Popular Baby Registry Items

Are you out of ideas for the baby registry list, or are you a first-time mom setting one up? Well, we have the most popular baby registry items from our site, right here, for you to choose from. 

Trying to find the right items for your registry can be overwhelming at times. 

Here at Estella, we’ve solved that problem for you. All our items are non-toxic and made from sustainable, organic cotton. They are also safe for all ages, and we have items with positive messages needed for the development of your little one.

Keep reading as we delve into the top 20 baby registry items we have available.

Top 20 Baby Registry Items

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NYC Apple Rattle

The NYC Apple Rattle is a great way to introduce your newborn to the city where dreams come true. 

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Its bright red color and jingle from the rattles entertain babies to a satisfying extent. It is also the perfect size for those tiny fingers to latch onto. 

This homemade rattle toy is made of organic cotton and is dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. It is also filled with polyester and soft, non-harmful rattles, making it safe for newborn play.  

The NYC Apple Rattle is also the winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, as well as The National Parenting Seal of Approval. 

This is a must-have baby registry item because of how well-loved it is amongst moms and newborns. 

Organic Football Rattle

If there is a kicker in your belly, you need to consider adding our Organic Football Rattle to your registry. 

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This rattle is part of our sports-themed baby toys collection and is popular among sports-loving moms. 

It is made with organic cotton, which makes it very soft. It has non-jarring rattles and polyester in the filling. 

The Organic Football Rattle is also dyed with nature-friendly dye.

Organic Pretzel Rattle

The Organic Pretzel Rattle is a hand-knitted rattle made in Peru. This is a great non-toxic registry item that looks delicious but is entirely safe for your baby.

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The design of the pretzel rattle makes it easy for little fingers to hold and play with. Babies love it, and parents adore how unique this rattle is. It is quite different from any other rattle on the market. 

This is why it is no surprise that it is also a winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Seal of Approval.

Taxi Rattle for Newborns

The Taxi Rattle for Newborns is a very popular first toy for babies. It forms part of our original baby toy collection, and it looks like a miniature vintage New York taxi that we all know and love. 

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The intense yellow color accompanies the sound of the non-harmful rattles, which will entertain your baby for hours. It is also a fun way to introduce your baby to the New York lifestyle.

It is made from organic cotton and dyed with eco-friendly dye. The filling of the baby rattle includes polyester and safe rattles that create fun, melodic sounds.

Organic Knit Frank Doll

If you are a dog lover and you want to introduce your babies to the warmth of dogs as early as possible, the Organic Knit Frank Doll is the doll for you. 

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Frank is soft and cuddly, and he is the sweetest companion. He has long, floppy ears and the friendliest face. It is made from 100% certified cotton and has polyester stuffing. He is also 12 inches tall.

Parents love it because you can tell it is high-quality, even down to the stitching. It is such a simple baby registry list item, but it is one of the best stuffed animals out there. 

Organic Stuffed Alpaca

This gorgeous alpaca is another sweet companion we have to offer. 

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It is a soft, white alpaca with multi-colored stripes on its back. It is handmade in Peru, where its bigger brothers and sisters also roam around. 

The Organic Stuffed Alpaca is self-standing and so soft because it is made from organic cotton. It is also very durable and stuffed with polyester. 

It makes the perfect cuddle buddy and companion for any baby. 

Stuffed Airplane

We know this is cliche, but with this gift, you can truly say “here comes the airplane”.

All jokes aside, our stuffed airplane replicates cartoon planes. No matter the age of your little one, their overactive imagination will enjoy the adventures this airplane can take them on.

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It is made from organic cotton and filled with polyfill. It is also dyed with safe, non-harmful dyes.

Stuffed Avocado Animal 

We all know that avocados are the trendiest food of all time, so why not let your baby join the hype from the day they are born?

This stuffed doll is 8 inches long, and it is hand-knit in Peru with soft, organic cotton. Babies love it because it is so soft to the touch and on their skin. It is also stuffed with polyfill. 

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The Stuffed Avocado is a great addition to any nursery and is beloved by everyone it comes into contact with. Alternatively, take a look at the Avocado Rattle which is a smaller version that rattles. 

Cotton Heart Baby Blanket

The Cotton Heart Baby Blanket is the best-selling lovey blanket on our site. 

It is made from Peruvian organic cotton, which enhances the coziness of this lovey. The design is simple and it comes in a variety of colors, which is why it is so loved by moms and babies everywhere.

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It is a squared, 30-inch blanket, and it can be used throughout the year, no matter the season. That being said, we think it makes the perfect addition to a winter baby registry

You can carry this lovey with you anywhere and everywhere, and trust us, your baby will not want to leave this blanket. 

Organic Duck Blanket

The Organic Duck Blanket is so darling, you will not be disappointed with the purchase. We have not met a baby who does not love ducks, so this is a great addition to a duck-themed collection. 

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It is blue and yellow with a big duck as the main feature. It also has a little wing poking out, which is a subtle but neat feature. 

It is a hand-knit, 100% organic cotton blanket perfect for travel because of how compact it is. The beak is also filled with polyester.

Organic “Fruits and Vegetables” Baby Blanket

What says “healthy baby” more than a blanket with fruits and vegetables on it? Moms and dads from all over eat this blanket up.

