Monkey Baby Gifts

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Monkey Baby Gift Set
This luxury infant gift set includes a knit romper a matching hat, a monkey & giraffe rattles. All organic & exclusively at Estella.
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    Find monkey baby gifts that will delight babies and entertain toddlers. Few animals embody fun & adventure more than the monkey. These mischievous animals are known for wondering around scrounging and stealing, not only bananas and peanuts, but any grub that they can get their hands on. This Estella line tries to capture that spirit of adventure and set kids off on imaginative trips. The collection is anchored by Estella's baby monkey toy, which is playful and adventurous looking, but made with the softest organic cotton and filled with polyester. This rattle is a great first toy since parents & caregivers first entertain infants with it, then babies learn to grasp it and eventually as toddlers they engage in creative play with it and journey with it all over the world either physically, if they are so lucky, or in their imagination. For a complete gift, the rattle toy is accompanied by an animal road trip blanket, a banana rattle, a peanut stuffed toy and more. This is a great gift for any little one in your life with a monkey, safari or jungle theme nursery or is bound for a life of fun and adventure.