 2 beanies, depending on the predominant weather. 


how many clothes to put on a baby registry

These are great for layering over rompers for added warmth. In warmer climates though, this should not be necessary. In winter, long-knit rompers are much more convenient. They will keep your baby warm without impeding his activity. 

But if you are keen on pants/leggings for your baby, you can include 2-3 of these if you live in a particularly cold region.


Sometimes moms nervously add last-minute baby registry items like these, only to discover that they rarely get used. They will only be needed in cold climates and winter and may hamper your baby’s increased activity. Go for long-sleeved and legged onesies instead.

But if your baby is aged 3-6 months in the wintertime, and your winters are very cold, you can safely add 2 baby jackets to your registry.

Shorts & Tees

Out of all the baby registry rules to remember, perhaps the most important is to not include items that you will rarely use. Tees and shorts are perfect for playtime in warmer weather. But there’s no need to specifically include these if you have included our organic baby bodysuits

what size baby clothes to put on a registry

However, if your baby will be 3-6 months old in the summertime you may be taking him to the beach. If you would like some baby shorts and tees for those summer's day trips, you should manage with 2-3 of each of these items. 


A baby registry’s main purpose is to provide you with everything your newborn baby will need. But unless you have the right sizes, in the right amounts, your registry will not be as functional as you’d hoped for. 

Now that you know the right amounts of each size to include, you can curate your baby clothing registry with confidence. Your baby will get the most out of the clothes you have selected, and everyone who contributes to your registry will have spent their money well.

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