This blanket features colorful fruits, vegetables, and bottled items inside a blue-stringed grocery bag. There are a few stay avocados but we can overlook that. The blanket has a yellow outer rim, which ties the piece altogether.

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We love this blanket, not only because it is handmade in Peru but because it also includes embroidery. The embroidery provides the fruits-and-vegetables-themed blanket with a new texture, which is satisfying for the sensory needs of a baby. 

The Perfect Octopus Security Blanket

This is a unique security blanket, which is perfect for soothing fussy babies. It combines a lovey with a stuffed animal, which simultaneously entertains and cuddles your angel.

The octopus is knitted on a white blanket and is available in pink and turquoise. The friendly octopus is so sweet that your baby might match its energy when they wake up.

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This octopus security blanket is made from 100% cotton and it is hand-knit in Peru. This ensures no frays, which ensures extra safety. 

It is exceptionally durable and travel-friendly. The octopus head is also filled with polyester. 

Dinosaur One-Piece

This dinosaur one-piece is an adorable onesie that features a gray brachiosaurus eating some leaves. 

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The onesie itself is a white and orange, striped onesie that has a buttoned bottom and neck. This makes for quick and easy diaper changes. 

It is made from organic Peruvian cotton that is so soft on your baby’s skin. The cotton is also dyed with an eco-friendly dye that is safe for babies.

Organic “Animal Road Trip” One-Piece

The Organic “Animal Road Trip” One-piece is perfect for warm days out with the family. 

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The one-piece features our lovely animal friends heading into the horizon. The colorful print of the animals is enhanced by a plain white onesie. 

This onesie is made from 100% certified cotton and it is dyed with nature-friendly dyes.

Organic Long Knit Banana Romper 

This long sleeve, knit banana-themed romper is perfect for winter days. It is made from organic cotton and will keep your baby warm.

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It is a white romper with yellow and white stripes on the legs and a sleeping banana on the top. The neck and legs are buttoned so that diaper changes are much quicker.

This is a great addition for moms and dads looking for gender-neutral items to add to their registry. 

Organic “Love Bug” Romper

Ladybugs are the newest obsession for baby items, and this is a great item to kick start that obsession. 

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It is a knitted, organic cotton romper that is perfect for cool and cold days. It keeps your baby warm and snug and features a big, red, and black ladybug on the top. The words “love bug” are stitched in red and black just underneath the ladybug. 

Don’t miss out on this trend - add the “Love Bug” romper to your registry. 

Organic Banana Themed Gift Set

This adorable banana-themed gift set is bound to enhance the precious features of newborns.

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It includes a hand-knit romper that features two cute bananas and it is paired with a matching colored hat. There is also a lovey blanket included and two rattles- a banana rattle and a monkey rattle. 

The Organic Banana Themed Gift Set is made completely from organic cotton, which gives the clothes and the rattles a soft texture. It is also safe and non-toxic. 

This set fits newborns from 0 to 6 months and is a wonderful gender-neutral gift for an expecting mom and dad.

Organic Paris Themed Embroidered Gift Set

If you want to culture the little one with the dignities of Paris from birth, this Paris-themed gift set is a great choice. 

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In this set, you will find Pierre, our knit dog doll, as well as a car rattle and a heart lovey. Also included is the book, “This is Paris” by M. Sasek, a Loulou Lollipop pacifier clip, and a 47-inch squared Parisian muslin swaddle made from bamboo and conventional cotton.

Pierre the dog and the car rattle are made from organic cotton and stuffed with polyfill. The heart lovey is also knit from organic cotton. The pacifier clip is seven inches in length and is made from food-grade silicone and beechwood beads. 

It is a great gender-neutral gift and many parents and their babies just love.

Organic Whale Themed Gift Set 

The Organic Whale Themed Gift Set would be a great addition to a summer baby’s registry. All items are made from organic cotton and homemade in Peru. They are also completely safe for babies.

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This set includes a blanket that features a whale floating on sea-like blue and white stripes, a matching colored striped hat, and the cutest smiling whale rattle you will ever lay your eyes on.

The whale rattle is another Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Seal of Approval winner and is filled with polyester. The hat fits babies between the age of 0 and 6 months.

“The Future Is Hers” Gift Set

This is the perfect gift to check off a baby girl registry list. “The Future Is Hers” Gift Set is made to inspire you and your baby.

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It includes five items, namely, a heart lovey blanket, an organic handknit cotton cactus pillow, a beanie, and an “Elect Women” bear doll. It also includes Madam Vice President Kamala Harris’ book called “Superheroes Are Everywhere”. 

The lovey blanket is 100% Peruvian cotton and the bear doll is stuffed with polyfill in its head. The cactus is self-standing and is also stuffed with polyfill. 

It is truly one of the most unique baby registry items and it has a fantastic message that baby girls will grow up with to help them realize their full potential. 


Estella is one of the best, ethical brands for any parent looking for organic items. All our items are safe for babies, ethically made, and dyed with non-toxic dyes.

We offer high-quality blankets, toys, and clothes that you can add to your registry. We also offer gift sets that have various themes for various needs.

We have something for everyone. 

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